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Granular ice machines 

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Our granular ice, the most versatile of our options. From consumptions for cocktails with our diamond ice, to recreate the imagination of the most seasoned mixologists, perfect for exhibitors, transport and maintenance of fish and perfect in the food sector. The range produces chip ice with 20% humidity, perfect for the food industry and the health sector.

It is also the perfect ice for RICE applications, in physiotherapy and specific sports recovery treatments. As well as for SPA'S and laboratories.

Ice maker

The use of ice has been present in our lives for a long time and we have used it to satisfy needs: take cool water baths in very hot seasons, drink cold water and drinks to refresh ourselves, or to preserve food.

It should be noted that our ancestors obtained ice naturally, which was obtained as a result of processing snow and freezing water.

Then, with the evolution of technology, the manufacture of the ice machine is achieved, which is capable of cooling and freezing water.

At present, ice is easily obtained and for this reason it is unimaginable to be able to live without the benefit generated by the ice maker, especially for the use we give it, both domestically and industrially.

Types of ice makers

In order to satisfy tastes and needs, the ice maker is a machine that produces it in large quantities and in various ways. Depending on the design of the maker, it will produce ice in a defined way.

Large ice bars or blocks are commonly produced, which are used to cool things in large quantities, such as marine species, fish or liquids (because they take longer to melt).

This type of ice is produced in an industrial ice machine, offering different dimensions of each piece of ice and that are adapted to the demand in the trade.

Another type of industrial ice maker is the ice cube machine, being one of the most requested models in the current market.

The ice cube machine is purchased by hotel chains, fast food businesses, restaurants and bars, hospitals, among other businesses where the production of ice in large quantities is necessary.

Also, many people buy the ice that the ice cube machine produces, for the preparation of cold drinks that we enjoy when we have fun with friends and family.

To buy the ice maker you can visit our website and compare the models, capacities, prices and offers. Among the available variety, you can choose the manufacturer that suits your requirement.

Features of the ice cube machine

This model of machine produces small cube-shaped ice fragments, which are used to cool drinks, since one of its main characteristics is that it melts slowly.

The ice cube maker works with an SS refrigeration system, which is a shower system with special designed and patented flexible injectors that prevent the accumulation of lime in the channels.

In addition, it has electromechanical controls that are exercised by the timer and thermostat that control the machine.

This machine has been designed so that it works producing the minimum noise level, product of the contact of the parts of the machine with the water.

As elements that complement it, it has a swimming pool and a storage deposit. Its body is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Remember that when you purchase one of the ice maker models available, you have the benefit that its spare parts are very affordable.

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