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  • Gastronorm trays

    All types tray you need for ovens industrial hospitality . Gastronorm stainless trays for industrial kitchens steel bars and restaurants. stainless trays exposure and maintenance of ingredients and hot or cold caps.

  • Fast food trays

    Trays Fast Food business. Polypropylene trays for fast food restaurants and communities.

  • Bakery trays

    Bakery Trays - A must have utensil

    Bakery trays are one of the most important tools for any baker. The shape, the crumb, the color and the flavor depend directly on these trays. At Maquinaria Bar Hostelería they understand this very well, that is why they offer the best options to equip your bakery. Aluminum, silicone, smooth, ribbed or cake trays, there are different options depending on your interests.

    Bakery trays and the art of bread

    Having the right baking sheets makes a big difference. This is because the bakery is a business that combines many things like culinary skill, crafts, and even art. The magic of this activity lies in a mixture of sweet and salty flavors in addition to the final decorative form. That is why bakery trays are essential, they directly influence the final result, the appearance, the texture, the color and even the taste.

    The importance of hospitality trays

    Hospitality trays are one of the most common and relevant bakery utensils for bakers. Despite what you may think, its function and importance goes beyond just placing the bread in the oven.

    Depending on the model of the hospitality trays, they can help to make bread better. Giving a higher quality result, a smoother texture and even a more beautiful shape. Therefore, knowing the possibilities offered by Maquinaria Bar Hostelería in bakery trays will give you a better result.

    The hospitality trays are an element that must be in bakeries. So when choosing them you should pay attention to their materials, shapes and dimensions. If you choose your trays correctly, you can even worry a little about the maintenance of these utensils. Factor that will save you a good amount of money.

    Cake trays

    The pastry shop is a branch that goes hand in hand with the bakery and having trays for cakes is essential. Imagine that you want to make a decorative cake, well inevitably you will need the trays to give it the shape. That is why the cake trays offered by Maquinaria Bar Hostelería are a great option if you want to work as a pastry shop.

    Those bakeries that stand out for their cakes have a greater number of customers. Cakes can be true works of art, the taste and shape they have are a complete delight for customers and sweet lovers. But, you won't be able to make those cakes if you don't have the right utensils.

    Features for choosing bakery oven trays

    MBH bakery trays are of various types, most of them made of aluminum, because it is a material that offers great durability as well as resistance. Additionally, aluminum is a good conductor of heat, a function that is appreciated when preparing food. On the other hand, the abundance of this element makes it one of the most used materials in the food industry.

    On the one hand there are the flat aluminum trays measuring 30x40 cm, ideal for making small breads. The 60 × 40 flat ones are perfect for distributing the product well inside the oven, which helps to cook evenly and not overload the machine. This bakery utensil is mostly used for the preparation of rustic breads. This is because by not having any perforation, the crumb is dense and consistent. Important factor so that the bread is preserved for longer.

    Baguette bread trays

    Another of the types of bakery oven trays that they have at MBH are corrugated trays. Designed in aluminum and measuring 60 × 40, they are perforated trays. Perforations in the pan help air out the bread, resulting in a fluffier and more compact crumb. These bakery oven trays are mostly used to make traditional loaves of bread.

    If you prefer silicone as a material, MBH also offers its types of trays in this presentation. You can choose the smooth perforated silicone tray or the corrugated perforated silicone tray with its measurements of 60x40. These are ideal for both high and low temperatures, in electric or gas ovens. Finally, they are easy to clean so they are a more than acceptable option for bakers.

    At MBH you have the best options for hospitality trays. Choosing these utensils correctly will not only directly affect the quality of your bread and cakes, but it will also save you a good amount of money.

  • Professional cooking pots

    Professional cooking pots are the most important choice when equipping the kitchen of your restaurant or bar. The most recommended thing is that you decide on stainless steel pots because they are quality pots that will be useful and durable despite being subjected to constant work.

    Stainless steel pots are the safest, most hygienic and perfect to use in the professional kitchen, that is why their choice deserves responsibility so that they adapt to the needs of the restaurant in which they are to be used.

    Keep reading this article to learn more about this valuable information!

    If you are thinking of buying industrial pots, you should consider that there are variables that will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. These variables to take into consideration are the following:

    - Material: It is one of the most important points to consider. You must establish what material you want for the industrial pot and what its benefits are.

