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Insulated food transport 

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Transportation and food home delivery open up many possibilities for companies. Whether it's delivery vans heading to customers or unloading boxes of food for a buffet, you must rely on efficient insulation and robust conveyors, specially designed to withstand the pressure of busy service.

This extensive collection of isothermal food transport includes food and beverage transporters, heat boxes, and food delivery bags. Bring your pizzas to your customers at the perfect temperature, with insulated pizza bags with easy-to-carry handles. Pizza boxes and takeout containers are the best way to ensure the safe storage of your food. Pizza delivery bags are a must even if you don't offer pizza alone. Simple and practical, food delivery bags can also be quickly cleaned to save time during busy periods.

Transportation and home delivery of food have seen a rebound in popularity in recent months due to restrictions due to COVID-19. Thermal containers for food have been requested more frequently because the number of deliveries in the country has grown.

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Thermal containers for food are also known as isothermal food transport, and within its options, it includes a delivery bag, thermal boxes, food and beverage transporters, a backpack bag for food delivery, among others. These implements can be cleaned quickly and easily, which makes it possible to speed up and optimize time on busy days.

Thermal containers for food are containers made of insulating materials that protect the inside of these containers and preserve the quality, temperature and freshness of the products they carry inside.

Usefulness of insulated food containers

These insulated food containers are typically used to transport fresh or cooked, frozen or hot, and bulk or portioned produce. Food is usually transported in a bag for distribution or in a backpack bag for distribution of food due to the practicality and comfort of these containers. They are perfect for taking them by bicycle, motorcycle or walking and they are not uncomfortable or too heavy for the distributed.

The characteristics of the thermal containers for food are regulated and you can find isothermal containers made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and other metals.

The thermal containers for food, as well as the bag for delivery and the backpack bag for food delivery have an outer body and an inner body that is insulating. The insulating inner body is usually injected polyurethane and protects the content from external agents that may alter the quality, texture or properties of the product.

Regarding the types of isothermal containers, we find that there is a great variety on the market and that a new model goes on sale every day. The most common are portable containers such as the delivery bag or the backpack bag for food delivery, but this does not exclude that containers of up to 1,000 liters capacity can be found with built-in wheels for mobility.

We can also find box and tower type thermal containers. Within these two classifications there are different sizes.

Insulated food containers are also classified into:

- Isothermal EPP containers: These are containers that are characterized by their long durability, solidity, ductility and lightness. This facilitates its handling and makes it more comfortable for those who use it. These containers are made with materials that adhere to the Health regulations for the greater peace of mind of those who expect a domicile in their home.

- Rigid isothermal containers: These containers are usually front-loaded, large, heavy, but with wheels that facilitate their mobility. Rigid isothermal containers are often used by catering and event companies.

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