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  • Commercial fridges

    Commercial fridge

    There are many places to buy an industrial refrigerator, but if you want quality and economy, Maquina Bar Hostelería is your best option. Not only because of the wide variety of styles and models of industrial refrigerator that it offers, but also because of the recognized quality of its products.

    So do not stop looking at the industrial refrigerators and display refrigerators that this 2020 MBH has for you.

    What is a commercial refrigerator?

    An industrial refrigerator is the perfect implement for any hospitality business and the models that MBH brings cover any type of need. From product display, fish storage and meat maturation to the most common needs such as simple refrigeration and freezing.

    With an MBH industrial refrigerator you will never have to worry about the condition and useful life of your products again. So go ahead and check out some of the industrial refrigerators that are in MBH waiting for you.

    Two door industrial refrigerator

    This model of industrial refrigerator is an industrial refrigerator with one more door to double its capacity. In total, thanks to its dimensions (693 x 726 x 2067 mm) it is capable of storing up to 600 liters of product. Its doors and handles are made of stainless steel and its interior is designed with curves for easy cleaning.

    The operating temperature of this refrigerator can be set from -2 to 8 degrees centigrade at an ambient temperature of 38 degrees centigrade. In addition, thanks to its automatic evaporation of the defrost water, you will never have to waste days defrosting your refrigerator again.

    Vertical display coolers

    A model of industrial refrigerator that cannot be absent in the hospitality industry is a display refrigerator. For this reason, MBH offers several options of display refrigerators that adapt to different businesses and merchandise.

    Vertical refrigerator with glass door

    For a business that does not focus exclusively on the sale of pastries, but still wants to display your desserts, an industrial refrigerator is perfect for you. In particular, this vertical glass door refrigerator will cover all your needs.

    With a capacity of 800 liters and an adjustable temperature between -1 and 6 degrees Celsius, you will have practically all the bases covered.

    Two door vertical display coolers

    If you want to display cakes or desserts and pastries in general, you need one of these vertical two-door display refrigerators from MBH. With its two door refrigerators, MBH offers you the opportunity to display many more products at the same time without occupying your employees.

    This model of industrial refrigerator will allow you to keep your products at adjustable temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees centigrade. In addition, they have a total capacity of 800 L and a display and digital control that will help you control the temperature at all times.

    However, if a two-door display fridge isn't enough for your business, don't be discouraged. MBH also offers THREE door display coolers!

    Pastry refrigerator

    Finally, many businesses need a hospitality refrigerator for pastry. With this MBH model you can store up to 20 trays, with a capacity of 2 40 x 60 trays per guide.

    In addition, you will keep your products at a regulated temperature of your choice between -2 and 8 degrees Celsius while they are kept ventilated.

    However, this is only the simplest pastry refrigerator model that MBH has for you. If you need more capacity, you can consider the two-door models with a robust design and capacity for up to 36 trays.

    Do not miss the offers that Maquinaria Bar Hostelería has for you and contact us to ask any questions. Remember that MBH has all kinds of industrial refrigerators available, including meat ripening chambers and fish refrigerators. Contact us because we are here to serve you!

  • Commercial freezers

    The outings for food purchases have always been somewhat complicated, for this same reason many people today agree to make extensive purchases to avoid always being in the tedious weekly purchases. Because large purchases have become quite popular, the industrial market has also thought about where such extensive purchases are stored, which is why acquiring an upright freezer is of the utmost importance.

    Keep reading our text for more information on the subject!

    It is true that the majority of the population has conventional refrigeration and freezer refrigerators at their disposal, but many times it is not enough, they do not have the sufficient storage capacity that we require, that is why the percentage of the population is increasing. Access a small upright freezer for an extra storage option in addition to conventional refrigerators.

    What is an upright freezer and what is its purpose?

    This belongs to the range of refrigeration and food preservation appliances, it allows us to adapt a frozen state according to the type of food we are storing, and they are as an additional complement to conventional refrigerators. Usually its implementation is done when the family is very large and they need to make extensive food purchases.

    This has the functional objective of eliminating the internal heat that the product has, in order to reach its total freezing, this through the gaseous refrigerants incorporated in the appliance that makes a route through the various components of the electrical appliance.

    Freezers or double conventional refrigerators?

