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  • Spiral mixers

    Commercial spiral mixers

    State-of-the-art electrical appliances are important in industrial matters. Technology has brought with it infinities of innovation in electronic devices that allow optimizing functions in any environment. Industrial mixers allow and guarantee a better quality in results, due to the fact that an activity as important as kneading is dedicated to an electric mixer, guaranteeing that there is no error, something common in human hands.

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    A dough mixer is quite important in the industry, it acts as an equipment for the preparation and homogeneous mixing of various food, chemical, ceramic and other types of preparations. These machines make manual work remain the last feasible option, these mixing processes are through a mechanized system that allows maintaining a constant mixture and with homogeneous results in large quantities.

    What is the origin of industrial mixers?

    This modality of mechanical mixing is not something as new as we think, perhaps its industrial implementation is, but the use of this automated mixing process dates back to Roman times.

    The kneading machine dates back to its appearance as such in the contemporary age around 1760, however its incorporation was not famous due to the lack of functionality and driving force, since at that time there was no advanced technological conception but seen something from a more classic and simple point of view.

    This type of machinery has remained in the market but it was not so much its impact due to its lack of optimization, and by the end of the last century it was where, thanks to the creation of electric motors, it influenced the functionality and use of the mixer, positioning itself as well as a tool of great importance at an industrial level.

    What is a kneading machine and what is it for?

    It is a mechanical device that allows mixing and combining the necessary ingredients to obtain a product, a kneading machine allows integrating all the elements of a mixture into a single compact mass, with certain characteristics with well-defined finishing according to the final objective that is have raised.

    What are the equipment that comes with a mixer mixer?

    This machinery has a container with a hemispherical shape that gives the possibility of the movement so that the mixture is executed with great ease and versatility, in addition to having an indispensable axis that allows two types of movements, either on itself. itself or in translation on the surface of the container. They also have various tools that can be adapted to their functionality and with control over mixing time and speed.

    Importance of a mixer for the industry

    At present, the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries are essential to use a mixer, they facilitate large-scale kneading processes in reference to large quantities, thus making great economic savings for the industry in terms of production and time. available.

  • Planetary mixers

    At MBH you will find a wide range of planetary industrial mixers for professionals in the hospitality, pastry and bakery industries. Choose your industrial pastry mixer for the production of your cakes and cakes. Different models of 7, 10, 20 and 40 liters available!

    Industrial glass blenders to make shakes and smoothies! Professional blenders for cocktails and bars. Arm mixers for industrial kitchens of bars and restaurants. Industrial turmix grinder arm for hotels.

    The Commercial Planetary Mixer is the answer to your great ideas

    An industrial mixer is what you need, when you think about growing or scaling in businesses in the food processing sector. This requires taking into account many factors, to optimize the use of resources. Of course, industrial kitchen machinery, in this case, is of great importance. And therefore, a smart decision is to invest in an industrial mixer.

    An industrial mixer is versatile and is available on the market in different models and various capacities. A professional blender for the hospitality industry is something that professionals in the sector should not miss and we know it on our website for hospitality machinery.

    The commercial food mixer is your solution

    The industrial mixer is a piece of equipment that you will get the most out of. Just consider that, if there is a high consumption product practically anywhere in the world, it is bread.

    In hotels and restaurants, this is usually the first of the foods that the customer consumes, that is, it is the one that gives "the first impression" of our service. Hence, its quality and supply must be guaranteed. And what does it take to make considerable amounts of bread, daily? An industrial mixer! And if it is an industrial mixer, the better.

    Now imagine what your customers select, as the perfect complement to a good meal. It is not difficult: an exquisite dessert. And what is the base of most of the most popular desserts? Well, various types of doughs and creams, made with the help of an industrial mixer. Therefore, an industrial mixer is your solution.

    A quality industrial mixer offers you, among other characteristics, different types of agitator that work with different speeds:

    The Hook: for heavy flour doughs and other high viscosity materials. Low speed.
    La Pala: for butter, cakes, pasta and fillings. Medium speed.
    The Whisk: for liquid foods, creams and eggs. High speed.

