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Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial refrigeration

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Commercial refrigeration line with commercial freezers and commercial fridges for the hotel, bakery and pastry industry, with a wide range of fridges with transparent glass doors and vertical freezer cabinets. Professional range of vertical display cabinets for food and beverage display.

Commercial refrigeration - Everything you need to know

It may be that someone has suggested you to install industrial cold machinery to improve the processes of your business, but first you must know why it is important to do so. In addition, the installation of an industrial refrigerator or industrial cold rooms is not something that should be done without knowing the details that will prevent you from regretting the investment made later.

Commercial refrigeration and hospitality, a complex process

The first thing you should know is that the production of industrial cold catering is a process that involves the control of several variables in different phases, which makes it especially complex. Each installation of industrial cold equipment is different from the others.

We can think that industrial cold refers to the generation of temperatures below ambient temperature through non-natural means. However, the cold is not generated. In turn, heat is removed from the elements until the desired temperature is reached. This implies the transformation of temperature from one initial point to another, and therefore an energy consumption.

On the other hand, temperature is a dynamic physical variable, that is, it changes over time depending on the characteristics of the environment.

So, it is more appropriate to affirm that industrial cold is a technological activity that involves the design, construction, installation and maintenance of machines to decrease the temperature of the elements.

What are industrial cold rooms and what are they for?

The use of industrial cold rooms is of a high level. Basically they are a refrigerated space that uses a vapor compression system to keep temperatures low.

They are usually used in different areas such as; the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cold production and distribution systems sector.

In general, industrial cold rooms have two basic components. The first is the room consisting of the cold room. The other component is the equipment whose function is to produce cold. There are also other systems such as control and lighting.

Where is commercial refrigeration equipment required?

Typically, industrial refrigeration equipment or industrial freezer fridges are used to conserve temperature. In other words, to make environments more comfortable for humans and also to reduce the decomposition time of organic components.

Therefore, any process that requires maintaining a particular temperature level in certain elements or spaces, needs industrial refrigeration equipment. For example:

Food preservation in the food production sector, or also in restaurants or hotels, where it is particularly called industrial cold hospitality.

Transportation of materials and supplies that require low storage temperatures, by sea, air or land.

Food dispensers. Whether fresh products that need temperatures from 1 to 14ºC, or frozen products, whose temperature ranges from 10 to 30ºC.

Water cooling systems. Particularly for human consumption, within work facilities and recreational environments.

Environmental cooling systems. They fall within the scope of industrial cold, due to the power and technical specifications of the equipment that is used.

Methods you use

Initially, in the 1930s, the production of industrial cold primarily used halogenated hydrocarbons in the process. The reason is that the main criterion of the time was economic profitability.

Currently, the interest is in environmental conservation, therefore, the criterion is to use alternative energies and elements that do not harm the ozone layer. Furthermore, sonic pollution, the size and capacity of industrial cold rooms are now key factors.

This has given greater relevance to the use of the refrigeration system focused on the phase change that the refrigerant fluid experiences. Although there are also electrical-magnetic systems and those that use gas expansion processes.

As you can deduce, when choosing an industrial fridge freezer, there are many details that you should pay attention to.

For this reason, at Maquinarias Bar Hostelería we have specialized professionals who will advise you and solve all your doubts before the acquisition. Our experts will accompany you throughout the process and will help your industrial cold equipment to always work perfectly.