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  • Bread ovens

    At MBH we offer you a wide line of convection ovens for bakeries and pastries. Electric and gas industrial convection ovens for baking bread, pastries and pastries. With our professional pastry chefs and bakers ovens, your bakery or kitchen will be perfectly equipped!

    Commercial Baking Ovens

    At Maquinariabarhosteleria.com we work with the distribution of material for restaurants, kitchens, bars and bakeries. We have an industrial bread oven for businesses that need to produce grain-based food in large quantities. At MBH we have the best prices on the market for the bakery oven.

    In case you don't know exactly which is the pastry oven you need, we can help you with your choice. We are experts in the handling and as a distributor of industrial bakery oven.

    We have a wide line of convection ovens ideal for use in bakeries and pastry shops that have a large influx of users.

    Regardless of the type of energy you need to run your industrial bakery oven, we have electric, gas-based and for baking bread or pastries.

    Industrial bread oven distributor

    We have a large Stock of tools that you can use to produce the breads for your business. From a large 6-tray pastry oven, to smaller presentations ideal to be used in small spaces as complementary objects to the main ones that help you produce in large quantities.

    The dimensions of the industrial bread oven can help you reach the production capacity you need in your bakery, it is ideal to be implemented in small spaces, but it has a large production capacity thanks to multiple trays. The interior light, rounded edges and stainless steel material make this pastry oven a good option to include it in your bakery.

    The electric pastry oven is another of the great options that we have for you to implement within your commercial site, it does not need to be powered with more than electricity, you can do without the traditional gas service and it has 2 cold turbines with double glass that will allow you to use in the best way its 4 trays.

    Sale of bakery ovens

    At MBH we have all kinds of pastry ovens, it doesn't matter what type you need, we can help you with it. We have Lainox sapiens aroma ovens to best solve your baking needs. These products have the latest pastry technology and an integrated shower with an automatic reel.

    With us you can get the best prices on the market. You don't know what price to choose? It does not matter we have a wide selection of pastry oven so you know what specifications and at what costs you need.

    Bakery Oven Company

    At MBH we can advise you to get the best offer for an industrial oven for making bread. It doesn't matter what your production capacity is, if you need to make bread from Maquinariabarhosteleria.com we can help you get what best suits the occasion.


    Where to buy bakery and pastry ovens?

    AT MBH we have all kinds of bakery ovens, useful in pastry and also bobbin-making devices, all online, you can find the best prices on the market without leaving your home.

    What kind of bakery oven to buy?

    You must base your decision on the characteristics of your business, characteristics such as the production capacity of the furnace or the manufacturing materials can be decisive when choosing one option or another, in any case, at MBH we can help you on the matter.

  • Convection ovens

    At MBH we offer you a wide line of convection ovens for the hotel and restaurant industry. Industrial electric and gas convection ovens, for the most modern industrial kitchens. Rational type gastronorm ovens for restaurants, hotels, bars, schools and hospitals. Gastronomic combi and combi ovens for the most demanding chefs.

    Professional convection oven: Why should you have one?

    If you've already thought of setting up a restaurant, you should consider a hospitality convection oven. Even if you have been in the industry for some time, if you work with traditional kitchen ovens, you may not know the benefits of having a convection oven for hotels. In this article we will clear up any doubts you may have in this regard.

    What is a commercial convection oven?

    Mainly the difference between a conventional oven and an industrial convection oven is the way in which the food is baked inside.

    The first we normally use in our homes, and they achieve the point of meals by applying hot air. For this, they use flammable materials such as coal, wood or gas and their combustion raises the temperature inside the oven.

    The hospitality convection oven works almost the same. The difference is that it is equipped inside with fans to circulate the hot air continuously and freely.

    This detail makes it possible to have beneficial characteristics compared to traditional or conventional ovens.

    The gas convection oven and its advantages

    Today, there is a wide variety of designs and you can even choose whether to buy a gas convection oven or an electric convection oven.

    Many will think that if what they will achieve with a hospitality convection oven is that the hot air collides with the food, instead of surrounding it naturally, then it is not much of a difference.

    However, consider the following. For a reason, there are outstanding professionals in different areas such as electronic, control, and mechanical engineers, who focus on the design of industrial-type convection ovens.

    The electric convection oven and its uniform cooking

    The fans of an electric convection oven will prevent your food from being toasted on the outside and raw on the inside. The reason is that they maintain a constant temperature in all the internal spaces of the oven.

    Certainly various foods will be more exposed to heat. This is because internal air circulation in a conventional oven occurs in a standard way. It will vary according to the positions of the trays.