    The commercial blender: To grow with quality and diversity

    The industrial glass blender is the queen of cocktails and meringues. And the best thing about investing in this industrial mixer is not only that you can increase your production levels. With it, you can also innovate and develop new recipes or prepare traditional ones, at a speed that your customers will thank you for.

    To blend both hot and cold foods, a quality industrial blender must have a removable central lid that allows the ingredients to be integrated while mixing. Its blades must be made of high-strength stainless steel, to guarantee their durability and also be easily replaceable by the user. And of course, capable of instantly crushing ice.

    In Maquinaría Bar Hostelería (MBH), you can get this industrial glass blender and any type of industrial blender you need. There they will advise you and you can also get a wide range of high quality industrial kitchen implements and machinery.

    Professional immersion blender

    A good professional arm blender is an indispensable tool for the hotel industry and other businesses in the industry. Must have medium duty blending arm and multi-functional stainless steel blades that provide a smooth blend. Also, it must be able to process a high volume of liters at a time.

    With a professional mixer, it is possible to develop new products or improve traditional recipes, such as those for delicious pastries, which we never stop consuming. In the pastry or bakery, an industrial mixer simplifies work in the bakery and provides great versatility.

  • Orange juicers

    Professional orange juicers. Two models of electric juicer: manual lever or automatic. Juicers and industrial juicers. Get a bonus from your bar, restaurant, cafeteria, bakery or pastry shop. If you serve breakfast, an orange juicer is an essential machine in your place!

    Prepare the best orange juice with an industrial orange juicer

    Industrial orange juicers are one of the most sought-after auxiliary machines in restaurants, bakeries and fast food businesses. This is not in vain, it is mostly due to the great facility they provide for locals and hotels.

    If you are one of those who suffer from squeezing fruits manually in your business, then at we will talk about the advantages and benefits of acquiring an industrial orange juicer.

    Quick and à la carte juice with the automatic orange juicer

    In fast food establishments it is really essential to have an auxiliary machine that prepares the juice when the customer needs it. This will allow for two things: efficiency and freshness.

    Regarding efficiency, no customer likes to wait too long for an orangeade to be prepared, with the electric orange juicer this does not happen. With this auxiliary machine the response time is optimized and the customer is always satisfied.

    There are those who choose to have a jug of juice ready in their refrigerators and believe that all their problems are solved, but this creates another problem: freshness. The speed with which the juice is served is very important, but more to a good taste. For this reason it is better to prepare the juice at the moment with an orange juicer.

    For all businesses

    No business is too big or too small to own an industrial orange juicer. At MBH we have a variety of orange juicer machines that can be adjusted to the capacity and budget of your business.

    The industrial orange juicer is common to see in bakeries and restaurants, but it is not exclusive to this type of premises. It also applies to small and medium-sized companies or culinary ventures. For these "small businesses" there are models of small and efficient juicers.

    Benefits of natural juice prepared with an electric orange juicer

    When preparing an orange juice it is very important that all the vitamins provided by the fruit are used. It is proven that more benefits are obtained from orange juice when it is prepared with an automatic orange juicer, as opposed to when it is squeezed by hand.

    Vitamin C as is known by all is one of the main benefits that are obtained from the orange. A large part of the vitamins are found in the fruit pulp, which is used in 98% when processing the juice with an industrial orange juicer.

    Orange juice intake is proven to lower cholesterol levels, prevent cardiovascular disease, and strengthen the immune system against colds. Someone who knows about these benefits frequents the consumption of orange juice to be healthy or simply to accompany a breakfast. Allow these people to enjoy an orange juice in your business, restaurant or hospitality.

    Consult the best industrial orange juicers in our auxiliary machinery section and acquire the one that is most associated with the requirements of your business.

  • Meat slicers

    In you will find the professional meat slicer you are looking for. Choose between the different models of 220, 250, 300 and 350 industrial slicers for bar, restaurant and hospitality. We have a wide range of professional cold cuts counters for butchers and delicatessens and we have gear slicers and automatic meat slicers.

