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    All stainless steel furniture that may be needed in the industrial kitchen of a bar, restaurant or hotel.

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  • Commercial kitchen taps

    Industrial fittings hospitality. All kinds of faucets, pipes and pedals you could need in the industrial kitchen of a bar, restaurant or hotel.

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    Hospitality furniture represents a fundamental part of the structure, decoration and operation of any business that offers customer service. These pieces are key to guarantee the success of the business according to the comfort experience that is offered to the user.

    Sitting at the table is something we do every day, we are used to that and for us it represents from an early age the place where we share pleasant moments with our family.

    When we go to restaurants, bars or any other hospitality business, we seek to feel confident and at home and recreate that characteristic comfort of home. Hence, the chairs; armchairs; benches or any other type of rest, are essential in a hospitality establishment. Can you imagine an exquisite and very elaborate meal but having to delight it in an uncomfortable chair? Unthinkable.

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    The chairs can be adapted to any space in the establishment and their wide variety in designs, models and colors make them perfect to adapt to any trend, from the most classic to the most avant-garde trend.

    The chairs deserve a correct choice, they must go hand in hand with the style of your business to provide visual harmony and create an environment with good aesthetics that generates comfort.

    Commercial chairs are essential and they are also characterized by being one of the first pieces of furniture that is seen when entering the bar or restaurant, that is, they constitute a fundamental part of the first impression of your business.

    Restaurants should have comfortable and comfortable dining chairs so that customers can experience the delicious taste of food in a chair that provides comfort, and therefore, get a better impression of the restaurant.

    Dining chairs in restaurants are usually pieces of great use, for that reason you must be aware of the cleaning and care of them so that users under no circumstances find chairs with dirt or stains.

    If you are thinking of opening a hospitality business, you must bear in mind that the choice of chairs should not be considered at any time as an unimportant step, it is a choice that deserves time and budget to choose durable and comfortable chairs.

    White restaurant chairs

    The white chairs in recent times have had a great boom when it comes to decoration, this color of chairs is one of the most used in restaurants because they guarantee the elegance of the establishment. In addition to the color, the model of chairs can increase that elegance.

    The white chairs are easy to combine and to tell the truth, they look good with everything and in any space. But, not everything is wonderful, the white chairs deserve more care and cleaning so that diners do not notice any stain or trace of dirt. In addition, over time they tend to take on an aged appearance, which is why it is important to maintain them constantly.

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    All types of stools for bars and restaurants. Stools catering both indoor and outdoor.

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    Tables are an important part of hospitality furniture, they represent a key piece in the decoration and operation of any commercial premises that works serving the public.

    It is at the table where we spend important moments since we are children, here we share not only food with our family and friends throughout our lives, but also transcendental experiences and experiences.

    Tables are a meeting point that reconnects us with beautiful moments, and for that reason, there is nothing better than going to eat at a bar or restaurant and enjoy the convenience, elegance and comfort of a good table.

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    The tables have an uncountable multitude of shapes, combinations and sizes, which means that they can be easily adapted in any space or that we can choose and / or have it made to our liking or according to what we need

    The tables deserve a correct choice and a good budget, you should not skimp on expenses to choose durable and quality furniture. Restaurants and bars have the task and responsibility of having tables that guarantee the convenience and comfort of their customers, so that they can taste the food in the most comfortable and pleasant environment possible.

    The tables have different shapes and uses, among which are the following:

    - Rectangular table: It is one of the most used tables and the larger they are, they make it difficult to have a uniform conversation, therefore, it is normal that different conversation sources are generated. This is a table that is perfect for layout.

    - Round tables: This is an ideal table to take advantage of all the space of the same, and also allows all diners to see each other and have a uniform conversation without generating different sources of conversation. Round tables are not entirely wonderful, since there is no possibility of playing with their shapes and integrating them with other tables.

    - Square table: Generally used in restaurants that have a lack of space or that are characterized by having a family audience. These are intimate tables for 2 or 4 people.

    - Kitchen table: Kitchen tables are fundamental elements in restaurants and bars because they carry out the entire food preparation process. This piece of furniture is of great importance for cooks, and without them they would not be able to work properly and carry out their preparations.

    - Tables for terraces: Summer is the perfect time to enjoy food outdoors, Spaniards tend to eat on restaurant terraces that allow them to be connected with the outside, so the tables on the terrace should be comfortable for a period prolonged time. These tables usually have a parasol, which is a fabric that protects diners from the sun or rain when eating outdoors.

Hospitality Furniture

Hospitality furniture is a fundamental part of the structure and operation of any business that provides customer service. In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we have the best hospitality furniture for your business, look good and work with the highest quality equipment and at the best market price.

On our page you will find all the furniture you need to start or remodel your business. From tables and chairs for restaurants with the best design and quality, to the bar furniture you require to offer the best experience to your customers. Each of our furniture is manufactured under the highest quality standards, taking care of every detail and providing the necessary durability for your business.

The best hospitality furniture

If you are looking for quality hospitality furniture that facilitates comfort and work flow, our stainless steel furniture and work tables are the best option for your business. We have more than 70 pieces of furniture on our page to strengthen your hotel business, with the best value for money.

In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we have everything that is required to start or remodel your hotel business. From modular furniture with different capacities to coffee furniture and industrial sinks.

We have all the hospitality furniture to equip your hotel kitchen at the best prices on the market and unsurpassed quality. Wide variety of sinks, service carts, trays, sterilizing cabinets and ozone cabinets are available on our page to equip your hotel business. Buy everything you need with us and you will have guaranteed quality furniture.

Cheap tables and chairs for hotels and restaurants

We have the best cheap tables and chairs for your business at Maquinaria Bar Hostelería. On our page you will find the best hospitality tables on the market, made with the most resistant and durable materials, to enhance the experience of your customer and improve the appearance of your business.

Buying restaurant tables and chairs is no longer a problem. In our catalog we have the best variety and prices to equip your restaurant furniture. Regarding the hotel and restaurant chairs, we have more than 34 options between models and colors, choosing will not be a problem. All our chairs made of different durable materials and perfect finishes, available to grow the image and experience of your business.

The best bar furniture available in the market

We have the best options to equip your business with bar furniture of excellent price and quality. In addition to finding cheap bar tables and chairs on our page, we have a wide variety of bar stools. Make your business look good with the best bar furniture and at a low cost, with the products that MBH has for you.

On our page you will find the best variety of cheap bar tables and chairs. Available in many colors and designs that adapt to the decoration of any style of bar. Our furniture is made for indoor and outdoor businesses, with the best design trends and superior quality on the market.

If you have any questions, our furniture experts are available to assist you. At MBH we will help you select the option of hospitality furniture that best suits your business and budget.


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