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Professional cooking pots 

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Professional cooking pots are the most important choice when equipping the kitchen of your restaurant or bar. The most recommended thing is that you decide on stainless steel pots because they are quality pots that will be useful and durable despite being subjected to constant work.

Stainless steel pots are the safest, most hygienic and perfect to use in the professional kitchen, that is why their choice deserves responsibility so that they adapt to the needs of the restaurant in which they are to be used.

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If you are thinking of buying industrial pots, you should consider that there are variables that will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. These variables to take into consideration are the following:

- Material: It is one of the most important points to consider. You must establish what material you want for the industrial pot and what its benefits are.

- Design: The design, although we do not create it, influences the cooking of our food and its preparation. Therefore, when choosing industrial pots, it should be considered what we need it for.

- Size: The sizes of industrial pots also go hand in hand with the type of gastronomic business you have and the specific use that will be given to it. Within the sizes we can find 50 liter industrial pots, 200 liter industrial pots, among others.

- Technology: Technology has advanced so much that it has reached professional kitchen utensils. We must consider whether industrial pots with technology suit our budget and whether they are necessary or not.

Aluminum pots

Industrial pots, as they come in different shapes and models, are also manufactured with different materials. Although stainless steel pots are the most recommended in professional cooking, aluminum pots are highly appreciated for their price and conductivity.

Aluminum is a much cheaper material than stainless steel, therefore, its acquisition is easier and does not require investing so much budget. The conductivity of aluminum is also another characteristic for which they look for large aluminum pots, the heating times are shorter and this means that we can have food prepared in less time.

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