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Commercial counter fridges 

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Refrigerated tables

Increasingly, the home appliance industries are innovating more and more, with conservation and refrigeration activities being optimized. A refrigerated table acts as an essential complement to the storage of food products when they do not fit elsewhere, this is especially incorporated in bakeries and confectioneries are usually stored sweets to preserve their quality.

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The industries especially of sale of sweets necessarily need a refrigerating table, is a machinery that is dedicated and directed to the optimization of the confectionery processes. The purpose of refrigerated tables is aimed at the maintenance and conservation of food and beverage preparation. Usually these tables are designed based on stainless steel that are formed by refrigerated internal shelves, so it is very good in hospitality space.

What is a counter fridge?

It is an appliance descended from the chain of conservation and refrigeration of various foods, which allows to maintain a high level of safety of food products through a device with great refrigeration boom. In addition these equipment allow to take out the greater performance of space and at the same time functionality. It is a fairly dynamic necessary option where various associated activities can be performed.

General characteristics of refrigerated tables

This type of electrical equipment allows to maintain a temperature according to the need of the food, maintaining a temperature cold and in addition the physical condition of either a refrigerated table 2 doors or a refrigerated table 3 doors serve as support to realize some activity, an additional space of work. These 2 functionalities before mentioned are of great boom to fulfill in a kitchen of professional nature, especially in spaces of hospitality.

Types of existing commercial counter fridges

The market is full of various varieties with respect to this product, varying in itself in terms of the number of doors it has or the drawers it has. They also vary in size according to their use as well as their height according to the place and activity that was carried on it. The following are the types of tables that can be incorporated:

Small cooling tables with 600mm bottom
Gn design, designed for good handling of instruments on it.
With fast food features, this design allows the elaboration of food on it
Small table, this is usually incorporated in small spaces, other instruments can be incorporated, which serves as a support base for another tool.

What to consider before getting a refrigerator table?

The material for which it is designed must be based on stainless steel, as it is a material that covers a high resistance to agents of deterioration. You also have to be aware of the temperatures you work with, this is with respect to the outside temperature which is between 2 and 10 degrees is perfect.

It is very important that you have an insulation system that helps to preserve the cold and has an impact on durability. It must also be an appliance that has easy structural conditions for good cleaning.


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