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  • Bread ovens

    In MBH we offer a broad line of hearthstone to baker and pastry . Hearthstone Industry electrical and gas for baking pan pastries and confectionary . With our professional ovens confectioners and

  • Convection ovens

    In MBH we offer a broad line of hearthstone for the and catering b>. Hearthstone Industry electrical and gas for the industrial kitchens b> more modern. Ovens gastronorm Rational type for restaurants, hotels, bars, schools and hospitals. Ovens Mixed and combi steam Restaurants for the most demanding chefs.

  • Pizza ovens

    The pizza oven is the heart of any pizzeria. From large to small corners restaurants or food trucks, which is appropriate for a facility may not work for another. Things like space, power source and type of pizza dough are factors to consider when choosing a pizza oven.

    In MBH we offer a full range of industrial electric furnaces for gas or for professional pizza pizzerias. Choose here the pizza oven that fits your needs!

  • Charcoal ovens

    ember ovens are the perfect combination of a barbecue or grill and an oven, to get on their plates the unique flavor of the barbecue, always within the comfort of your kitchen. Oven grill and wood oven intended for the hospitality and foodservice, industrial kitchens, steak houses, brasseries, tapas bars, bistro cafés, traditional restaurants and haute cuisine sector. Josper coal furnaces style coal-fired, but you can add small pieces of wood or firewood. They do not need any electrical or gas connection and offer the most authentic grilled flavor in any dish, then add an aroma, juiciness and perfect texture.

  • Commercial dough proofers

    industrial fermenters for the production of bread and pasta mass. Proofers for bakery.

  • Trays

    All types of tray you need to Hotel , baker and pastry . Gastronorm trays stainless steel for industrial furnaces and aluminum trays 60x40 smooth, perforated or grooved, for professional bakery.

  • Trolleys

    All types Cars bandejeros you need to hospitality baker and pastry . Gastronorm stainless steel trolleys for industrial furnaces bars and restaurants, and cars b andejas aluminum 60x40 smooth, perforated or grooved, to professional bakery and confectionery.

All the industrial ovens that you may need in your hospitality business: convection ovenspizza ovens and charcoal ovens. Commercial convection ovens for bakery and pastry and gastronomic convection ovens for industrial kitchens.

Electric or gas industrial pizza ovens for professional pizzerias. Charcoal ovens and wood-fired ovens for the hospitality and horeca sector.

Commercial Ovens For Your Business 

If you want to enter the world of business and hospitality, industrial ovens are crucial items. In today's economy, the ideal is to have your own business and be your own boss. To achieve this, there are many ways, but you always start by looking closely at what people want and what are the potential markets they can venture into.

One of the most productive areas is that of hotels and bars, as well as other businesses that consume food on demand. These premises are very successful because two types of investment are required, first that of the raw material for cooking and second that of the machinery to produce the dishes.

Industrial furnaces are incredible investments in that regard, and the profits to be made from them are really worth it. To enter a business like a bakery, for example, it is important to research industrial ovens because it is the axis around which each creation and each sale revolves: choosing an industrial electric oven, an industrial oven for bakery, or anything else. , is a matter of preference.

Commercial kitchen with oven via the web

It is no longer necessary to travel to get a good industrial kitchen with an oven since, thanks to super communications, we can find machinery like this online. If you want to open a bakery or any food business that requires the use of an industrial oven for bakery or an industrial kitchen with oven, it is important to know this.

It can range from simply venturing one day in the search engine of preference and putting "industrial oven for bakery", but really the best option is to look for a sales page that specializes in machinery for these businesses to give the ideal one for the project.

Catalogs to find a commercial convection oven

In a web catalog of industrial machinery there are many options, such as an industrial convection oven, when searching in the section for industrial ovens. The most important thing when exploring is to look at the brand and check if it is a company with a good reputation.

It is important to look at the cost to know when the investment in the industrial electric furnace can be recovered.

If there is any type of offer it is ideal, since ecommerce usually have these options available. It is also necessary to review the dimensions, since it is necessary to buy a machine of an ideal size, so that it fits with the space of the business and is also capable of successfully meeting demand.

The ovens have their categories, depending on what the customer needs: they can be an industrial electric oven for bread, an industrial convection oven, for pizza, etc.

Catalog for a commercial gas oven

There are those who prefer an industrial gas oven to start their businesses. The positive part of having an industrial gas oven is that it can even be used when electricity fails, so it also serves as an emergency kitchen.

The most crucial thing at the end of all is that when looking for industrial furnaces on the web, choose the one that best suits the needs of the business and the needs of the project leader, since these machines greatly facilitate work and become a force that drives the profits of bars, hotels, bakeries and related businesses.