    It should be noted that a conventional double fridge does not have the same freezing space as an upright freezer, since upright freezers are dedicated solely and exclusively to storage for the purpose of freezing. Another important aspect for which you should choose a small freezer is because unlike double refrigerators these are versatile and more adaptable to any space in the home or work, they do not take up a lot of space and they are cheap freezers.

    How is an upright freezer made?

    Being a small or large freezer, they are also made up of the same physical elements, one of the elements is the compressor; This manages the pressure of the gas and in turn compresses it, so that it passes back to a liquid state and thus circulates through the freezer.

    It also has an expansion valve, the coils, a thermostat, and the coolant. Among other elements that a vertical freezer has is an alarm that warns if the door is left open, also a light to view the contents inside the freezer, a drain that allows water to be discharged when the appliance is defrosted and a panel of controls to control the various functions offered by freezers.

    Aspects to optimize the functions of upright freezers

    The temperature of said freezer must be around 18 degrees to have good conservation results, it is the standard temperature that guarantees the good quality of the food. When it is placed inside a space, it must have a considerable distance from the wall to avoid blocking the ventilation openings and not to place it near sources of heat.

    To keep the appliance in good condition, it is not recommended to put things with high temperature inside it, and it is also not good to fill it completely. It is also recommended that it be defrosted every so often, being more specific when the ice surface is already greater than 3 millimeters.

  • Commercial counter...

    Refrigerated tables

    Increasingly, the home appliance industries are innovating more and more, with conservation and refrigeration activities being optimized. A refrigerated table acts as an essential complement to the storage of food products when they do not fit elsewhere, this is especially incorporated in bakeries and confectioneries are usually stored sweets to preserve their quality.

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    The industries especially of sale of sweets necessarily need a refrigerating table, is a machinery that is dedicated and directed to the optimization of the confectionery processes. The purpose of refrigerated tables is aimed at the maintenance and conservation of food and beverage preparation. Usually these tables are designed based on stainless steel that are formed by refrigerated internal shelves, so it is very good in hospitality space.

    What is a counter fridge?

    It is an appliance descended from the chain of conservation and refrigeration of various foods, which allows to maintain a high level of safety of food products through a device with great refrigeration boom. In addition these equipment allow to take out the greater performance of space and at the same time functionality. It is a fairly dynamic necessary option where various associated activities can be performed.

    General characteristics of refrigerated tables

    This type of electrical equipment allows to maintain a temperature according to the need of the food, maintaining a temperature cold and in addition the physical condition of either a refrigerated table 2 doors or a refrigerated table 3 doors serve as support to realize some activity, an additional space of work. These 2 functionalities before mentioned are of great boom to fulfill in a kitchen of professional nature, especially in spaces of hospitality.

    Types of existing commercial counter fridges

    The market is full of various varieties with respect to this product, varying in itself in terms of the number of doors it has or the drawers it has. They also vary in size according to their use as well as their height according to the place and activity that was carried on it. The following are the types of tables that can be incorporated:

    Small cooling tables with 600mm bottom
    Gn design, designed for good handling of instruments on it.
    With fast food features, this design allows the elaboration of food on it
    Small table, this is usually incorporated in small spaces, other instruments can be incorporated, which serves as a support base for another tool.

    What to consider before getting a refrigerator table?

    The material for which it is designed must be based on stainless steel, as it is a material that covers a high resistance to agents of deterioration. You also have to be aware of the temperatures you work with, this is with respect to the outside temperature which is between 2 and 10 degrees is perfect.

    It is very important that you have an insulation system that helps to preserve the cold and has an impact on durability. It must also be an appliance that has easy structural conditions for good cleaning.

  • Chest freezers

    Commercial chest freezers

    Each time the conventional cold storage of the refrigerators has become insufficient for the amount of food products that we need to store. A small or large chest freezer has been the boom of today in case we need to store a large amount of food products for longer. The need for food storage has led to the idea of ​​buying a chest freezer.

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    The global home appliance markets have notably incorporated the sale of chest freezers, due to the high demand of the population to preserve everything they have at their disposal and prevent damage. These refrigeration and conservation devices are quite popular today, especially in the hospitality space that adapts to the existence of conservation of a professional kitchen.

    What are chest freezers?

