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Commercial chest freezers

Each time the conventional cold storage of the refrigerators has become insufficient for the amount of food products that we need to store. A small or large chest freezer has been the boom of today in case we need to store a large amount of food products for longer. The need for food storage has led to the idea of ​​buying a chest freezer.

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The global home appliance markets have notably incorporated the sale of chest freezers, due to the high demand of the population to preserve everything they have at their disposal and prevent damage. These refrigeration and conservation devices are quite popular today, especially in the hospitality space that adapts to the existence of conservation of a professional kitchen.

What are chest freezers?

These are household appliances derived from refrigeration and food preservation functions. This freezing equipment is designed and made up of a thermally isolated area and composed of a refrigeration system, either by pressure or, failing that, by absorption, capable of maintaining food preservation at temperatures below 0, usually between -30 and - 4 degrees, however the most used temperature is -18 degrees.

Its physical appearance is very similar to that of a trunk with a horizontal shape, it maintains a good temperature level and therefore does not have great energy consumption. Its incorporation is very good when we talk about quite large families, because this type of appliance has up to a capacity of 400 liters. Likewise, a small chest freezer is quite useful for people who live in remote places and find it difficult to constantly go shopping

Benefits of buying a chest freezer

A horizontal chest freezer can guarantee you various positive aspects compared to an upright freezer, with contamination mention will be made of those characteristics of having a small chest freezer or a large chest freezer:

They have enough storage capacity, their physical condition allows more space with respect to depth and width, allowing a lot of versatility and packaging of food products.
These upright freezers do not have drawers inside, which allows you to organize and store as desired without any restrictions. It is a good option when dealing with large pieces of food.
These electrical devices have great temperature management, making their functionality more efficient and with low energy consumption, being key to saving on energy bills.
The chest freezer price is quite affordable compared to upright freezers.

3 Aspects to consider when buying chest freezer

When deciding to buy a particular appliance of this type, it is essential to take several aspects into account, among those characteristics are the following:

The measurements of the equipment: this aspect will vary depending on the size you have in your home, and also on the need you have. These can vary between 50 and 160 cm wide.

Capacity: the capacity they have will also depend on the size, but usually it goes from 60 to 400 liters.

Energy saving: this type of chest freezer is quite efficient in energy consumption but we must make sure that you have labels rated with the letter A +, A ++ or A +++.


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