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Unlock the Secrets of Water Fryers: Benefits and Tips for Efficient Use

Unlock the Secrets of Water Fryers: Benefits and Tips for Efficient Use

Water fryers have become a popular choice in the hospitality industry due to their benefits for both health and kitchen efficiency. This post delves into the advantages these machines offer, highlighting the reduction in fat content and versatility in food preparation.

In addition to the benefits, we will immerse you in the practical use of water and oil fryers. From temperature adjustments to techniques for achieving perfect frying, you'll discover how to make the most of this culinary technology.

Revolutionizing Cooking: Benefits and Use of Water and Oil Fryers in Hospitality

In the constant search for innovations that improve efficiency and quality in hospitality, water and oil fryers have emerged as a revolutionary solution. These machines not only challenge the conventional notion that water and oil do not mix but also offer exceptional benefits for restaurants and hospitality establishments.

The Ingenious Design: Water and Oil in Harmony

Water and oil fryers have a design divided into two parts: one upper for oil and one lower for water, acting as a permanent filter. The denser water layer resides at the bottom, allowing residues from each frying to settle, avoiding flavor mixing between meals.

This internal system not only ensures thorough cleaning but also extends the oil's lifespan. The resulting efficiency from this design is not only environmentally beneficial but also translates into long-term savings in terms of oil and energy.

Key Ratios for Optimal Performance

Care and proper maintenance of water and oil fryers are essential to make the most of their benefits. To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to maintain the right ratio of water to oil. The oil level should be at least 1 cm above the temperature sensor, while the water should be approximately 5 cm below the burner tubes.

Water, once contaminated by food residues, can be easily emptied through a faucet, followed by replenishing the tank with clean water. This process not only maintains a fresh aroma and better taste but also contributes to keeping the oil clean, saving money in the long run.

Versatility and Energy Efficiency

Water and oil fryers excel in versatility and energy efficiency. Thanks to the water-oil system, residues precipitate to the bottom and come into contact with water, avoiding continuous oil filtration. This not only extends the oil's life but also eliminates flavor mixing in meals.

A notable component of these fryers is their mobile resistance system, adjustable according to the volume of food to be fried. This system not only saves energy by heating only the necessary amount of oil but also speeds up heating and prolongs oil durability.

The Value of Oil: Keys to Perfect Frying

The choice of oil is crucial to ensuring quality frying. Factors such as acidity level (0.4 ~ 0.5 at most), stability to oxidation, high smoke point, and physiological-dietary value are crucial for optimal results.

Continuous Innovation: Elevation and Regulation of Resistance

MBH Water and Oil Fryers not only embrace innovation with the water-oil system but also introduce a revolutionary feature: the elevation and regulation of resistance. This system allows adjusting the height of the grid where food is placed, optimizing the required amount of oil.

Moreover, this innovative feature helps avoid annoying splashes when introducing frozen foods into the oil. By lowering the resistance gradually, not only optimal energy results are achieved but also a significant reduction in splashes, improving safety and efficiency.

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