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Bakery display cases 

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Refrigerated and neutral display cabinets for pastry and bakery. Cold displays for cakes, cakes and chocolate and neutral displays for pastries and pastries. The spectacular design of MBH display cabinets allow a perfect display of the products inside. Models available with humidity control for the exhibition and conservation of bonbons and chocolates.

Designed to increase the visual space of the displayed product and increase the desire and appetite of consumers, they keep your freshly made products fresh and presentable!

Bakery display cases: The solution for your business

In the modern bar, pastry and pastry business, the level of sophistication is increasing. With a competition that increases day by day it has become necessary to take advantage of every opportunity to be one step ahead of the competition.

A direct but surprisingly effective solution is a catering pastry display cabinet thanks to several advantages it brings.

A pastry display case directly supports the presentation

A pastry display case serves to show customers the products that your business offers directly. This is important because it allows each prospect to view and examine the products without the need for an employee.

This presentation is much more effective than having a busy staff showing each product separately and to each customer. In addition, it gives consumers the opportunity to think and calmly decide what products they want or need.

In many cases, people not only remember to buy things by seeing them, but they also decide to buy more products that they did not initially need.

Refrigerated pastry cabinets create an air of elegance

Refrigerated pastry cabinets are elegant products that fit perfectly into any style and design. In the case of pastry shops and confectioneries, a presentation of fresh sweets with an appropriate composition creates an elegant atmosphere that encourages sales.

On the other hand, a refrigerated display case can be the finishing touch that sets a competitive bar in a class apart. This difference is most important in elegant bars that aim for a refined environment where impression and atmosphere are everything.

That is why a hospitality pastry display case is the ideal option for any business looking to improve its presentation.

A display case is easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning and maintaining a display case is a fundamental part of any business that offers grocery products. However, striking the balance between convenience and presentation can be cumbersome.

With a catering pastry cabinet this is not the case. These cabinets are easy to clean and maintain, and business personnel learn with little or no training how to clean them. Thanks to this, your staff will be able to invest more time in the order and composition of the products to be displayed.

The result is that you can have an elaborate and orderly presentation of your products without complicating the operation of your business.

A glass display case is synonymous with safety

Unlike displaying products on shelves, using a glass display case allows full visibility of products while keeping them protected.

Keeping products visible but isolated from the general environment is one of the main advantages of refrigerated pastry cabinets.

This is because many of these products need to be protected from insects and the general ambient temperature. With a refrigerated display case your products will be guaranteed a longer life.

If you want to know more about a pastry display case, I invite you to visit our page and review all the options we have available. We definitely have a perfect one for your business.


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