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Refrigerated display cabinets for hotels and restaurants.

Refrigerated display cases for butchers, delicatessens, supermarkets, bakeries and patisseries. The spectacular design of MBH cabinets allow a perfect display of the products inside, something very useful in fish cabinets.

Designed to increase the visual space of the displayed product and increase the desire and appetite of consumers, they keep your products fresh and presentable!

Refrigerated display case for hospitality

When choosing a refrigerated hospitality display case there are many things to take into account. However, the most important thing is to correctly choose your supplier of refrigerated hospitality display cases. Luckily for you, Machine Bar Hospitality is the perfect place to look for a refrigerated hospitality display case.

MBH: the best refrigerated display case at the best price

The main characteristic of the Catering Bar Machine products is their unquestionable quality and in each refrigerated display case this is clearly noticeable. Each refrigerated hospitality display case is a guaranteed product that was made with the highest quality standards.

Additionally, MBA professionals pay particular attention to keeping product designs up to date. This means that each refrigerated display case is made with the latest technology available and the most refined designs.

Best of all, despite the high quality of its products, MBA focuses on keeping its prices in a competitive range. The prices offered are not only at competitive levels but also in many cases at factory prices for refrigerated display cases.

The widest variety to choose your refrigerated bakery display cabinets

Maquinaria Bar Hostelería not only has refrigerated display cases for common pastry shops. It also offers customers a wide range of options such as vertical refrigerated display case, small refrigerated display case and refrigerated counter display case.

Vertical refrigerated display case

These glass refrigerated display cases will keep your produce fresh and retain its pristine appearance for longer. In addition, each glass refrigerated display case we offer is subject to the highest quality standards of our company.

Refrigerated counter display

A refrigerated counter display case is the solution to display products of different sizes and weights in an elegant and orderly way. In each refrigerated counter showcase you can display everything from liquors to large and medium cakes comfortably.

Small refrigerated display case

A small refrigerated display case is the perfect touch to put in the center of your premises and in plain sight. With a practical and pleasant design, your small refrigerated display case will show your products in all their glory.

Dry aging cabinet

As an extra touch, Machine Bar Hostelería also offers you the best in ripening rooms. If you didn't know, ripening chambers are the ultimate in displaying meats and much more. The prerequisite? That your products retain their good appearance. Luckily, with our ripening chambers this is tested and guaranteed so you won't have any problems.

All these options of refrigerated pastry cabinets will give variety to your place beyond what you can expect.

On our official website you will find the latest in maturing chamber technology and a variety of designs and sizes for refrigerated pastry cabinets.

No matter what type of display case you need, at MBH you will find a refrigerated hospitality display case that meets your needs.

The best advice for your selection

For Maquinaria Bar Hostelería, it is not enough to sell your products. It is necessary that each client receives both the attention and the product that they really need. Therefore, if when making your purchase you need help choosing, the MBH customer service team will be more than willing to advise you.

You just have to contact us in any of the means offered on our contact page. Tell us your questions and we will make sure that the product you buy is exactly what you are looking for and need.

Whether it is a vertical display case, a refrigerated display case, a lid display case or a liquor display case, you will find it at MBH. Visit our page with confidence because our variety of products covers all the styles you may need.


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