    - Design: The design, although we do not create it, influences the cooking of our food and its preparation. Therefore, when choosing industrial pots, it should be considered what we need it for.

    - Size: The sizes of industrial pots also go hand in hand with the type of gastronomic business you have and the specific use that will be given to it. Within the sizes we can find 50 liter industrial pots, 200 liter industrial pots, among others.

    - Technology: Technology has advanced so much that it has reached professional kitchen utensils. We must consider whether industrial pots with technology suit our budget and whether they are necessary or not.

    Aluminum pots

    Industrial pots, as they come in different shapes and models, are also manufactured with different materials. Although stainless steel pots are the most recommended in professional cooking, aluminum pots are highly appreciated for their price and conductivity.

    Aluminum is a much cheaper material than stainless steel, therefore, its acquisition is easier and does not require investing so much budget. The conductivity of aluminum is also another characteristic for which they look for large aluminum pots, the heating times are shorter and this means that we can have food prepared in less time.

  • Professional frying pans

    industrial Frying pans for kitchens of bars and restaurants. Wide range of pans aluminum and stainless steel for hospitality professionals.

  • Professional cooking pans

  • Roasting pans

  • Professional saucepans

  • Take away food packaging

    In the hospitality industry they use disposable products every day, as they help reduce food waste, reduce cleaning time and eliminate the danger of broken glass, while being incredibly practical for take-away, fast food and catering events. Our high-quality selection of disposable catering supplies will ensure your business meets the criteria, with top-brand organic, compostable and biodegradable products.

    Take away containers are used daily in the hospitality industry, in past years take-away food containers did not have the great boom they have today, but due to the global pandemic that caused the Covid-19 restrictions and care have made us stay at home and not go out for something that is more than necessary.

    This has caused us to do everything through the mobile phone and asking for an address that arrives directly at the door of our home, so take away food packages have become important.

    Take away containers should protect food and preserve it from outside contamination while it is being delivered to its destination. These must guarantee the quality of the products and the protection of their shape and texture, as well as avoid contamination by microorganisms.

    Take away food containers are so popular that you can find endless disposable containers in different shapes, colors, materials, and can even be customized to strengthen the identity of the business.

    Take away containers can be made from:

    - Recycled paper bag: Recycled paper bags as containers to take home food are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option. The National Integrated Waste Plan and the Climate Change Commission established the reduction of the consumption of single-use bags and the prohibition of non-biodegradable plastic bags.

    In Spain we already recover and recycle on average 74% of the paper bags we consume, this means that each paper bag can be used up to six times.

    Recycled paper bags are made from wood, and the trees used to make them are planted and grown in plantations that are continuously regenerated and replanted.

    - Recycled cardboard bags: Recycled cardboard bags are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. These takeaway food containers are ideal for transporting hamburgers, pizzas, cakes, hot dogs, among others. The recycled cardboard bags are protected by a layer of polystyrene that prevents the transfer of fat or liquids and protects the customer's hands from burning.

    Recycled cardboard bags also have endless varieties, colors, shapes and types that adapt to any need and make them the perfect take-out packaging.

    Greaseproof paper

    The greaseproof paper is the paper with which all the food that will be delivered to your home must be wrapped. This is a biodegradable paper that is treated with special products that give it resistance to humidity and strength against oils and fats.

    The greaseproof paper goes through an extrusion process in which it can be thought that the paper is treated with a plastic layer, but the reality is that it is treated with paraffin that gives the paper a soft touch and sliding barrier.

  • Insulated food transport

    Transportation and food home delivery open up many possibilities for companies. Whether it's delivery vans heading to customers or unloading boxes of food for a buffet, you must rely on efficient insulation and robust conveyors, specially designed to withstand the pressure of busy service.

    This extensive collection of isothermal food transport includes food and beverage transporters, heat boxes, and food delivery bags. Bring your pizzas to your customers at the perfect temperature, with insulated pizza bags with easy-to-carry handles. Pizza boxes and takeout containers are the best way to ensure the safe storage of your food. Pizza delivery bags are a must even if you don't offer pizza alone. Simple and practical, food delivery bags can also be quickly cleaned to save time during busy periods.

    Transportation and home delivery of food have seen a rebound in popularity in recent months due to restrictions due to COVID-19. Thermal containers for food have been requested more frequently because the number of deliveries in the country has grown.