    Know the benefits of acquiring a commercial meat slicer for your business

    As experts in auxiliary machines we know the benefits of having a cold cuts machine. That is why we invite you to learn about the advantages that owning a professional meat slicer provides for your business. At MBH we have the latest generation machinery tailored to your needs and budget.

    Advantages of industrial meat slicers

    The auxiliary machines have been conceived with the general purpose of simplifying and speeding up the tasks carried out in restaurants, bars and kitchens. Next, we present some advantages of having an industrial meat slicer in your business.


    When it comes to the kitchen, the common user tries to frequent premises whose professionalism can be seen at first glance. Whether in a fast food restaurant or in a sausage business, a professional deli slicer is indispensable.

    This allows kitchen masters and instrumentalists to make clean cuts just right for every occasion. It applies in the same way for those who are dedicated to the sale of sausages, their customers always expect their product to be sliced ​​the way they want, and the best way to achieve this is with a cold cuts machine.

    Fluency and dexterity

    This is a characteristic of the auxiliary machines, and is that the industrial meat slicers provide the advantage of speeding up the culinary work.

    Imagine a sausage sales business where they had to manually slice each piece, the workflow would be totally cumbersome. For this reason, at MBH we have different types of slicers (automatic, geared and manual), various options that can be adjusted to your business and work methodology.

    Accuracy and savings

    Industrial meat slicers allow high precision cuts, which means that the sausages can be used to a great extent.

    Especially in kitchen work and fast food businesses, being able to make fine cuts with a cold cuts machine ensures that the sausage is much more rendered, unlike when cutting manually.

    Security and trust

    Another of the fundamental benefits of professional meat slicers is the safety they provide to those who handle this type of auxiliary machines. The risk of an employee sustaining some type of injury with a meat slicer is really low, something that does not happen with manual cuts usually made with very sharp knives.

    If you are determined to buy an industrial meat slicer it is because you want to start your business with professionalism or you want to take the step to a more pleasant work methodology.

    The best meat slicers are at MBH, since we have cutting-edge technology in the field of auxiliary machines.

    When making the budget to start your restaurant, bar or hospitality business, industrial meat slicers cannot be absent, in this way you will be guaranteeing professional work in your kitchen and you can enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

  • Bread slicers

    Wide range of industrial bread slicers. electric bread cutting machines for bakeries and pastry shops. Mowers industrial bread in the usual three widths: 320 mm, 430 mm and 520 mm. Bread slicers available in both single-phase and three-phase voltage. Machines for cutting different types of bread, including bread, bar and payés.

  • Vegetable slicers

    Short vegetables, vegetables and vegetables designed to cut, grate and grind all kinds of vegetables, fruits and cheeses. Each internal part that comes into contact with food is food grade stainless steel. Vegetable and mozzarella cutters for catering to slice and dice and julienne.

  • Meat mincers

    meat grinders ideal for hospitality professionals. Industrial meat mincing machines stainless steel for butchers and delicatessens. Meat grinders with different production capacities.

  • Meat and bone saws

    Saws meat, bone and frozen for butchers and delicatessens. industrial saws to cut bones, frozen fish and ribs, food and hospitality.

  • Dough sheeters

    Laminadora pizza to roll out the dough from the ball. oblique or parallel to thinner or thicker pizzas adjustable rollers. Professional electric rolling machines for preparing pizzas, wraps, cakes, bread and focaccia.

    Laminators mass for laminating all types of doughs with maximum precision. industrial dough rolling machines for pastry and bakery.

  • Dividers and Rounders

    dough divider is a fast and safe machine that cuts a piece of raw dough into several portions and also offers the possibility of creating different forms, without damaging the product characteristics. Furthermore, the Divider boleadora mass is a machine that cuts a piece of dough crude in small portions using an oscillating plate, subsequently wheel each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds.

    in MBH find the machine to cut or round mass that best suits your needs with manual, semiautomatic models and automatic for professionals bakery.

