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Commercial wine coolers 

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Spain has 1.2 million hectares of vineyards and is one of the countries with the largest cultivated area, as well as being the third largest wine-producing power in the world. These characteristics put us in the top 10 of the most wine consuming countries with an average of 38 liters of wine per person per year.

The wine, both in bottle and barrel presentation, must have a correct exposure and storage for its good conservation. Winemakers say that wine is living matter and therefore can be affected by factors such as light, vibrations, temperatures, among many others.

Given these circumstances, wine cellars are the ideal solution to protect them from external agents and guarantee the correct storage of this drink of gods.

Commercial wine coolers are the space for storing or storing wine and can be made in the form of a bottle or in a barrel, these are an underground construction, space or place used for storing and growing wine in bottles or barrels.

According to the cooling mode used by wine cellars, we can find two types of these:

Active wine cellars: These are spaces that need storage systems, air conditioning and specialized refrigeration systems to maintain a desired temperature and humidity.
Passive wine cellars: These cellars do not want systems because they already naturally have the right temperature and humidity to store and grow wines.

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Best commercial wine coolers 

Storing wine is very simple and not complicated at all, the fundamental thing is not to expose the bottles to a dry environment and keep them in cool, dark places, without vibrations and on their side.

Currently there are different wine coolers and we can choose between different sizes and models the one that best suits our needs. Wine coolers are also known as vinoteca or wine cellars and provide the right temperature for bottled or barrel wine but in different presentations.

According to the operation of the wine coolers we find that they are divided into:

- Thermoelectric wine coolers: It is a wine cellar that works through a device called a peltier, which is responsible for generating the thermoelectric effect that determines the temperature.

- Compressor wine coolers: This type of wine cellar works by circulating a refrigerant through a closed circuit. The external temperature does not influence the compressor wine cooler, therefore it is the most recommended wine cooler in hot places.

- Mixed wine coolers: This wine cellar combines characteristics of the thermoelectric wine cellar and the compressor wine cellar. It is the perfect wine cellar to store any type of wine.


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