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Commercial Glasswashers

Buying quality industrial glasswashers has never been as easy as it is at For this reason and more, we are the leading company in sales of furniture and machinery for bars, restaurants, hotels in Spain.

Acquiring a professional glasswasher will provide your food and beverage business with the hygiene and wholesomeness that your customers look for in a bar, restaurant, cafeteria and more. In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería you will not only be buying a cheap glasswasher for hospitality, but an incredible industrial dishwasher of high quality and durability.

How to use a professional glasswasher?

A professional glasswasher is engineered to clean good material glasses and dishes without risking their useful life. Most industrial glasswashers incorporate quick and extended wash modes. However, its functionality is very similar.

Before operating a professional hospitality glasswasher, we must verify that the kitchenware must be ideal for hospitality, since if it is not, it may be damaged. Keep in mind that both glasses, cups, glasses and others will be subjected to pressure washes and high temperatures. Also, you have to take care that the kitchenware is placed upside down.

Industrial glasswasher - How it works

When turned on, the industrial glasswasher performs a first pressure wash cycle. Water flows from the bottom with a mixture of detergent at a temperature close to 60 ° C. Then, a mixture of water with rinse aid is sprayed and spread on the utensils at an average temperature of 90 ° C.

The high temperatures and the pressure of the washing ensure a deep and complete cleaning of glasses, glasses, refrigerators and other utensils that have been placed in the dishwasher.

Types of commercial glasswashers

Professional single wall glasswasher

Single wall stainless steel professional glasswashers are much cheaper than double wall ones. Their washing cycles usually have an average duration and provide an excellent finish and cleaning of the kitchenware.

Double wall industrial glasswashers

Industrial double wall stainless steel glasswashers provide superior performance over single wall. The double wall gives it greater energy conservation and, therefore, provides the same job for less electricity and water consumption, in less time.

Industrial glasswashers with water softeners

Some types of industrial glasswashers incorporate dishwasher softeners. The function of the softeners is to eliminate the hardness of the water by filtering the calcium and magnesium salts accumulated in the liquid. This accessory helps prevent damage to glasses and plates from entering the glasswasher.

Commercial glasswasher or professional dishwasher? - Differences

The differences between a hospitality glasswasher or a professional dishwasher are almost imperceptible for those who do not know this machinery. However, if you own a cafeteria, ice cream parlor, bakery, restaurant or bar, it is important that you know how to differentiate them.

First, keep in mind that industrial glasswashers are smaller in size and, of course, in capacity. While industrial dishwashers are 45x45 cm to 50x50 cm, hospitality glasswashers are usually 35x35 cm to 45x45 cm.

Then, starting from the inner workings, while professional glasswashers have pressure showers in the lower part, industrial dishwashers add showers in the upper part.

However, this does not mean that you should not use a dishwasher to wash glasses and dishes at the same time (and vice versa). Just keep in mind that this affects the efficiency of the machinery and you may not get the expected results.

On the other hand, there are minor physical characteristics that also make the difference between a glasswasher and a dishwasher for a bar, restaurant, cafeteria, etc. For example, the size of the basket, the internal finish, times of washing cycles, among others.


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