  • Vacuum packing machines

    Store and keep your food as fresh as possible with a food vacuum sealer! Vacuum packed products can last 3 to 5 times longer than unpackaged foods, helping to reduce food spoilage and prolong the fresh taste of food. A professional vacuum sealer removes all the air from the vacuum sealer bags and creates a leak-proof seal to prevent spills.

    At MBH you can choose between industrial bell or sensor vacuum packers, of different sizes depending on the product you want to pack.

    Vacuum packing machines: a smart trend

    Using industrial vacuum packers is essential for the hospitality sector. Many perishable food products are handled in all kitchens, especially those in this sector. This would constitute a problem or a limitation to manage an attractive and quality offer, with a variety of products. However, there is currently a smart trend to opt for the use of industrial vacuum packers.

    Why use commercial vacuum packing machines?

    Because a vacuum packing machine is an excellent option. There is an old adage that says "Food enters through the eyes." Those who work in the food industry understand it perfectly. But the appearance of food is not the only reason to purchase, among other equipment, industrial vacuum packers or professional vacuum packers.

    A vacuum packaging machine also saves time and space since it makes it easy to have a quality raw material available, as it is guaranteed, since it was stored and previously vacuum packed, using a vacuum packaging machine.

    Industrial vacuum packeing machines, a good business ally

    Industrial vacuum packers also ensure the quality and freshness of food. Of course, this has a positive impact on the marketing chain and also on healthcare.

    In addition, they facilitate better time management, since we will have the quality supplies that we require at hand, saving time that we spent on trips and transfers looking for fresh raw materials. For example, we can dedicate ourselves to developing new products and attracting customers or suppliers.

    Additionally, the use of vacuum packaging machines has numerous advantages for managing inventories or storage spaces, and taking advantage of opportunities, such as seasonal harvests. In addition, it offers possibilities for the export of products or the import of raw materials.

    For all these reasons, Maquinaría Bar Hostelería (MBH), offers you a wide range of industrial vacuum packers, becoming your supplier and best strategic partner.

    Professional vacuum sealer

    In Hospitality, whoever has a professional vacuum sealer has a real competitive advantage. And you can get the ideal professional vacuum sealer at MBH, which offers you the 300 professional vacuum sealer, a bell vacuum sealer, which can be used to vacuum pack solid, powdered, soft food, seeds or even products. pharmacists, guaranteeing their quality.

    Vacuum packing machines for food

    Vacuum machines for food allow packaged products to remain protected against processes or factors that deteriorate or reduce their quality, such as oxidation or humidity, among others. In this way, they can be kept fresh for long periods of storage.

    And at MBH they have a wide variety of vacuum machines for food, of different models and capacities, that practically cover any requirement.

    Vacuum packaging

    It consists of extracting, using vacuum machines for food, the air that surrounds the product to be packaged. For the procedure to be carried out correctly, the amount of residual oxygen must be less than 1%. In this way, an oxygen-free atmosphere is practically obtained, which allows to delay the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, giving the product a longer shelf life.

    Vacuum packing bags

    Vacuum machines for food should be used with vacuum bags, as another important factor to properly carry out this process is to use premium material, such as the correct vacuum bags and high-quality equipment. This is one of the main reasons why it is necessary to be very careful when selecting the supplier of vacuum packaging machines. Not everyone can guarantee the quality and proper performance of industrial vacuum packers.

  • Hot chocolate dispensers

    The implementation of chocolate is essential in a cafeteria, restaurant, buffet, even in a bar, chocolate machines are basic instruments for everything that has to do with this ingredient, which many like too much. This type of machinery is specially designed to optimize the preparation of chocolate and its conservation, it maintains a homogeneous temperature and helps to mix and serve the chocolate.

    Keep reading our text for more information on the subject!

    A professional chocolatier is a great artifact to achieve a homogeneous and compact mixture, with a perfect texture so that the experience of those who consume it is pleasant. It is a great tool for melting chocolate, something that is not from another world.

    When it comes to melting chocolate, a chocolate machine does the job like a water bath, but without the addition of water. Its function is based on a trunk where it stores the chocolate either to heat it or melt it.

