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  • (Ref. ACID ONE )

    Small orange juicer with lever for catering. Industrial lever juice extractor for bar, restaurant and cafeteria. Small orange juicer with lever for...

    IVA 61,95€ - Total: 356,95€

    Medium orange juicer with lever for hotels. Industrial lever juice extractor for bar, restaurant and cafeteria. Medium orange juicer with lever for...

    IVA 93,45€ - Total: 538,45€
  • (Ref. EZAT-bis)

    Automatic orange squeezer ezat for hotels. Professional juice extractor for industrial bar, restaurant, cafeteria and supermarket. Automatic orange squeezer ezat for...

    1 073,00€
    IVA 225,33€ - Total: 1 298,33€
  • (Ref. 6001X )

    Stainless steel industrial floating blade, to extract the juice and remove the pulp quickly. Stainless steel industrial floating...

    IVA 139,65€ - Total: 804,65€
  • (Ref. Z22)

    High productivity and performance blender for fruits and vegetables with attached pulp tank – The ideal option to offer the best combinations. High productivity and performance...

    1 650,00€
    IVA 346,50€ - Total: 1 996,50€
  • (Ref. Z1-N)

    It is Zummo's most compact model, it is recommended for premises with limited space. It has been designed to become the most efficient and profitable solution for businesses where juice consumption is less than 30 glasses per day. It is Zummo's most compact model, it...

    1 895,00€
    IVA 397,95€ - Total: 2 292,95€
  • (Ref. Z25)

    A new concept in citrus squeezing has arrived. Viva adds value to your establishment, an innovative proposal that combines design with the latest technology. Win in performance for your business, win in style. A new concept in citrus squeezing has...

    2 385,00€
    IVA 500,85€ - Total: 2 885,85€
  • (Ref. Z06-N)

    The Z06 Nature model is Zummo's most versatile juicer. It squeezes all kinds of citrus fruits as well as pomegranates. The perfect option for those looking for flexibility in their offer to the market. The Z06 Nature model is Zummo's most...

    2 895,00€
    IVA 607,95€ - Total: 3 502,95€
  • (Ref. Z14-N)

    Z14 Nature is the most recommended option for businesses with high juice consumption. The capacity of its basket and its crust tanks gives it great autonomy, a key factor for buffets, restaurants and the retail sector. Z14 Nature is the most recommended...

    3 795,00€
    IVA 796,95€ - Total: 4 591,95€
  • (Ref. Z40 NATURE ADAPT)

    The Z40 Nature model is the perfect juicer to meet the needs of collective catering and large surfaces. Its ability to squeeze a large amount of juice in a short time — up to 40 fruits per minute! —allows meeting the peaks in demand typical of this type of establishment. The Z40 Nature model is the perfect...

    4 495,00€
    IVA 943,95€ - Total: 5 438,95€
  • (Ref. EZAT)

    squeezer oranges for industrial automatic bar and catering. squeezer oranges for industrial...

    1 092,00€
    IVA 229,32€ - Total: 1 321,32€
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Professional orange juicers. Two models of electric juicer: manual lever or automatic. Juicers and industrial juicers. Get a bonus from your bar, restaurant, cafeteria, bakery or pastry shop. If you serve breakfast, an orange juicer is an essential machine in your place!

Prepare the best orange juice with an industrial orange juicer

Industrial orange juicers are one of the most sought-after auxiliary machines in restaurants, bakeries and fast food businesses. This is not in vain, it is mostly due to the great facility they provide for locals and hotels.

If you are one of those who suffer from squeezing fruits manually in your business, then at we will talk about the advantages and benefits of acquiring an industrial orange juicer.

Quick and à la carte juice with the automatic orange juicer

In fast food establishments it is really essential to have an auxiliary machine that prepares the juice when the customer needs it. This will allow for two things: efficiency and freshness.

Regarding efficiency, no customer likes to wait too long for an orangeade to be prepared, with the electric orange juicer this does not happen. With this auxiliary machine the response time is optimized and the customer is always satisfied.

There are those who choose to have a jug of juice ready in their refrigerators and believe that all their problems are solved, but this creates another problem: freshness. The speed with which the juice is served is very important, but more to a good taste. For this reason it is better to prepare the juice at the moment with an orange juicer.

For all businesses

No business is too big or too small to own an industrial orange juicer. At MBH we have a variety of orange juicer machines that can be adjusted to the capacity and budget of your business.

The industrial orange juicer is common to see in bakeries and restaurants, but it is not exclusive to this type of premises. It also applies to small and medium-sized companies or culinary ventures. For these "small businesses" there are models of small and efficient juicers.

Benefits of natural juice prepared with an electric orange juicer

When preparing an orange juice it is very important that all the vitamins provided by the fruit are used. It is proven that more benefits are obtained from orange juice when it is prepared with an automatic orange juicer, as opposed to when it is squeezed by hand.

Vitamin C as is known by all is one of the main benefits that are obtained from the orange. A large part of the vitamins are found in the fruit pulp, which is used in 98% when processing the juice with an industrial orange juicer.

Orange juice intake is proven to lower cholesterol levels, prevent cardiovascular disease, and strengthen the immune system against colds. Someone who knows about these benefits frequents the consumption of orange juice to be healthy or simply to accompany a breakfast. Allow these people to enjoy an orange juice in your business, restaurant or hospitality.

Consult the best industrial orange juicers in our auxiliary machinery section and acquire the one that is most associated with the requirements of your business.

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