    These are household appliances derived from refrigeration and food preservation functions. This freezing equipment is designed and made up of a thermally isolated area and composed of a refrigeration system, either by pressure or, failing that, by absorption, capable of maintaining food preservation at temperatures below 0, usually between -30 and - 4 degrees, however the most used temperature is -18 degrees.

    Its physical appearance is very similar to that of a trunk with a horizontal shape, it maintains a good temperature level and therefore does not have great energy consumption. Its incorporation is very good when we talk about quite large families, because this type of appliance has up to a capacity of 400 liters. Likewise, a small chest freezer is quite useful for people who live in remote places and find it difficult to constantly go shopping

    Benefits of buying a chest freezer

    A horizontal chest freezer can guarantee you various positive aspects compared to an upright freezer, with contamination mention will be made of those characteristics of having a small chest freezer or a large chest freezer:

    They have enough storage capacity, their physical condition allows more space with respect to depth and width, allowing a lot of versatility and packaging of food products.
    These upright freezers do not have drawers inside, which allows you to organize and store as desired without any restrictions. It is a good option when dealing with large pieces of food.
    These electrical devices have great temperature management, making their functionality more efficient and with low energy consumption, being key to saving on energy bills.
    The chest freezer price is quite affordable compared to upright freezers.

    3 Aspects to consider when buying chest freezer

    When deciding to buy a particular appliance of this type, it is essential to take several aspects into account, among those characteristics are the following:

    The measurements of the equipment: this aspect will vary depending on the size you have in your home, and also on the need you have. These can vary between 50 and 160 cm wide.

    Capacity: the capacity they have will also depend on the size, but usually it goes from 60 to 400 liters.

    Energy saving: this type of chest freezer is quite efficient in energy consumption but we must make sure that you have labels rated with the letter A +, A ++ or A +++.

  • Commercial bottle...

    The best commercial bottle refrigerators for the hospitality industry

    The hostelry refrigerated bottle racks arrived to solve problems. Has it ever happened to you that the drink that accompanies your meals is not at the right temperature? Nothing is more unpleasant than ordering a beer in a bar and it is served hot. However, the hospitality refrigerator bottle racks were designed to solve these and other problems of those who work with beverages.

    Characteristics of the bottle refrigerator

    The hospitality refrigerator bottle racks are similar to a refrigerator with certain improvements in terms of its structure, capacities and performance.

    On the one hand, they tend to have greater internal storage capacity. Having several trays or supports to place the drinks. In addition, these supports usually have a greater number of possibilities to adjust the height of the compartments than common refrigerators.

    They also usually have special racks or containers to hold wine bottles. That is why many refrigerator bottle racks have different compartments to which different refrigeration temperatures can be placed (with several thermostats).

    Some hospitality refrigerator bottle racks come with insulating material on the top of the appliance. This is because this class of refrigerator bottle racks are specially designed to resist high temperatures (over 32 ºC). Therefore, they are useful in tropical areas, and hence they are also known as tropicalized bottle racks.

    An important characteristic is the storage capacity that refrigerated bottle racks have, usually given as volume in liters. Depending on this, the dimensions of the appliance will vary, and its location and cleaning will be easier or more difficult.

    Other factors to consider are the amount and type of doors of the refrigerator bottle racks, if they come with a lock, with evaporation to avoid the formation of frost, the type of refrigerant they use, power and number of motor phases, among other aspects.

    They seem like many details, but you should not worry because in Maquinaria Bar Hostelería (MBH) they stand out for their quality of service and they are there to advise you. Which includes that the client clears all his doubts when acquiring any of the hospitality refrigerated bottle racks that are offered.

    Know the types of bottle refrigerated rack

    There are catering refrigerated bottle racks for all tastes, such as the refrigerated bottle rack. The houses specialized in the commercialization of these products, such as MBH, generally offer the different kinds of refrigerated bottle racks that exist. To give you an idea, we will briefly describe some types.

    Bottle refrigerator

    The refrigerator bottle rack, as its name indicates, is the most similar to the traditional refrigerators that we use in our homes. The reason is that it is generally used in restaurants, hotels and bars to store not only drinks, but also cold cuts and dairy products such as cheeses. They are ideal to be used in hotels and restaurants.