    Tabletop convection oven, an alternative option

    A tabletop convection oven is probably the appliance that is going to become an indispensable ally for your kitchen. It is perfect to reproduce almost all the functions of a large oven, but you will not require as much space.

    Reasons to choose a convection oven

    If you have not yet decided on any of these hotel convection ovens, you should consider the following:

    Different foods at the same time:

    An extraordinary benefit of using any hospitality convection oven is that they have a larger space inside, so you can have different foods in the same baking session. In addition to selecting the direction in which the air is directed, you can also choose the fan speed.

    They are environmentally friendly:

    Both the gas convection oven and the electric convection oven are designed to make efficient use of energy. Reducing between 20% and 25% the baking time, that is, less electricity consumption.

    Quick profitability:

    The price of a hotel convection oven is higher than that of a conventional one. But this is compensated in the medium term, due to the savings in time and energy they use. In addition, this will allow you to increase the production volume of your meals and, therefore, maximize your profits.
    You already know why you should buy a hospitality convection oven. Simply analyze the technical characteristics and different capacities of each one. If you are still not sure, then we recommend you contact the expert staff of Maquinarias Bar Hostelería.

  • Pizza ovens

    The pizza oven is the heart of any pizzeria. From large restaurants to small corners or food trucks, what is appropriate for one establishment may not work for another. Things like space, power source, and type of pizza dough are factors to consider when choosing a pizza oven.

    At MBH we offer you a complete range of ovens of all kinds, for electric or gas pizza for professional pizzerias. Choose here the pizza oven that best suits your needs!

    Industrial Pizza Oven - Everything You Need to Know

    The industrial pizza oven is the heart of any pizzeria. In fact, in the best restaurants and hotels, having a kitchen equipped with the best machinery on the market is a must. And something that can not be missing are industrial pizza ovens. This food or dish enjoys a wide popularity worldwide and there will always be customers interested in buying one.

    Types of industrial pizza ovens on the market

    If you are starting your own pizzeria or want to take advantage of this market, there is something you should keep in mind. Good pizzas are the result of a combination of an excellent chef and a good pizza oven. Therefore, knowing how to identify which industrial pizza oven is best suited to your needs is vital. Next, we will introduce you to the two types of industrial pizza ovens on the market.

    Gas pizza ovens

    Gas pizza ovens are much easier to master than wood fired pizza ovens. However, they require a little knowledge about oven convection to be used.

    The most striking feature of an industrial gas-powered pizza oven is that it heats up much faster than any other type of industrial pizza oven. But just as it is quick to heat and cook, it is quick to cool down.

    Advantages of the industrial gas pizza oven

    It consumes less energy.
    Heats up much faster than other ovens.
    It is efficient in large pizza productions.
    Ideal for businesses with some experience in the field.

    Electric pizza ovens

    Unlike the previous ones, an electric pizza oven is much easier to use. However, it is recommended that the maximum temperature is at least 400 ° C, as the best pizzas are those that are baked at 300 ° C.

    Electric pizza ovens are relatively small, relative to gas ones, and provide a much faster cooking time.

    Advantages of the electric industrial pizza oven:

    It is safer than a gas oven.
    It is the best cost / benefit ratio for entrepreneurs.
    Ideal for small premises, as they take up little space.

    Characteristics of a good industrial pizza oven:

    The best industrial pizza oven is the one that provides you with four important benefits:

    Increased production: 
    Industrial pizza ovens can produce more than one pizza at a time.

    Saving time: having an industrial pizza oven will allow you to use your time in the kitchen more efficiently.

    Higher Profits: A gas or electric pizza oven yields a quick return on investment. In addition, they require low maintenance and few resources, so you maximize your profits.

    Satisfied customers: Industrial pizza ovens have the advantage of being fast and delivering good results. Therefore, a happy customer is the result of a good pizza.

    In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería, you will find the best cheap industrial pizza ovens ideal for Food Trucks, small businesses or large pizzerias. We have the pizza ovens with the best price / quality ratio on the market. What are you waiting for to choose the pizza oven that you need so much to grow your business?

  • Charcoal ovens

    Charcoal ovens, without a doubt, are the perfect mix between a barbecue and an oven. This traditional way of cooking is back to stay and is now experiencing a boom.

    There are many customers who go to a bar or restaurant wanting this type of cuisine and this has caused that in most establishments they have a charcoal oven to satisfy the needs of users who arrive eager to taste a flavor like no other.

    The advancement of modern cooking and the implementation of chrome plates and convector ovens, caused embers and charcoal to be forgotten for a long time. This changed when technological improvements and innovations began to be implemented and the gastronomic term “grilling” was born, causing a rebound in popularity in traditional cooking and in the use of charcoal ovens.

