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  • Serve over display cases

    Refrigerated display cabinets for hotels and restaurants.

    Refrigerated display cases for butchers, delicatessens, supermarkets, bakeries and patisseries. The spectacular design of MBH cabinets allow a perfect display of the products inside, something very useful in fish cabinets.

    Designed to increase the visual space of the displayed product and increase the desire and appetite of consumers, they keep your products fresh and presentable!

    Refrigerated display case for hospitality

    When choosing a refrigerated hospitality display case there are many things to take into account. However, the most important thing is to correctly choose your supplier of refrigerated hospitality display cases. Luckily for you, Machine Bar Hospitality is the perfect place to look for a refrigerated hospitality display case.

    MBH: the best refrigerated display case at the best price

    The main characteristic of the Catering Bar Machine products is their unquestionable quality and in each refrigerated display case this is clearly noticeable. Each refrigerated hospitality display case is a guaranteed product that was made with the highest quality standards.

    Additionally, MBA professionals pay particular attention to keeping product designs up to date. This means that each refrigerated display case is made with the latest technology available and the most refined designs.

    Best of all, despite the high quality of its products, MBA focuses on keeping its prices in a competitive range. The prices offered are not only at competitive levels but also in many cases at factory prices for refrigerated display cases.

    The widest variety to choose your refrigerated bakery display cabinets

    Maquinaria Bar Hostelería not only has refrigerated display cases for common pastry shops. It also offers customers a wide range of options such as vertical refrigerated display case, small refrigerated display case and refrigerated counter display case.

    Vertical refrigerated display case

    These glass refrigerated display cases will keep your produce fresh and retain its pristine appearance for longer. In addition, each glass refrigerated display case we offer is subject to the highest quality standards of our company.

    Refrigerated counter display

    A refrigerated counter display case is the solution to display products of different sizes and weights in an elegant and orderly way. In each refrigerated counter showcase you can display everything from liquors to large and medium cakes comfortably.

    Small refrigerated display case

    A small refrigerated display case is the perfect touch to put in the center of your premises and in plain sight. With a practical and pleasant design, your small refrigerated display case will show your products in all their glory.

    Dry aging cabinet

    As an extra touch, Machine Bar Hostelería also offers you the best in ripening rooms. If you didn't know, ripening chambers are the ultimate in displaying meats and much more. The prerequisite? That your products retain their good appearance. Luckily, with our ripening chambers this is tested and guaranteed so you won't have any problems.

    All these options of refrigerated pastry cabinets will give variety to your place beyond what you can expect.

    On our official website you will find the latest in maturing chamber technology and a variety of designs and sizes for refrigerated pastry cabinets.

    No matter what type of display case you need, at MBH you will find a refrigerated hospitality display case that meets your needs.

    The best advice for your selection

    For Maquinaria Bar Hostelería, it is not enough to sell your products. It is necessary that each client receives both the attention and the product that they really need. Therefore, if when making your purchase you need help choosing, the MBH customer service team will be more than willing to advise you.

    You just have to contact us in any of the means offered on our contact page. Tell us your questions and we will make sure that the product you buy is exactly what you are looking for and need.

    Whether it is a vertical display case, a refrigerated display case, a lid display case or a liquor display case, you will find it at MBH. Visit our page with confidence because our variety of products covers all the styles you may need.

  • Bakery display cases

    Refrigerated and neutral display cabinets for pastry and bakery. Cold displays for cakes, cakes and chocolate and neutral displays for pastries and pastries. The spectacular design of MBH display cabinets allow a perfect display of the products inside. Models available with humidity control for the exhibition and conservation of bonbons and chocolates.

    Designed to increase the visual space of the displayed product and increase the desire and appetite of consumers, they keep your freshly made products fresh and presentable!

    Bakery display cases: The solution for your business

    In the modern bar, pastry and pastry business, the level of sophistication is increasing. With a competition that increases day by day it has become necessary to take advantage of every opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition.

    A direct but surprisingly effective solution is a catering pastry display cabinet thanks to several advantages it brings.

    A pastry display case directly supports the presentation

    A pastry display case serves to show customers the products that your business offers directly. This is important because it allows each prospect to view and examine the products without the need for an employee.

