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    Commercial Glasswashers

    Buying quality industrial glasswashers has never been as easy as it is at For this reason and more, we are the leading company in sales of furniture and machinery for bars, restaurants, hotels in Spain.

    Acquiring a professional glasswasher will provide your food and beverage business with the hygiene and wholesomeness that your customers look for in a bar, restaurant, cafeteria and more. In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería you will not only be buying a cheap glasswasher for hospitality, but an incredible industrial dishwasher of high quality and durability.

    How to use a professional glasswasher?

    A professional glasswasher is engineered to clean good material glasses and dishes without risking their useful life. Most industrial glasswashers incorporate quick and extended wash modes. However, its functionality is very similar.

    Before operating a professional hospitality glasswasher, we must verify that the kitchenware must be ideal for hospitality, since if it is not, it may be damaged. Keep in mind that both glasses, cups, glasses and others will be subjected to pressure washes and high temperatures. Also, you have to take care that the kitchenware is placed upside down.

    Industrial glasswasher - How it works

    When turned on, the industrial glasswasher performs a first pressure wash cycle. Water flows from the bottom with a mixture of detergent at a temperature close to 60 ° C. Then, a mixture of water with rinse aid is sprayed and spread on the utensils at an average temperature of 90 ° C.

    The high temperatures and the pressure of the washing ensure a deep and complete cleaning of glasses, glasses, refrigerators and other utensils that have been placed in the dishwasher.

    Types of commercial glasswashers

    Professional single wall glasswasher

    Single wall stainless steel professional glasswashers are much cheaper than double wall ones. Their washing cycles usually have an average duration and provide an excellent finish and cleaning of the kitchenware.

    Double wall industrial glasswashers

    Industrial double wall stainless steel glasswashers provide superior performance over single wall. The double wall gives it greater energy conservation and, therefore, provides the same job for less electricity and water consumption, in less time.

    Industrial glasswashers with water softeners

    Some types of industrial glasswashers incorporate dishwasher softeners. The function of the softeners is to eliminate the hardness of the water by filtering the calcium and magnesium salts accumulated in the liquid. This accessory helps prevent damage to glasses and plates from entering the glasswasher.

    Commercial glasswasher or professional dishwasher? - Differences

    The differences between a hospitality glasswasher or a professional dishwasher are almost imperceptible for those who do not know this machinery. However, if you own a cafeteria, ice cream parlor, bakery, restaurant or bar, it is important that you know how to differentiate them.

    First, keep in mind that industrial glasswashers are smaller in size and, of course, in capacity. While industrial dishwashers are 45x45 cm to 50x50 cm, hospitality glasswashers are usually 35x35 cm to 45x45 cm.

    Then, starting from the inner workings, while professional glasswashers have pressure showers in the lower part, industrial dishwashers add showers in the upper part.

    However, this does not mean that you should not use a dishwasher to wash glasses and dishes at the same time (and vice versa). Just keep in mind that this affects the efficiency of the machinery and you may not get the expected results.

    On the other hand, there are minor physical characteristics that also make the difference between a glasswasher and a dishwasher for a bar, restaurant, cafeteria, etc. For example, the size of the basket, the internal finish, times of washing cycles, among others.

  • Dishwashers Professional

    Commercial dishwashers

    Industrial dishwashers today and in the hospitality industry have become a booming appliance. Large and important establishments have always been dedicated to finding all the essential tools and utensils to optimize the quality of their results and performance in general. The market is full of varieties of industrial dishwashers adapted to the objective that you want to achieve.

    Keep reading our text for more information on the subject!

    Hospitality dishwasher, is a term taken into account by the industries that are responsible for manufacturing this type of industrial dishwasher, it is an appliance capable of carrying out a washing system in a short time and thus optimizing the functionalities of large establishments dedicated to food. Today there are many models of professional dishwashers, large and small.

    Advantages of industrial dishwashers

    The incorporation of an industrial dishwasher in food companies that have a great demand is of utmost importance, so that the washing processes of the various kitchen utensils and tableware are automated, versatile and much faster than in the traditional way that for hospitality services is an already obsolete option.

    One of its most important advantages is the total elimination of bacteria, germs and dirt that remains after using it, it is an excellent tool that has a good margin of hygiene and cleaning. It is a device that provides great comfort and is a good time-saving tool since it is an automated process that does not require much human effort and its development is very fast and versatile.

