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Commercial fridge

There are many places to buy an industrial refrigerator, but if you want quality and economy, Maquina Bar Hostelería is your best option. Not only because of the wide variety of styles and models of industrial refrigerator that it offers, but also because of the recognized quality of its products.

So do not stop looking at the industrial refrigerators and display refrigerators that this 2020 MBH has for you.

What is a commercial refrigerator?

An industrial refrigerator is the perfect implement for any hospitality business and the models that MBH brings cover any type of need. From product display, fish storage and meat maturation to the most common needs such as simple refrigeration and freezing.

With an MBH industrial refrigerator you will never have to worry about the condition and useful life of your products again. So go ahead and check out some of the industrial refrigerators that are in MBH waiting for you.

Two door industrial refrigerator

This model of industrial refrigerator is an industrial refrigerator with one more door to double its capacity. In total, thanks to its dimensions (693 x 726 x 2067 mm) it is capable of storing up to 600 liters of product. Its doors and handles are made of stainless steel and its interior is designed with curves for easy cleaning.

The operating temperature of this refrigerator can be set from -2 to 8 degrees centigrade at an ambient temperature of 38 degrees centigrade. In addition, thanks to its automatic evaporation of the defrost water, you will never have to waste days defrosting your refrigerator again.

Vertical display coolers

A model of industrial refrigerator that cannot be absent in the hospitality industry is a display refrigerator. For this reason, MBH offers several options of display refrigerators that adapt to different businesses and merchandise.

Vertical refrigerator with glass door

For a business that does not focus exclusively on the sale of pastries, but still wants to display your desserts, an industrial refrigerator is perfect for you. In particular, this vertical glass door refrigerator will cover all your needs.

With a capacity of 800 liters and an adjustable temperature between -1 and 6 degrees Celsius, you will have practically all the bases covered.

Two door vertical display coolers

If you want to display cakes or desserts and pastries in general, you need one of these vertical two-door display refrigerators from MBH. With its two door refrigerators, MBH offers you the opportunity to display many more products at the same time without occupying your employees.

This model of industrial refrigerator will allow you to keep your products at adjustable temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees centigrade. In addition, they have a total capacity of 800 L and a display and digital control that will help you control the temperature at all times.

However, if a two-door display fridge isn't enough for your business, don't be discouraged. MBH also offers THREE door display coolers!

Pastry refrigerator

Finally, many businesses need a hospitality refrigerator for pastry. With this MBH model you can store up to 20 trays, with a capacity of 2 40 x 60 trays per guide.

In addition, you will keep your products at a regulated temperature of your choice between -2 and 8 degrees Celsius while they are kept ventilated.

However, this is only the simplest pastry refrigerator model that MBH has for you. If you need more capacity, you can consider the two-door models with a robust design and capacity for up to 36 trays.

Do not miss the offers that Maquinaria Bar Hostelería has for you and contact us to ask any questions. Remember that MBH has all kinds of industrial refrigerators available, including meat ripening chambers and fish refrigerators. Contact us because we are here to serve you!


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