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  • Indoor refrigerated unit
  • Power by external unit
  • Device adapted to connect in series
  • Static cooling system (does not include exterior corner)
  • White-coated steel service-side base body
  • Painted steel base and front panel - available in different colors
  • Eco-friendly polyurethane foam insulation
  • White coated steel display area
  • Storage chamber (reserve) in white coated steel
  • Resenva with openable doors (does not apply to corner units)
  • Stainless steel countertop
  • Inner frame and profiles in silver or gold anodized aluminum (colors)
  • Cunvo front glass
  • LED light (white, pastry and meat colors available)
  • Front bumper - available in different colors
  • Plastic insulated sides + glass sides - available in different colors automatic defrosting
  • Condensate evacuation to the container
  • Electronic temperature controller with digital display
  • Alarm that warns of impurities in the condenser or blockage of the fan operation


  • Sides with plastic insulation + glass sides - available in different colors unit without side panels ready to be connected in series (MOO / A)
  • Stainless steel service-side base body
  • Front panel color different from standard colors
  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Base panel color different from standard colors
  • Stainless steel base panel
  • Exhibition area in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel storage chamber
  • Acid-resistant stainless steel display area
  • Acid-resistant stainless steel storage chamber
  • 2-level staggered display area
  • 3-level staggered display area
  • Powder Coated Painted Evaporator
  • Plexiglass night blinds
  • Gray granite countertop (20mm thickness)
  • Balmoral granite countertop (20mm thickness)
  • Black granite countertop (20mm thickness)
  • Additional glass display shelf
  • Stainless steel shelf above the front glass
  • Wheel set
  • Fans for air circulation
  • Additional LED light on the upper profile
  • Electric heating elements for defrosting the evaporator
  • Device with extended temperature range (-2 ºC / +4 ºC)
  • Automatic condensation evaporation system
  • Analog thermometer
  • Electronic temperature recorder + software
  • Temperature logger cable (RS232-USB)
  • Fused plug
  • Front shelf towards the customer (silver or gold anodized aluminum profile)
  • Mobile partition wall (low, glass, on supports in the exhibition area)
  • Fixed upper partition (tall, glass, in the exhibition area)
  • Fixed lower partition (made of stainless steel in the exhibition area) guides for sliding table
  • Sliding table for scale or cash register
Height (mm) 1230
Width (mm) 1040
Depth (mm) Varias medidas

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