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Commercial griddles 

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Industrial gas and electric griddles for hospitality. Industrial hard chrome fry-top for bars and restaurants. Wide range of roasting plates for industrial kitchens.

Gas and Electric Griddles

We are specialists working with industrial kitchen griddle, commercial fryerscommercial pasta cookers, among other items ... Our experts can guide you to acquire the catering griddle you need. Do not know exactly what type of bar iron you need in your business? From MBH we can also offer our knowledge to help you choose the best industrial kitchen griddle.

Regardless of the type of appliance you need in your kitchen, you can count on finding it in our digital store. In case you need a gas cooker, we have the best hospitality gas griddle, you can be sure to find the best quality and price on the market.

Our industrial gas griddle is unmatched by any other! In addition, you can find all kinds of industrial kitchen plates based on electricity.

Sale of industrial kitchen griddles

If you need to fill your kitchen with an industrial gas griddle at MBH we can help you choose the type of appliance you need, we sell catering appliances for bars, restaurants, bakeries and other types of businesses that may need industrial gas irons or an industrial electric griddle .

In case you have a kitchen that must take out a large amount of food to the public, you can buy one of our hard chrome gas irons. We also have other types of smaller capacity hotel plates, but with other characteristics such as the ceramic glass plate.

In case you do not want your kitchen to be corroborated, you can buy a stainless steel plate, as well as we have industrial kitchens and other useful instruments within any business or restaurant.

Distributor of Industrial Gas Griddles

You can go to as a distributor with the best offer of industrial kitchen plates, no matter what type of kitchen you have, we have the bar iron you need!

We have industrial hard chrome fry top for restaurants and bars. We have at your disposal the widest range of industrial plates for restaurants. The Fry top hard chrome 60 is ideal for fast food restaurants.

Buy industrial electric griddle

We can give you advice regarding the type of industrial plate for restaurant you need in your business. The 40 eco gas griddle is easy to clean and has round edges and its burners have great heat output.

In case you need electrical features, you can purchase a 70 griddle made of stainless steel, its industrial electric griddle features make it a powerful component for your kitchen.


Where to buy a commerical kitchen griddle?

At MBH we have a wide range of all types of industrial gas irons, we can offer you the cheapest and highest quality service, all online.

What Gas Hospitality Griddle to buy?

It depends on the type of business you have, if you are the owner of a bar, your best option may be an iron bar, in the same way we have other types such as our industrial Gas irons.

What is better ceramic griddle or stainless steel griddle?

Ceramic plates are usually much simpler to clean, although their resistance is less than stainless steel versions. It all depends on the needs you have in your kitchen and the type of food you prepare.

Where to buy stainless steel griddle for restaurant?

In the MBH online store we have different styles of industrial plate for restaurant, created in any type of material that you can find in the market.


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