Refrigerated display cabinet curve L

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Standard equipment inside refrigerated unit

external drive device adapted to be connected in series
static cooling system (not including outer corner)
body based on the service side coated steel base and white
front panel painted steel - available in different colors
foam insulation ecological polyurethane
exposure area coated steel white < br /> storage chamber (reserve) in white coated steel
resenva with hinged doors (not applicable to corner units)
stainless steel top
jamb and anodized aluminum silver or gold (colors)
front glass cunvo
LED (white colors available, pastry and meat)
bumper frontally available in different colors
side with plastic insulation + glass side - available in different colors automatic defrost
condensate drain to the container
electronic temperature controller with digital display
alarm warning of impurities in the condenser or fan operation lock

side Options insulation, plastic side glass + - available in different colors unit without side panels prepared to be connected in series (MOO / a)
based body side senvicio stainless steel
front panel of different color than standard colors front panel

stainless steel base panel of different color to the standard color panel
stainless steel base area
exposure stainless steel
storage chamber stainless steel
exposure area in acid resistant stainless steel
storage chamber stainless steel resistant to acids
area exposure bracketing 2 levels
area exposure bracketing 3 levels
evaporator painted with powder coating
night blinds plexiglass
gray granite worktop (thickness 20 mm)
granite worktop Balmoral (thickness 20 mm)
black granite (thickness 20 mm)
shelf additional exposure glass
stainless steel rack above the glass front wheel set

fans for air circulation
additional LED light on the upper profile
electrical resistance for defrosting the evaporator
device with extended temperature range (-2 ° C / + 4 ° C)
automatic condensation evaporation
analog front
electronic thermometer temperature recorder + software
temperature recorder cable (RS232-USB) fusible plug

rack to the client (aluminum profile anodized silver or gold) mobile partition wall (low, glass,on supports in the area of ??exposure) separation upper fixed partition (high glass in the area of ??exposure)
fixed lower separation partition (stainless steel in the area of ??exposure) guides sliding table
sliding table for balance or cash register

Height 1230
Width 1040
Depth Varias medidas
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