Multideck display fridges

Multideck display fridges 

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Multideck display fridges

Every time businesses implement new machinery in their environments that optimize their functionality. There are various teams that allow a better quality of preservation of products, especially the establishments that are dedicated to the commercialization of food products. One of those food preservation and refrigeration tools is the display freezer cabinet, commonly known as a refrigerator display case.

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The industries that design household electrical equipment are increasingly opting for the improvement and optimization of the functionalities of some food sector. The incorporation of new electronic elements is essential and more so when it comes to the refrigeration and conservation of products.

What is known as refrigerated wall cabinets?

They are cold-based electronic devices, with a design made up of one or more glass panels to make viewing the products more feasible and optimal. The material for which said refrigerator equipment is designed must comply with a certain margin of sanitation, so it is advisable to opt for stainless steel and glass options, with a good insulation system and also very easy to clean.

What does a self-service multideck display case offer you?

This has a main objective and this does not go beyond the simple classic refrigeration and conservation function, that is, it is one more refrigeration appliance. What varies in this device is that it has more versatility and accessibility, it allows better appreciation and free access to the products compared to other cooling devices.

At the hospitality level, it is more than essential to have an appliance like this, since it provides a high level of visual appeal, a sense of organization and quality, as well as acting as an optimal storage system. It is important that if you have an artifact of this type, it is important to condition it in the best way and keep it in good condition, thus attracting the consumer public, no one wants to see a dirty refrigerant displayed.

Types of refrigerated multidecks

According to their temperature: there are the cabinets for meat and poultry that base their temperature on levels of 0ºC / + 2ºC, there are those for dairy and charcuterie products that are conditioned at temperatures of + 2ºC / + 5ºC and lastly you can find the For fruits and vegetables that have temperatures of + 4ºC / + 8ºC.

The tabletop display cabinets: these have a physical structure adapted to a counter, usually have an internal opening towards the counter

Wall cabinets: These are the most common and are usually leaning against the walls of a commercial establishment.

The counter display cabinets: these are usually covered by glass, making it easy to view them, but they cannot be taken, only by asking to be handed over to the establishment staff.

Island-type display cabinets: they are not so built-in, they are usually placed in the aisles of supermarkets.

How to choose a perfect display cabinet freezer?

There are several characteristics that must be taken into account when buying a refrigerated display case, among these are:

The type of display case design according to the use you will give it, where they are mentioned in the previous point.
The size of the showcases taking into account the use that will be given to them
Temperature control and its ease of cleaning


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