    They are artifacts with a high energy and water saving index, in addition to being a device that guarantees total care of the dishes, because it is a process that seeks not to generate strong blows after washing the utensils.

    How is the hospitality dishwasher process carried out?

    The services that the hospitality industry covers are of great importance and complexity, especially when we refer to food, it is for that reason that these types of establishments must be well equipped and trained for any circumstance. Industrial dishwashers are present in this type of hospitality services, for that same reason the process carried out by an industrial dishwasher will be explained step by step below:

    Preparation prior to washing (pre-heating): this specific step has a period of 15 to 20 minutes of completion, this begins when the dishes are incorporated into the container device, where the water begins to heat between 55 or 65 degrees centigrade for effective cleaning.

    Beginning of the washing process: this step is carried out by means of two blades, one upper and one lower, where they pressurize the water against the container where the dishes are located to have good results. In this step, the soap must be incorporated through a metering pump. This step takes 3 to 5 minutes.

    Drying and brightening culmination process: this is carried out by means of the blades which are in charge of combining the water with the brightener at a high temperature between 80 and 90 degrees centigrade. This product is incorporated through a pump system that contains the industrial dishwasher.

  • Hood type dishwashers

    Dishwasher hood that makes work easier thanks to the front or side loading, height and tilting hood. Industrial dishwasher dome hospitality. Dishwasher dome for industrial kitchens of bars, restaurants and hotels more demanding.

  • Utensil washers

    Industrial Lavaperolas to wash pots, kettles, pots, pans, etc. POT & PAN WASHERS industrial with high load capacity and high pressure to ensure optimum washing results and hygiene. Dishwasher large production industrial kitchen that allows washing kettles, pots and other bulky kitchen utensils.

  • Rack-type dishwashers

  • Commercial dishwasher...

    Baskets for commercial dishwashers and glasswashers for bar, restaurant and catering. Baskets for dishwashers of 35x35 cm, 40x40 cm and 50x50 cm.

Commercial dishwasher for your business

The advantages offered by an industrial dishwasher are innumerable. When you run a business that serves many customers, the accumulation of dirty dishes can become a big problem. If you still have employees dedicated to manual dishwashing, you might consider increasing your business productivity by purchasing an industrial dishwasher.

Running a hotel restaurant, for example, can turn into a nightmare if you don't have the right equipment. The hospitality dishwashers become a great help to avoid any disaster. Similarly, if your business is geared towards drinks, bar dishwashers can efficiently handle cleaning your work tools.

Which hospitality dishwashers are suitable for your business?

Hospitality dishwashers for businesses related to accommodation and tourism are of the utmost importance. In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we have a wide variety of industrial dishwashers. The wide range of industrial dishwashers offered can be very useful for your hospitality business. On our website we have different models for industrial dishwashers, dome dishwashers and even tunnel dishwashers.

Industrial dishwasher 50x50 for hotels

A 50x50 industrial dishwasher made of stainless steel is specifically designed to comply with all the sanitary regulations demanded by the different authorities. In addition to this, you can find an industrial dishwasher in Maquinaria Bar Hostelería that is fully automated.

Restaurant dishwasher

If your hospitality business needs to optimize the dish-cleaning process, it is best to buy a restaurant dishwasher. For this you have different options within Maquinaria Bar Hostelería that can be adapted to your budget and boost your business to the next level.

The best bar dishwasher options
Bars always find a large capacity within their facilities, which is why it becomes so important to have a bar dishwasher that allows you to handle the large number of orders. Maquinaría Bar Hotelería also has a wide range of industrial dishwashers for bars.

Professional dishwasher - Where to buy?

If you are thinking of purchasing a professional dishwasher, Maquinaría Bar Hotelería is the right place. We can offer you any equipment you need such as industrial glasswashers so that you can have your glasses clean and ready for a new use in record time. In the same way, we have utensil washers that are specifically designed to be able to rotate efficiently all utensils used by cooks or employees.

Remember that the key to the success of any business is planning and efficiency. You may feel that your business is going through some difficulty, either from customer complaints regarding dish cleaning or the efficiency of your staff dedicated to washing dishes. For this reason, Maquinaría Bar Hostelería, puts at your disposal all its products and services so that you can achieve exceptional attention to your customers.

If for any reason you think they need some kind of advice to know what type of industrial dishwasher best suits your business and your pocket, do not hesitate to contact us.



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