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The outings for food purchases have always been somewhat complicated, for this same reason many people today agree to make extensive purchases to avoid always being in the tedious weekly purchases. Because large purchases have become quite popular, the industrial market has also thought about where such extensive purchases are stored, which is why acquiring an upright freezer is of the utmost importance.

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It is true that the majority of the population has conventional refrigeration and freezer refrigerators at their disposal, but many times it is not enough, they do not have the sufficient storage capacity that we require, that is why the percentage of the population is increasing. Access a small upright freezer for an extra storage option in addition to conventional refrigerators.

What is an upright freezer and what is its purpose?

This belongs to the range of refrigeration and food preservation appliances, it allows us to adapt a frozen state according to the type of food we are storing, and they are as an additional complement to conventional refrigerators. Usually its implementation is done when the family is very large and they need to make extensive food purchases.

This has the functional objective of eliminating the internal heat that the product has, in order to reach its total freezing, this through the gaseous refrigerants incorporated in the appliance that makes a route through the various components of the electrical appliance.

Freezers or double conventional refrigerators?

It should be noted that a conventional double fridge does not have the same freezing space as an upright freezer, since upright freezers are dedicated solely and exclusively to storage for the purpose of freezing. Another important aspect for which you should choose a small freezer is because unlike double refrigerators these are versatile and more adaptable to any space in the home or work, they do not take up a lot of space and they are cheap freezers.

How is an upright freezer made?

Being a small or large freezer, they are also made up of the same physical elements, one of the elements is the compressor; This manages the pressure of the gas and in turn compresses it, so that it passes back to a liquid state and thus circulates through the freezer.

It also has an expansion valve, the coils, a thermostat, and the coolant. Among other elements that a vertical freezer has is an alarm that warns if the door is left open, also a light to view the contents inside the freezer, a drain that allows water to be discharged when the appliance is defrosted and a panel of controls to control the various functions offered by freezers.

Aspects to optimize the functions of upright freezers

The temperature of said freezer must be around 18 degrees to have good conservation results, it is the standard temperature that guarantees the good quality of the food. When it is placed inside a space, it must have a considerable distance from the wall to avoid blocking the ventilation openings and not to place it near sources of heat.

To keep the appliance in good condition, it is not recommended to put things with high temperature inside it, and it is also not good to fill it completely. It is also recommended that it be defrosted every so often, being more specific when the ice surface is already greater than 3 millimeters.


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