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Ice machines for hotels and restaurants. Ice cube machines for bars and restaurants. Industrial manufacturers of granular and flake ice for fishmongers, supermarkets and food.

Commercial ice machine - The solution for your business

Do you think that the ice in your fridge is enough to enjoy a cold drink at home? Or you are thinking of having a restaurant, hotel or company, and you think that it is enough to contact an ice bag distributor for your requirements. However, there are many who think differently. This is why we will explain why buy an industrial ice machine.

The hospitality ice machine

A hospitality ice machine will allow you to generate ice cubes in an unlimited way. In other words, they serve to produce quantities of ice for much more than accompanying meals at home, or to toast with visitors.

With a hospitality ice machine you will no longer have to hire a distributor to supply you with the necessary ice packs. Nor should you procure cavas to prevent them from melting.

Whether for family consumption or in restaurants, hotels and workplaces, it is best to purchase an industrial ice machine. A Cube Ice Machine Helps You Save Running a cube ice machine generates less water, maintenance, and energy costs. This is because our cube ice machine model is optimized to minimize costs and increase profits.

Our ice maker solves emergencies

The industrial ice machine is designed to produce large volumes of ice in a few minutes. If you see more customers coming to the business or party guests, all you have to do is produce your ice machine. In moments you will have all the demand covered.

This is especially useful if your business is a hospitality industry, because, as is known, the demand increases considerably in high tourist seasons. So call now and ask for the prices of our ice makers.

Industrial Ice Machine = Quick Return on Investment

Due to our generous prices, the initial investment you make to buy an industrial ice machine will return in a few months. So you can safely invest in our equipment because not only are they guaranteed, but they also pay for themselves!

An ice cube machine with custom production

With a cube ice machine you don't need to overproduce. You will only make the ice as you need it, avoiding having to store it or it will be deformed by the permanent opening of traditional refrigerators.

The easiest-to-use industrial ice machine

The design of an industrial ice machine is intended to enhance the user experience. For this, its manipulation and control is generally digital, and it is enough to press a few buttons to generate the cubes.

Variety of formats in ice machines

Small details make the difference. If you have a business you will notice the satisfaction of your customers when you serve them with their ice drinks in different ways.

This is a fascinating feature of an industrial ice machine, it can produce solid, hollow cubed, granular or flake ice in different sizes.

Our ice maker prevents flavor alteration

Distributors sometimes transport ice packs accompanied by other refrigerated foods. Causing the ice to acquire odors and flavors that will alter the tasting of the foods in which it is used. This will never happen with ice from an ice machine.

Either way, those who own a hospitality ice machine are well aware of the advantages they provide compared to other types of ice dispensers or the purchase of ice packs.

However, we recommend you contact us when you decide to buy your machine. At Maquinaría Bar Hostelería we have the best prices and professional experts in the field, who will advise you so that you can acquire just what you need.