    Commercial Beer fridge

    Of the bar wine racks, those with wide openings at the top, and with several sliding type doors, are usually preferred. Thus they allow to stack complete boxes of drinks, one on another. They are generally placed behind the bar counter, to quickly serve customers.

    Bar refrigerator

    The bar fridge is a combination of the previous types. It usually has larger storage spaces in the lower part, with independent doors in the upper part. This in order to be able to chill drinks such as beers or cola drinks inside their respective boxes.

    The upper part is used for canned beverages, to place bottles of wine, or to store tapas that must be refrigerated, such as slices of Serrano ham or cheese patties to just fry them, among other uses.

    Of course, in this article we only give you an overview of the hospitality refrigerator bottle racks. If you need additional information, you can always go to MBH, where its staff will answer your questions in a professional manner. Visit our website or contact us so we can help you.

  • Commercial wine coolers

    Spain has 1.2 million hectares of vineyards and is one of the countries with the largest cultivated area, as well as being the third largest wine-producing power in the world. These characteristics put us in the top 10 of the most wine consuming countries with an average of 38 liters of wine per person per year.

    The wine, both in bottle and barrel presentation, must have a correct exposure and storage for its good conservation. Winemakers say that wine is living matter and therefore can be affected by factors such as light, vibrations, temperatures, among many others.

    Given these circumstances, wine cellars are the ideal solution to protect them from external agents and guarantee the correct storage of this drink of gods.

    Commercial wine coolers are the space for storing or storing wine and can be made in the form of a bottle or in a barrel, these are an underground construction, space or place used for storing and growing wine in bottles or barrels.

    According to the cooling mode used by wine cellars, we can find two types of these:

    Active wine cellars: These are spaces that need storage systems, air conditioning and specialized refrigeration systems to maintain a desired temperature and humidity.
    Passive wine cellars: These cellars do not want systems because they already naturally have the right temperature and humidity to store and grow wines.

    Keep reading this article to learn more about this valuable information!

    Best commercial wine coolers 

    Storing wine is very simple and not complicated at all, the fundamental thing is not to expose the bottles to a dry environment and keep them in cool, dark places, without vibrations and on their side.

    Currently there are different wine coolers and we can choose between different sizes and models the one that best suits our needs. Wine coolers are also known as vinoteca or wine cellars and provide the right temperature for bottled or barrel wine but in different presentations.

    According to the operation of the wine coolers we find that they are divided into:

    - Thermoelectric wine coolers: It is a wine cellar that works through a device called a peltier, which is responsible for generating the thermoelectric effect that determines the temperature.

    - Compressor wine coolers: This type of wine cellar works by circulating a refrigerant through a closed circuit. The external temperature does not influence the compressor wine cooler, therefore it is the most recommended wine cooler in hot places.

    - Mixed wine coolers: This wine cellar combines characteristics of the thermoelectric wine cellar and the compressor wine cellar. It is the perfect wine cellar to store any type of wine.

  • Blast chillers

    Blast chillers are having a great popularity boom among the different catering machinery and are the ideal implement in restaurant and bar kitchens to reduce and / or freeze the temperature of food quickly and immediately while maintaining the quality of the products. themselves when thawing.

    Blast chillers are catering machines that are used in professional kitchens to immediately cool any food. Blast chillers allow you to reduce the temperature of a freshly cooked food from around 80 or 90 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees in 90 minutes.

    Keep reading this article to learn more about this valuable information!

    Blast chillers, price

    The Hotel Bar Machinery and the blast chillers can sometimes be considered expensive, although there is a wide variety of prices in the market and wide payment methods for the convenience of the buyer, having the Hotel Bar Machinery is synonymous with performing a great investment.

    But, it is important to establish and consider the sea of ​​benefits that blast chillers bring us and equate their costs with their advantages. When in our businesses we have artifacts destined exclusively for the service we offer, times are speeded up and the client receives quality attention. Undoubtedly, investing in Bar Machinery for Hospitality guarantees the success of a business and therefore, what was invested in equipping it will be recovered quickly.

    In the market we find new blast chillers in a price range that ranges between € 2,500 and € 14,000, but if our budget does not reach us, we can always buy second-hand Hospitality Bar Machinery.

