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In the hospitality industry they use disposable products every day, as they help reduce food waste, reduce cleaning time and eliminate the danger of broken glass, while being incredibly practical for take-away, fast food and catering events. Our high-quality selection of disposable catering supplies will ensure your business meets the criteria, with top-brand organic, compostable and biodegradable products.

Take away containers are used daily in the hospitality industry, in past years take-away food containers did not have the great boom they have today, but due to the global pandemic that caused the Covid-19 restrictions and care have made us stay at home and not go out for something that is more than necessary.

This has caused us to do everything through the mobile phone and asking for an address that arrives directly at the door of our home, so take away food packages have become important.

Take away containers should protect food and preserve it from outside contamination while it is being delivered to its destination. These must guarantee the quality of the products and the protection of their shape and texture, as well as avoid contamination by microorganisms.

Take away food containers are so popular that you can find endless disposable containers in different shapes, colors, materials, and can even be customized to strengthen the identity of the business.

Take away containers can be made from:

- Recycled paper bag: Recycled paper bags as containers to take home food are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option. The National Integrated Waste Plan and the Climate Change Commission established the reduction of the consumption of single-use bags and the prohibition of non-biodegradable plastic bags.

In Spain we already recover and recycle on average 74% of the paper bags we consume, this means that each paper bag can be used up to six times.

Recycled paper bags are made from wood, and the trees used to make them are planted and grown in plantations that are continuously regenerated and replanted.

- Recycled cardboard bags: Recycled cardboard bags are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. These takeaway food containers are ideal for transporting hamburgers, pizzas, cakes, hot dogs, among others. The recycled cardboard bags are protected by a layer of polystyrene that prevents the transfer of fat or liquids and protects the customer's hands from burning.

Recycled cardboard bags also have endless varieties, colors, shapes and types that adapt to any need and make them the perfect take-out packaging.

Greaseproof paper

The greaseproof paper is the paper with which all the food that will be delivered to your home must be wrapped. This is a biodegradable paper that is treated with special products that give it resistance to humidity and strength against oils and fats.

The greaseproof paper goes through an extrusion process in which it can be thought that the paper is treated with a plastic layer, but the reality is that it is treated with paraffin that gives the paper a soft touch and sliding barrier.

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