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In Maquinariabarhostelerí we are leaders in the sale of industrial machinery and equipment for Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars, Butchers, Supermarkets and other stores. On our page you will find Food Display Cabinets for all kinds of businesses and shops.

We are the distributor of display cases for hotels with the largest variety, the best quality and the best price on the market. Buy now your display case for hotels, bars and restaurants, and we will send it to your home at no cost.

Showcases for hospitality, pastry and bakery. With a robust construction, easy to clean and energy efficient, their innovative design makes them the perfect showcase for any hospitality business. The spectacular design of the MBH showcases allow a perfect display of the products inside. Designed to increase the visual space of the exposed product and increase the desire and appetite of consumers. With MBH Display Cabinets keep your fresh products fresh and presentable!

The best showcases for hospitality

Are you looking for showcases for your hotel business? You are in the right place! In our online store we have all the types of hospitality display cases that you need to buy. If you still do not know what type of display case to buy, our hospitality specialists will advise you to buy the best display case for your needs and budget.

The display cases are the best way to display food, drinks and snacks to ensure freshness and maximize visibility to the customer. Our hospitality displays are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail, making them the best for your business.

Showcases for restaurants and bars

Buying a refrigerated tapas display case or a hot tapas display case for your restaurant is a great idea to show your products to the customer, always taking care of their quality and integrity. At MBH you will find the display for food you need for your bar or restaurant.

Our display cases are manufactured to guarantee the freshness and quality of your food. At the same time they ensure greater visibility to appeal to the customer.

Having a countertop display case or as a counter in your restaurant can be a great idea to increase the desire and appetite of your diners. That is why at MBH we take care of even the smallest design detail of our bar or counter displays.

The quality and design of our showcases make them the best showcase for your business.

Greater visibility

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Greater consumption efficiency

They guarantee the freshness and quality of food

More durability with less maintenance

Modern design

Display cases for shops

At MBH we offer a wide variety of display cabinets for shops, supermarkets, butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers and more. Whether you need a display for refrigerated food or drinks or if you are looking for a display case for neutral or hot food, you will find it here and at the best price on the market. The quality and variety of our products consecrate us as market leaders for display cases for shops.

Serve over display cases

We know that each store and business has different needs, that's why we offer the largest variety of refrigerated display cases on the market. Whether you need refrigerated display cases with a counter for your butcher or delicatessen, multideck display fridges for your supermarket or ice cream display cases, here you will find the best refrigerated display case for your store.

Bakery display cases

Our display cases for pastry shops and bakeries not only ensure the quality and integrity of your products, they also guarantee the greatest possible visibility to attract your customers from the first moment. Its design and quality make them easy to clean and maintain, making it a durable and practical product.

If you are still not sure which display case you need or have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts in machinery and equipment for the hospitality industry are there to help you.