    Commercial blast freezers

    The industrial blast chiller is a machine manufactured to quickly lower the temperature of food, blast chillers are in great demand in restaurant kitchens and have become as essential as a display case or a refrigerator.

    Among the functions of industrial blast chillers, we find that they have two main functions:

    - Rapid or positive blast chilling: It is a blast chilling cycle where the product goes from a temperature greater than 90 degrees centigrade to a temperature of 3 degrees centigrade in less than 90 minutes, and subsequently, it maintains the product at a temperature between 0 degrees centigrade according to the value established for its conservation.

    - Fast freezing or negative blast chilling: It is a fast freezing cycle that takes food from temperatures of more than 90 degrees Celsius to temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius in less than 4 hours.

    Blast chillers also have different types of refrigeration systems that are used depending on the characteristics of the food and the time it will be kept. Below are the cooling systems of the industrial blast chillers:

    - By mechanical cooling cell

    - By cryogenic cooling cell

    - Immersion cooling chamber

Commercial refrigeration line with commercial freezers and commercial fridges for the hotel, bakery and pastry industry, with a wide range of fridges with transparent glass doors and vertical freezer cabinets. Professional range of vertical display cabinets for food and beverage display.

Commercial refrigeration - Everything you need to know

It may be that someone has suggested you to install industrial cold machinery to improve the processes of your business, but first you must know why it is important to do so. In addition, the installation of an industrial refrigerator or industrial cold rooms is not something that should be done without knowing the details that will prevent you from regretting the investment made later.

Commercial refrigeration and hospitality, a complex process

The first thing you should know is that the production of industrial cold catering is a process that involves the control of several variables in different phases, which makes it especially complex. Each installation of industrial cold equipment is different from the others.

We can think that industrial cold refers to the generation of temperatures below ambient temperature through non-natural means. However, the cold is not generated. In turn, heat is removed from the elements until the desired temperature is reached. This implies the transformation of temperature from one initial point to another, and therefore an energy consumption.

On the other hand, temperature is a dynamic physical variable, that is, it changes over time depending on the characteristics of the environment.

So, it is more appropriate to affirm that industrial cold is a technological activity that involves the design, construction, installation and maintenance of machines to decrease the temperature of the elements.

What are industrial cold rooms and what are they for?

The use of industrial cold rooms is of a high level. Basically they are a refrigerated space that uses a vapor compression system to keep temperatures low.

They are usually used in different areas such as; the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cold production and distribution systems sector.

In general, industrial cold rooms have two basic components. The first is the room consisting of the cold room. The other component is the equipment whose function is to produce cold. There are also other systems such as control and lighting.

Where is commercial refrigeration equipment required?

Typically, industrial refrigeration equipment or industrial freezer fridges are used to conserve temperature. In other words, to make environments more comfortable for humans and also to reduce the decomposition time of organic components.

Therefore, any process that requires maintaining a particular temperature level in certain elements or spaces, needs industrial refrigeration equipment. For example:

Food preservation in the food production sector, or also in restaurants or hotels, where it is particularly called industrial cold hospitality.

Transportation of materials and supplies that require low storage temperatures, by sea, air or land.

Food dispensers. Whether fresh products that need temperatures from 1 to 14ºC, or frozen products, whose temperature ranges from 10 to 30ºC.

Water cooling systems. Particularly for human consumption, within work facilities and recreational environments.

Environmental cooling systems. They fall within the scope of industrial cold, due to the power and technical specifications of the equipment that is used.

Methods you use

Initially, in the 1930s, the production of industrial cold primarily used halogenated hydrocarbons in the process. The reason is that the main criterion of the time was economic profitability.

Currently, the interest is in environmental conservation, therefore, the criterion is to use alternative energies and elements that do not harm the ozone layer. Furthermore, sonic pollution, the size and capacity of industrial cold rooms are now key factors.

This has given greater relevance to the use of the refrigeration system focused on the phase change that the refrigerant fluid experiences. Although there are also electrical-magnetic systems and those that use gas expansion processes.

As you can deduce, when choosing an industrial fridge freezer, there are many details that you should pay attention to.

For this reason, at Maquinarias Bar Hostelería we have specialized professionals who will advise you and solve all your doubts before the acquisition. Our experts will accompany you throughout the process and will help your industrial cold equipment to always work perfectly.