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Blast chillers are having a great popularity boom among the different catering machinery and are the ideal implement in restaurant and bar kitchens to reduce and / or freeze the temperature of food quickly and immediately while maintaining the quality of the products. themselves when thawing.

Blast chillers are catering machines that are used in professional kitchens to immediately cool any food. Blast chillers allow you to reduce the temperature of a freshly cooked food from around 80 or 90 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees in 90 minutes.

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Blast chillers, price

The Hotel Bar Machinery and the blast chillers can sometimes be considered expensive, although there is a wide variety of prices in the market and wide payment methods for the convenience of the buyer, having the Hotel Bar Machinery is synonymous with performing a great investment.

But, it is important to establish and consider the sea of ​​benefits that blast chillers bring us and equate their costs with their advantages. When in our businesses we have artifacts destined exclusively for the service we offer, times are speeded up and the client receives quality attention. Undoubtedly, investing in Bar Machinery for Hospitality guarantees the success of a business and therefore, what was invested in equipping it will be recovered quickly.

In the market we find new blast chillers in a price range that ranges between € 2,500 and € 14,000, but if our budget does not reach us, we can always buy second-hand Hospitality Bar Machinery.

Commercial blast freezers

The industrial blast chiller is a machine manufactured to quickly lower the temperature of food, blast chillers are in great demand in restaurant kitchens and have become as essential as a display case or a refrigerator.

Among the functions of industrial blast chillers, we find that they have two main functions:

- Rapid or positive blast chilling: It is a blast chilling cycle where the product goes from a temperature greater than 90 degrees centigrade to a temperature of 3 degrees centigrade in less than 90 minutes, and subsequently, it maintains the product at a temperature between 0 degrees centigrade according to the value established for its conservation.

- Fast freezing or negative blast chilling: It is a fast freezing cycle that takes food from temperatures of more than 90 degrees Celsius to temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius in less than 4 hours.

Blast chillers also have different types of refrigeration systems that are used depending on the characteristics of the food and the time it will be kept. Below are the cooling systems of the industrial blast chillers:

- By mechanical cooling cell

- By cryogenic cooling cell

- Immersion cooling chamber


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