Central wine cellar with 2 door

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  • The rear wall is fully glazed, ideal for use as an island element and to separate environments.
  • Includes standard shelf configuration included, consult for more options.
  • Available colors: Black and Grey.
  • They are manufactured tropicalised, that is, in a climatic class V version, which allows them to be installed in a multitude of environments in terms of temperature and humidity. The glass of the doors are served with integrated resistances to avoid condensation. Door frames also include internal resistors.
  • Side and central glass walls with double wall, air chamber and integrated resistances.
  • Handle made of stainless steel.
  • They incorporate lock with key.
  • Digital thermostat for each environment.
  • They have a tray to collect the condensate from the evaporator.
  • Powerful Led lighting in each corner, adjustable in intensity.
  • Ventilated cooling to obtain a homogeneous temperature inside.
  • Working temperature 5°C to 18°C.
  • The wine cellar can be served in a remote version.
  • The two-door models have independent thermostats in each body to create independent environments.

Model: 1697 x 632 x 2300

  • 18 shelves.
  • 7 bottles per shelf.
  • 2980W of power.

Model: 1697 x 632 x 2600

  • 22 shelves.
  • 7 bottles per shelf.
  • 3190W of power.
Height (mm) 1590 mm
Width (mm) 595 mm
Depth (mm) 630 mm
Weight (kg) 74 kg
Tipo frío Puerta Cristal
Tipo vitrina Refrigerada

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