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MBH - Home Bar Machines

Hospitality machines, equipment for restaurants and bars, stainless steel furniture for your industrial kitchen, professional kitchen utensils, terrace furniture and everything you need for your hospitality business.

Who are we?

MBH was born with the idea of ​​offering, both online and in our warehouses and physical stores, all the items you may need to equip your hospitality industry, restaurants, catering, hotels, cafeterias and individuals who love professional cooking.

We are technicians and commercial dedicated to the hospitality sector with more than 25 years of experience, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that may arise and we will advise you to choose the best machines for your company.

Similarly, we can also carry out a commercial visit to your premises or future premises for complete or partial installations of catering machinery and subsequent technical service.

MBH - is an online and physical store of catering machinery, machines for pizzerias, pastry and delicatessen display cases, catering furniture... With more than 5000 professional products dedicated to the hotel industry, Restaurants , Bars, Kitchens, Housewives, Chefs... both for professionals and for individuals with a vocation for the kitchen, with a wide range of hotel machines, furniture and kitchen utensils. .

MBH is the online and physical store specializing in catering machinery and furniture for professionals and individuals with the soul of chefs. You can find everything you need for your restaurant, bar, bakery, catering, hotel or your home.

We work with the best brands and products in the hotel sector at the best market prices.

Among our most outstanding products you will find modern pastry cabinets, refrigerated, warm and neutral display cases, tapas and pincho displays. Also industrial ovens and among them bakery ovens, pizza ovens, charcoal ovens and professional gourmet convection ovens.

Where can you buy?

In our online store

In our store in Barcelona

C/ Pau Vila 12

08192 Sant Quirze del Valles (Barcelona)

Why our prices?

At MBH - you can find the best value for money on the market in catering equipment, we offer you the best prices because we have a light structure, we reduce our costs and we work with small margins and that allows us to have an offer of quality machines at very competitive prices, impossible to offer otherwise.

MBH works to obtain the best catering machines at the best price, we buy large quantities to obtain the best prices and to be able to pass them on in the offers to our customers.

Our goal is to offer quality, durable and reliable catering machines at the best price according to its characteristics.

We can guarantee you the best value for money and guarantee the maximum quality guarantees, as well as a factory guarantee, on-time delivery and the peace of mind of buying from a company with over 25 years experience in catering sales. machinery.

How to choose the hospitality machines you need for your business?

At MBH you will find professionals who will help you choose the best option according to your needs.

In Catering Machines there are many brands and qualities to equip an industrial kitchen, a restaurant, a pastry shop and a delicatessen or a business that needs professional or industrial catering equipment, but you always have to choose the machines according to your needs. Restoration machines are aimed at professionals or individuals who want to work with professional quality tools.

When choosing host machines, what should we consider?

At MBH, we recommend to our customers how to choose the most suitable products, always offering products of guaranteed quality.

Professional hospitality machines represent a very important investment in the company, so a good choice of quality, durability and efficiency will help us increase and improve the productivity and profitability of the company.< /p>

You always have tos choose the products according to our needs and think about the use we are going to give them.

You need to identify the product line you need.

Economical range, designed for non-intensive use but always of quality and professional.

Professional range, designed for intensive use, with quality materials and durability, with adequate power.

Top of the range, for professionals with high priority in the gastronomy industry who are looking for a Premium product and who can get the most out of the machines.

At MBH we will advise you, recommend the most common range of machines in your company and prepare a personalized budget adapted to your needs.

At MHB you will find catering machines depending on the type of business:

  • Industrial kitchen machines
  • Machines for pizzerias
  • pastry machines
  • Bakery machines
  • catering machines
  • Machines for bars and restaurants
  • Showcases for butchers and delicatessens…..

We have different types of catering machines:

Cooking machines: Industrial cookers, industrial gas and electric griddles, industrial barbecues, professional pasta cookers, gas, electric and wood-fired chicken roasters, professional crepe makers, bakery ovens, gastronorm ovens, pizza ovens, charcoal ovens , Professional waffle irons, industrial toasters, professional fryers, kitchen salamanders, paella pans, churro makers for churros, chocolate fountains, industrial microwaves, bain-marie, professional grills...

Hospitality refrigeration and freezing machinery: Industrial refrigerators, professional freezers, chest freezers, bottle racks, cold tables, refrigerated counters, blast chillers, wine cellars, meat aging chambers.

Showcases : Refrigerated display cases, Pastry display cases, Tapas display cases, Neutral display cases for pastries, Counter display cases, Catering display cases, Showcases for butchers, Display cases GMS murals, Fishmonger showcases.

Auxiliary machines: industrial mixers, industrial mixers, slicers, chocolate makers, vacuum packers, pizza sheeters, meat grinders, professional juicers, ice makers

Dishwashing machines: Industrial dishwashers, professional glasswashers, utensil washers,

Reception furniture: Stainless steel furniture, terrace furniture, hotel chairs and tables,,,

Catering utensils: Gastronorm GN 1/1 buckets, bakers' trays, industrial pots, professional frying pans, melamine tableware, professional kitchen utensils.