Round ice cube machines

Round ice cube machines 

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Compact ice, the most crystalline, pure and compact. Formed by continuous irrigation of our patented shower, it achieves maximum transparency in each cube. The most common in traditional hospitality, manages to keep the drink cold for much longer without watering it down. It is perfect for premium drinks, with or without alcohol.

Available in different sizes, formats and weights, with Ice Tech gourmet ice you will always find the perfect solution.

Ice machines

Ice has always been a widely used element over time, in our daily lives, especially in the kitchen. It is an element of great boom especially for the preparation of drinks and things of a liquid nature, such as soft drinks, cocktails and various preparations. As in other aspects of the kitchen, they have tools that facilitate their development such as dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and others, the well-known industrial ice machine has also been a boom.

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Ice cubes are essential for the preparation of liquid processes, especially in the area of ​​cocktail preparation, which is why the industrial ice machine has become a tool of great importance, a machinery that has increased its attendance in environments. such as bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other spaces. The market is flooded with brands and models adapted to our needs and the accessibility that we have.

How does the process of functionality of an industrial ice machine occur?

The general characteristics of the operation will depend on the type of system applied by the manufacturers, to better explain its functionality of the ice cube process, it is a process based on a basic system which all manufacturers base their design and manufacture on. The general aspects that manufacturers take when making this type of artifacts, their system is based on the following parameters:

  • This type of machinery for making ice cubes has access to water which is poured onto a surface in the shape that you want to obtain the ice cubes.
  • The surface where the water is added to form the ice cubes is subjected to a continuous and progressive freezing process until the water freezes completely.
  • When you already have the ice cubes completely frozen and at the perfect temperature, when the hot tray will cause the cubes to separate from the surface causing them to fall into the storage container.
  • There are countless trays with shapes with various design patterns according to tastes and uses, which can be square ice cubes, which are the most conventional, they can also be round and rectangular.

Aspects to optimize an industrial ice machine

There are various characteristics and conditions that will significantly optimize the use of an ice cube machine, so in order to achieve greater production and correctly, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • Incorporated water: the use of water is mandatory to obtain ice cubes, the water must be through a prior purification process and at a good temperature. The water must be cold and if the water has high levels of minerals, the temperature of the freezing process is altered, requiring a lower temperature than the machinery estimates.
  • The location of the machinery: it is recommended that during the ice cube production process the machinery be in an environment with low temperatures, thus helping the successful completion of the process.
  • Maintenance is essential: the industrial ice machine is made up of high-quality elements that require constant maintenance and care for optimal operation. It is advisable to maintain constant care over this machinery and not wait until it fails. The best option is to find a trained technician for your care.

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