    What are chocolate machines and what are they for?

    It is an electrical device that allows maintaining the preservation of chocolate and also provides benefits for its commercialization. This is used for the preparation of chocolate and ensuring its served in the best possible conditions. Among what chocolate machines offer are creamy textures without lumps, with a good level of thickness, a good temperature index and also with a good quality of flavor without being burnt.

    The professional hot chocolate dispenser

    There are several professional chocolate machines, which unlike ordinary chocolate machines, the professional ones have more size, capacity and a great power boom. If you will have a chocolate machine, you should choose one that suits your objective in terms of space and functionality.

    Usually these professional machines have a visible inner container in order to control the preparation and heating system, also to obtain a good result. In addition, a visible container will make customers more attracted to what you will offer and your procurement process.

    What is the operation of the chocolate dispenser based on?

    The chocolate machine bases its operation on the water bath with the benefit that the chocolate mixture is not harmed, that is, that it burns and the final result is ruined, this device maintains the good condition of the product and thus guarantees good service of the same.

    A good result to get a good chocolate is introducing water with high temperature, which will remain so thanks to a resistance that keeps it at a level of temperature and quality texture, ready for the consumer.

    What should be taken into account when choosing a hot chocolate mixer?

    The features offered by the chocolatiers are quite classic and objective. They have a water bath functionality, making the quality of the chocolate well-conditioned thanks to its development process.

    Several aspects must be taken into account before opting for a chocolate machine, then mention will be made of these essential characteristics:

    Good design material
    Suitable size for your use
    Good ease and versatility in cleaning
    Effective temperature control

  • Kettles

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Auxiliary machinery for industrial kitchens and construction sites. Hospitality machinery for the preparation and preparation of doughs, products and ingredients for bar, restaurant, bakery and patisserie.

Auxiliary machinery within the hospitality industry

The auxiliary hospitality machinery always comes into our lives to make all our tasks easier. The kitchen is not outside the entire universe of facilities that new technologies give us. If we have the opportunity to visit the kitchen of a good restaurant, we can witness the wide variety of industrial kitchen equipment that they have. In the same way, the kitchen of a hotel must be equipped with auxiliary hospitality machinery and in we have the best models.

Why should you buy industrial kitchen machinery?

It is very important to have industrial kitchen machinery in a hotel. Let's first imagine how many guests a hotel will have in the holiday season. Now let's get on the stage where these guests are preparing to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant. How can we face such a task of caring for so many people at once? If you thought you would need industrial kitchen machinery you are correct. A quality hotel that appreciates the time and satisfaction of its customers must have the best industrial kitchen equipment. We will not be able to pretend to serve a large number of diners using artisan techniques.

There is no denying the usefulness of an electric kitchen saw and grinder, which will help you get out of all the cuts of meat and bones you need. On the other hand, if your kitchen is also dedicated to pastry, the presence of industrial mixers and mixers is vital for the proper functioning of your kitchen. Or even if you make bread, a bread slicer could save you a lot of time and give you many more benefits instead of doing all of this work manually.

What kind of industrial kitchen machines should you buy?

The industrial kitchen machines you want to start with will always depend on the type of menus you prepare. Even the type of cuisine you do. You should always keep in mind your needs and also the most basic things that you must have to be more successful in preparing food. This is why when buying your auxiliary hospitality machinery you must be very careful not to incur unnecessary expenses. Or worse yet, stop buying something that will make your job easier by buying something that gives you no use.

Cost-benefit ratio of hospitality machinery

If you are still not sure of making such an investment in hospitality machinery, remember the famous saying "time is money". Precisely the machinery for hospitality saves you a lot of time during food preparations. Keep in mind that industrialized processes are always more optimized than a process that is carried out manually.

Another benefit that you can get from having auxiliary hospitality machinery is that the cooks and the different kitchen employees will have a work environment that has the appropriate tools. This will encourage them to carry out their tasks in an easier and more motivated way; because they will not have to go through manual processes that can become tedious over time.