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For the good performance of the kitchen in your business it is important to have quality catering supplies. At Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we have all the Catering Equipment you need so that your cooks and chef can work at ease. We also have all the professional kitchen utensils and accessories, so that your guests have a quality service.

We are specialists in high quality industrial kitchenware, with the best prices for hospitality supplies on the market. On our page you will find everything you need to equip your kitchen with top quality supplies, such as: Industrial pots and professional pans. In addition to utensils, we have disposable single-use containers and protective and hygiene equipment to protect your kitchen staff.

High quality commercial cooking pots

For professional work in your kitchen we have industrial pots, ideal for chefs and cooks to work comfortably and safely. The industrial pans that we have on our platform are manufactured with the most durable and resistant materials. You can choose between aluminum or stainless steel industrial pots, in both we guarantee the best results and quality.

At MBH we have several types of industrial pans. We have a wide variety of options, classified by capacity in liters and according to the use you require in your kitchen. Our prices in hospitality utensils will allow you to buy the best industrial pots on the market with prolonged durability.

Among the great variety of industrial pots that we have available, stand out the stainless steel pans, pans for pasta and the pans with tap and lid. All with different uses in the kitchen to optimize the workflow of your staff.

The best professional cooking pans

At MBH we know that each type of food requires specialized utensils, which is why we have the best professional pans to prepare any meal. Made with the best non-stick material and stainless steel handles.

We have a wide variety of professional pans that will make kitchen work easier. We have pans to prepare fish, grill meat, fry, brown and more. All types of professional pans that a kitchen equipment requires, we have them at the best prices on the market in hospitality utensils.

Commercial kitchen accessories

Complementary to our catering supplies, we have accessories and utensils that are also necessary in the kitchen of bars and restaurants. We have more than 50 disposable options to serve take away food, in different presentations, colors and sizes, adapting to almost any food business. We have the best prices in disposable single-use packages, products with guaranteed quality.

In addition, we have professional sterilization equipment available, which will allow you to protect your clientele and kitchen staff. All personal protection products against bacteria is also available on our hospitality kitchenware page.

At MBH we guarantee high-quality, professional-grade catering products with competitive prices. Request our advice on hospitality supplies and find out the options that best suit your business model.