Upright freezer CSB-330 white 7 drawers

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Energy Efficiency Class: A

Energy Efficiency Index (%): 22.1

Ecological Label -

Energy Consumption in 24h (kWh / 24h): 1,601

Annual Energy Consumption (kWh / year): 584

Net Volume (l): 237

Climate Class (1): 4

Measurements: A 1730 x L 600 x P 650 mm

Weight (kg): 63

Useful capacity (liters): 237
Working temperature: -14ºC to -28ºC.
Noise level (dB): 48 (A)
Wattage (W): 221

CSB-330 Upright Freezer
One of the appliances most required by businesses dedicated to the hospitality industry is the upright freezer, these are very useful. In Maquinarias Bar Hostelería we offer a wide range of this product so that without a doubt your business is perfectly equipped. It should be noted that the different functions with which this product fulfills makes it so precious in a franchise as necessary as the one dedicated to food.

Freezers have the function of keeping different foods at a specific temperature. It is very important to have an appliance of this type in your bar to have ice, always cold drinks and the occasional sandwich. In the case of hospitality, the use is for food, preserving food is essential, and in this way they will prevent the food from rotting and keep it fresh.

From Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we offer you without a doubt the greatest variety of this product, you will not have to cling to a single brand. You will have a range of options by which you can decide what to choose, this is very important especially in the balance of quality or price, which are the most important aspects when choosing a product. We are your best choice to get the best upright freezer.

The quality of our products is guaranteed, you will notice it as soon as you buy it. In many cases people tend to think that the brand can influence that. However, at Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we only sell household appliances with excellent performance, so that the brand does not determine how good a product on our website is.

As for the price, you could be surprised, in many pages they claim that you pay thousands of euros for an average machinery. We will guarantee quality and an accessible cost for any business that is starting, choosing us can determine a before and after in your hospitality. You are sure to take a leap in quality that you would not have seen before and saving a few euros that always come in handy at some point.

One thing you should always remember as a hospitality business is that maintenance could save your life. Household appliances need to be cleaned from time to time not only to maintain hygiene in them, but also to make them last longer. Thus achieving a more optimal performance of the product and making the most of it.

An upright freezer is one of the most important for any hospitality industry, it has various advantages that undoubtedly make it an essential appliance. With this type of products, the safest thing is that you will get a quality jump in your food, drinks, among others.

At Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we care about our customers, we do not want to put them at risk for a freezer. That is why our website makes it much easier and safer to buy products for the bar and hospitality industry. Our digital interface is specialized so that any user knows how to use it without any complications, we are the best option you could take.

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