    The main characteristic of the charcoal oven is its ability to achieve high calorific powers, causing the food to be sealed and greater juiciness.

    Keep reading this article to learn more about this valuable information!

    Charcoal ovens

    Charcoal ovens provide a delicious flavor to meals due to their closed grill technology that generates high temperatures that perfectly seal the food. In addition, these ovens do not need gas or electricity, which means that they save energy and money at the time of use.

    The charcoal oven is an essential device in businesses whose main source is the preparation of meat, although other types of food can also be prepared in these ovens.

    We find this Hospitality Bar Machinery in different sizes, and with different characteristics that adapt to the needs of the hospitality business that wants to implement one.

    Depending on the size of the kitchen, the number of users who come frequently and the different services to offer, you may need one model and another. Most of these ovens come equipped with a drawer that collects the fat and ashes and with basic utensils that are needed when using them to prepare food.

    These ovens are made to store as little fat as possible and clean them quickly and easily.

    Commercial charcoal ovens

    These ovens use coal as a source of energy and are the best option for barbecue cooking. The charcoal causes a combustion that immediately produces the sealing of the food, preventing it from being boiled or cooked and making it juicier.

    All kilns use coal as a source of energy, but there are different types of coals, including the following:

    - White Argentine quebracho charcoal

    - Red Argentine quebracho charcoal

    - Coconut charcoal

    - Oak charcoal

    Each of them contains different properties and uses, and they are even used differently according to the needs of who prepares the food in the charcoal oven.

  • Commercial dough proofers

    industrial fermenters for the production of bread and pasta mass. Proofers for bakery.

  • Trays

    All types of tray you need to Hotel , baker and pastry . Gastronorm trays stainless steel for industrial furnaces and aluminum trays 60x40 smooth, perforated or grooved, for professional bakery.

  • Trolleys

    All types Cars bandejeros you need to hospitality baker and pastry . Gastronorm stainless steel trolleys for industrial furnaces bars and restaurants, and cars b andejas aluminum 60x40 smooth, perforated or grooved, to professional bakery and confectionery.

All the industrial ovens that you may need in your hospitality business: convection ovenspizza ovens and charcoal ovens. Commercial convection ovens for bakery and pastry and gastronomic convection ovens for industrial kitchens.

Electric or gas industrial pizza ovens for professional pizzerias. Charcoal ovens and wood-fired ovens for the hospitality and horeca sector.

Commercial Ovens For Your Business 

If you want to enter the world of business and hospitality, industrial ovens are crucial items. In today's economy, the ideal is to have your own business and be your own boss. To achieve this, there are many ways, but you always start by looking closely at what people want and what are the potential markets they can venture into.

One of the most productive areas is that of hotels and bars, as well as other businesses that consume food on demand. These premises are very successful because two types of investment are required, first that of the raw material for cooking and second that of the machinery to produce the dishes.

Industrial furnaces are incredible investments in that regard, and the profits to be made from them are really worth it. To enter a business like a bakery, for example, it is important to research industrial ovens because it is the axis around which each creation and each sale revolves: choosing an industrial electric oven, an industrial oven for bakery, or anything else. , is a matter of preference.

Commercial kitchen with oven via the web

It is no longer necessary to travel to get a good industrial kitchen with an oven since, thanks to super communications, we can find machinery like this online. If you want to open a bakery or any food business that requires the use of an industrial oven for bakery or an industrial kitchen with oven, it is important to know this.

It can range from simply venturing one day in the search engine of preference and putting "industrial oven for bakery", but really the best option is to look for a sales page that specializes in machinery for these businesses to give the ideal one for the project.

Catalogs to find a commercial convection oven

In a web catalog of industrial machinery there are many options, such as an industrial convection oven, when searching in the section for industrial ovens. The most important thing when exploring is to look at the brand and check if it is a company with a good reputation.

It is important to look at the cost to know when the investment in the industrial electric furnace can be recovered.

If there is any type of offer it is ideal, since ecommerce usually have these options available. It is also necessary to review the dimensions, since it is necessary to buy a machine of an ideal size, so that it fits with the space of the business and is also capable of successfully meeting demand.

The ovens have their categories, depending on what the customer needs: they can be an industrial electric oven for bread, an industrial convection oven, for pizza, etc.

Catalog for a commercial gas oven

There are those who prefer an industrial gas oven to start their businesses. The positive part of having an industrial gas oven is that it can even be used when electricity fails, so it also serves as an emergency kitchen.

The most crucial thing at the end of all is that when looking for industrial furnaces on the web, choose the one that best suits the needs of the business and the needs of the project leader, since these machines greatly facilitate work and become a force that drives the profits of bars, hotels, bakeries and related businesses.



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