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The best commercial bottle refrigerators for the hospitality industry

The hostelry refrigerated bottle racks arrived to solve problems. Has it ever happened to you that the drink that accompanies your meals is not at the right temperature? Nothing is more unpleasant than ordering a beer in a bar and it is served hot. However, the hospitality refrigerator bottle racks were designed to solve these and other problems of those who work with beverages.

Characteristics of the bottle refrigerator

The hospitality refrigerator bottle racks are similar to a refrigerator with certain improvements in terms of its structure, capacities and performance.

On the one hand, they tend to have greater internal storage capacity. Having several trays or supports to place the drinks. In addition, these supports usually have a greater number of possibilities to adjust the height of the compartments than common refrigerators.

They also usually have special racks or containers to hold wine bottles. That is why many refrigerator bottle racks have different compartments to which different refrigeration temperatures can be placed (with several thermostats).

Some hospitality refrigerator bottle racks come with insulating material on the top of the appliance. This is because this class of refrigerator bottle racks are specially designed to resist high temperatures (over 32 ºC). Therefore, they are useful in tropical areas, and hence they are also known as tropicalized bottle racks.

An important characteristic is the storage capacity that refrigerated bottle racks have, usually given as volume in liters. Depending on this, the dimensions of the appliance will vary, and its location and cleaning will be easier or more difficult.

Other factors to consider are the amount and type of doors of the refrigerator bottle racks, if they come with a lock, with evaporation to avoid the formation of frost, the type of refrigerant they use, power and number of motor phases, among other aspects.

They seem like many details, but you should not worry because in Maquinaria Bar Hostelería (MBH) they stand out for their quality of service and they are there to advise you. Which includes that the client clears all his doubts when acquiring any of the hospitality refrigerated bottle racks that are offered.

Know the types of bottle refrigerated rack

There are catering refrigerated bottle racks for all tastes, such as the refrigerated bottle rack. The houses specialized in the commercialization of these products, such as MBH, generally offer the different kinds of refrigerated bottle racks that exist. To give you an idea, we will briefly describe some types.

Bottle refrigerator

The refrigerator bottle rack, as its name indicates, is the most similar to the traditional refrigerators that we use in our homes. The reason is that it is generally used in restaurants, hotels and bars to store not only drinks, but also cold cuts and dairy products such as cheeses. They are ideal to be used in hotels and restaurants.

Commercial Beer fridge

Of the bar wine racks, those with wide openings at the top, and with several sliding type doors, are usually preferred. Thus they allow to stack complete boxes of drinks, one on another. They are generally placed behind the bar counter, to quickly serve customers.

Bar refrigerator

The bar fridge is a combination of the previous types. It usually has larger storage spaces in the lower part, with independent doors in the upper part. This in order to be able to chill drinks such as beers or cola drinks inside their respective boxes.

The upper part is used for canned beverages, to place bottles of wine, or to store tapas that must be refrigerated, such as slices of Serrano ham or cheese patties to just fry them, among other uses.

Of course, in this article we only give you an overview of the hospitality refrigerator bottle racks. If you need additional information, you can always go to MBH, where its staff will answer your questions in a professional manner. Visit our website or contact us so we can help you.


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