    This presentation is much more effective than having a busy staff showing each product separately and to each customer. In addition, it gives consumers the opportunity to think and calmly decide what products they want or need.

    In many cases, people not only remember to buy things by seeing them, but they also decide to buy more products that they did not initially need.

    Refrigerated pastry cabinets create an air of elegance

    Refrigerated pastry cabinets are elegant products that fit perfectly into any style and design. In the case of pastry shops and confectioneries, a presentation of fresh sweets with an appropriate composition creates an elegant atmosphere that encourages sales.

    On the other hand, a refrigerated display case can be the finishing touch that sets a competitive bar in a class apart. This difference is most important in elegant bars that aim for a refined environment where impression and atmosphere are everything.

    That is why a hospitality pastry display case is the ideal option for any business looking to improve its presentation.

    A display case is easy to clean and maintain

    Cleaning and maintaining a display case is a fundamental part of any business that offers grocery products. However, striking the balance between convenience and presentation can be cumbersome.

    With a catering pastry cabinet this is not the case. These cabinets are easy to clean and maintain, and business personnel learn with little or no training how to clean them. Thanks to this, your staff will be able to invest more time in the order and composition of the products to be displayed.

    The result is that you can have an elaborate and orderly presentation of your products without complicating the operation of your business.

    A glass display case is synonymous with safety

    Unlike displaying products on shelves, using a glass display case allows full visibility of products while keeping them protected.

    Keeping products visible but isolated from the general environment is one of the main advantages of refrigerated pastry cabinets.

    This is because many of these products need to be protected from insects and the general ambient temperature. With a refrigerated display case your products will be guaranteed a longer life.

    If you want to know more about a pastry display case, I invite you to visit our page and review all the options we have available. We definitely have a perfect one for your business.

  • Multideck display fridges

    Multideck display fridges

    Every time businesses implement new machinery in their environments that optimize their functionality. There are various teams that allow a better quality of preservation of products, especially the establishments that are dedicated to the commercialization of food products. One of those food preservation and refrigeration tools is the display freezer cabinet, commonly known as a refrigerator display case.

    Keep reading our text for more information on the subject!

    The industries that design household electrical equipment are increasingly opting for the improvement and optimization of the functionalities of some food sector. The incorporation of new electronic elements is essential and more so when it comes to the refrigeration and conservation of products.

    What is known as refrigerated wall cabinets?

    They are cold-based electronic devices, with a design made up of one or more glass panels to make viewing the products more feasible and optimal. The material for which said refrigerator equipment is designed must comply with a certain margin of sanitation, so it is advisable to opt for stainless steel and glass options, with a good insulation system and also very easy to clean.

    What does a self-service multideck display case offer you?

    This has a main objective and this does not go beyond the simple classic refrigeration and conservation function, that is, it is one more refrigeration appliance. What varies in this device is that it has more versatility and accessibility, it allows better appreciation and free access to the products compared to other cooling devices.

    At the hospitality level, it is more than essential to have an appliance like this, since it provides a high level of visual appeal, a sense of organization and quality, as well as acting as an optimal storage system. It is important that if you have an artifact of this type, it is important to condition it in the best way and keep it in good condition, thus attracting the consumer public, no one wants to see a dirty refrigerant displayed.

    Types of refrigerated multidecks

    According to their temperature: there are the cabinets for meat and poultry that base their temperature on levels of 0ºC / + 2ºC, there are those for dairy and charcuterie products that are conditioned at temperatures of + 2ºC / + 5ºC and lastly you can find the For fruits and vegetables that have temperatures of + 4ºC / + 8ºC.

    The tabletop display cabinets: these have a physical structure adapted to a counter, usually have an internal opening towards the counter

    Wall cabinets: These are the most common and are usually leaning against the walls of a commercial establishment.

    The counter display cabinets: these are usually covered by glass, making it easy to view them, but they cannot be taken, only by asking to be handed over to the establishment staff.

    Island-type display cabinets: they are not so built-in, they are usually placed in the aisles of supermarkets.

    How to choose a perfect display cabinet freezer?

    There are several characteristics that must be taken into account when buying a refrigerated display case, among these are:

    The type of display case design according to the use you will give it, where they are mentioned in the previous point.
    The size of the showcases taking into account the use that will be given to them
    Temperature control and its ease of cleaning

  • Fish display cases

    Display cabinets refrigerated seafood for hotels and restaurants. Refrigerated display cabinets for fishmongers, supermarkets and restaurants. The spectacular design of the MBH windows allow a perfect display of fresh fish inside.