    Keep reading this article to learn more about this valuable information!

    Thermal containers for food are also known as isothermal food transport, and within its options, it includes a delivery bag, thermal boxes, food and beverage transporters, a backpack bag for food delivery, among others. These implements can be cleaned quickly and easily, which makes it possible to speed up and optimize time on busy days.

    Thermal containers for food are containers made of insulating materials that protect the inside of these containers and preserve the quality, temperature and freshness of the products they carry inside.

    Usefulness of insulated food containers

    These insulated food containers are typically used to transport fresh or cooked, frozen or hot, and bulk or portioned produce. Food is usually transported in a bag for distribution or in a backpack bag for distribution of food due to the practicality and comfort of these containers. They are perfect for taking them by bicycle, motorcycle or walking and they are not uncomfortable or too heavy for the distributed.

    The characteristics of the thermal containers for food are regulated and you can find isothermal containers made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and other metals.

    The thermal containers for food, as well as the bag for delivery and the backpack bag for food delivery have an outer body and an inner body that is insulating. The insulating inner body is usually injected polyurethane and protects the content from external agents that may alter the quality, texture or properties of the product.

    Regarding the types of isothermal containers, we find that there is a great variety on the market and that a new model goes on sale every day. The most common are portable containers such as the delivery bag or the backpack bag for food delivery, but this does not exclude that containers of up to 1,000 liters capacity can be found with built-in wheels for mobility.

    We can also find box and tower type thermal containers. Within these two classifications there are different sizes.

    Insulated food containers are also classified into:

    - Isothermal EPP containers: These are containers that are characterized by their long durability, solidity, ductility and lightness. This facilitates its handling and makes it more comfortable for those who use it. These containers are made with materials that adhere to the Health regulations for the greater peace of mind of those who expect a domicile in their home.

    - Rigid isothermal containers: These containers are usually front-loaded, large, heavy, but with wheels that facilitate their mobility. Rigid isothermal containers are often used by catering and event companies.

  • Hygiene and protection

  • Crockery


For the good performance of the kitchen in your business it is important to have quality catering supplies. At Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we have all the Catering Equipment you need so that your cooks and chef can work at ease. We also have all the professional kitchen utensils and accessories, so that your guests have a quality service.

We are specialists in high quality industrial kitchenware, with the best prices for hospitality supplies on the market. On our page you will find everything you need to equip your kitchen with top quality supplies, such as: Industrial pots and professional pans. In addition to utensils, we have disposable single-use containers and protective and hygiene equipment to protect your kitchen staff.

High quality commercial cooking pots

For professional work in your kitchen we have industrial pots, ideal for chefs and cooks to work comfortably and safely. The industrial pans that we have on our platform are manufactured with the most durable and resistant materials. You can choose between aluminum or stainless steel industrial pots, in both we guarantee the best results and quality.

At MBH we have several types of industrial pans. We have a wide variety of options, classified by capacity in liters and according to the use you require in your kitchen. Our prices in hospitality utensils will allow you to buy the best industrial pots on the market with prolonged durability.

Among the great variety of industrial pots that we have available, stand out the stainless steel pans, pans for pasta and the pans with tap and lid. All with different uses in the kitchen to optimize the workflow of your staff.

The best professional cooking pans

At MBH we know that each type of food requires specialized utensils, which is why we have the best professional pans to prepare any meal. Made with the best non-stick material and stainless steel handles.

We have a wide variety of professional pans that will make kitchen work easier. We have pans to prepare fish, grill meat, fry, brown and more. All types of professional pans that a kitchen equipment requires, we have them at the best prices on the market in hospitality utensils.

Commercial kitchen accessories

Complementary to our catering supplies, we have accessories and utensils that are also necessary in the kitchen of bars and restaurants. We have more than 50 disposable options to serve take away food, in different presentations, colors and sizes, adapting to almost any food business. We have the best prices in disposable single-use packages, products with guaranteed quality.

In addition, we have professional sterilization equipment available, which will allow you to protect your clientele and kitchen staff. All personal protection products against bacteria is also available on our hospitality kitchenware page.

At MBH we guarantee high-quality, professional-grade catering products with competitive prices. Request our advice on hospitality supplies and find out the options that best suit your business model.


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