    Designed to increase the visual space exposed product and increase desire and appetite of consumers keep their products fresh and presentable!.

  • Ice cream display cases

    Showcases for ice cream professionals ice cream shop and hospitality. Showcases for maintenance and conservation of ice cream. Exhibitors ice cream in trays and gastronorm containers for different flavors. Refrigerators showcases for Italian professional ice cream parlors.

  • Refrigerated tapas...

    Vitrinas snack bars and restaurants for . Exhibitors cold for hospitality lids. The spectacular design of the windows of tapas MBH allow perfect viewing of the products inside. tapas refrigerated display cabinets for catering professionals.

  • Hot tapas display cases

    Vitrinas heating snack bars and restaurants for . Exhibitors for the hotel hot tops. The spectacular design of the windows of tapas MBH allow perfect viewing of the products inside. Vitrinas heated lids for caterers.

  • Countertop display cases

    refrigerated display cases and neutral desktop for hotels. cold display units for cakes, pies and chocolate and confectionery and pastries neutral exhibitors. The spectacular design of the MBH windows allow a perfect display of products inside.

    Designed to increase the visual space exposed product and increase desire and appetite of consumers keep their products fresh cool facts and presentable!.


In Maquinariabarhostelerí we are leaders in the sale of industrial machinery and equipment for Hospitality, Restaurants, Bars, Butchers, Supermarkets and other stores. On our page you will find Food Display Cabinets for all kinds of businesses and shops.

We are the distributor of display cases for hotels with the largest variety, the best quality and the best price on the market. Buy now your display case for hotels, bars and restaurants, and we will send it to your home at no cost.

Showcases for hospitality, pastry and bakery. With a robust construction, easy to clean and energy efficient, their innovative design makes them the perfect showcase for any hospitality business. The spectacular design of the MBH showcases allow a perfect display of the products inside. Designed to increase the visual space of the exposed product and increase the desire and appetite of consumers. With MBH Display Cabinets keep your fresh products fresh and presentable!

The best showcases for hospitality

Are you looking for showcases for your hotel business? You are in the right place! In our online store we have all the types of hospitality display cases that you need to buy. If you still do not know what type of display case to buy, our hospitality specialists will advise you to buy the best display case for your needs and budget.

The display cases are the best way to display food, drinks and snacks to ensure freshness and maximize visibility to the customer. Our hospitality displays are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail, making them the best for your business.

Showcases for restaurants and bars

Buying a refrigerated tapas display case or a hot tapas display case for your restaurant is a great idea to show your products to the customer, always taking care of their quality and integrity. At MBH you will find the display for food you need for your bar or restaurant.

Our display cases are manufactured to guarantee the freshness and quality of your food. At the same time they ensure greater visibility to appeal to the customer.

Having a countertop display case or as a counter in your restaurant can be a great idea to increase the desire and appetite of your diners. That is why at MBH we take care of even the smallest design detail of our bar or counter displays.

The quality and design of our showcases make them the best showcase for your business.

Greater visibility

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Greater consumption efficiency

They guarantee the freshness and quality of food

More durability with less maintenance

Modern design

Display cases for shops

At MBH we offer a wide variety of display cabinets for shops, supermarkets, butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers and more. Whether you need a display for refrigerated food or drinks or if you are looking for a display case for neutral or hot food, you will find it here and at the best price on the market. The quality and variety of our products consecrate us as market leaders for display cases for shops.

Serve over display cases

We know that each store and business has different needs, that's why we offer the largest variety of refrigerated display cases on the market. Whether you need refrigerated display cases with a counter for your butcher or delicatessen, multideck display fridges for your supermarket or ice cream display cases, here you will find the best refrigerated display case for your store.

Bakery display cases

Our display cases for pastry shops and bakeries not only ensure the quality and integrity of your products, they also guarantee the greatest possible visibility to attract your customers from the first moment. Its design and quality make them easy to clean and maintain, making it a durable and practical product.

If you are still not sure which display case you need or have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts in machinery and equipment for the hospitality industry are there to help you.