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Vacuum packing machines 

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Store and keep your food as fresh as possible with a food vacuum sealer! Vacuum packed products can last 3 to 5 times longer than unpackaged foods, helping to reduce food spoilage and prolong the fresh taste of food. A professional vacuum sealer removes all the air from the vacuum sealer bags and creates a leak-proof seal to prevent spills.

At MBH you can choose between industrial bell or sensor vacuum packers, of different sizes depending on the product you want to pack.

Vacuum packing machines: a smart trend

Using industrial vacuum packers is essential for the hospitality sector. Many perishable food products are handled in all kitchens, especially those in this sector. This would constitute a problem or a limitation to manage an attractive and quality offer, with a variety of products. However, there is currently a smart trend to opt for the use of industrial vacuum packers.

Why use commercial vacuum packing machines?

Because a vacuum packing machine is an excellent option. There is an old adage that says "Food enters through the eyes." Those who work in the food industry understand it perfectly. But the appearance of food is not the only reason to purchase, among other equipment, industrial vacuum packers or professional vacuum packers.

A vacuum packaging machine also saves time and space since it makes it easy to have a quality raw material available, as it is guaranteed, since it was stored and previously vacuum packed, using a vacuum packaging machine.

Industrial vacuum packeing machines, a good business ally

Industrial vacuum packers also ensure the quality and freshness of food. Of course, this has a positive impact on the marketing chain and also on healthcare.

In addition, they facilitate better time management, since we will have the quality supplies that we require at hand, saving time that we spent on trips and transfers looking for fresh raw materials. For example, we can dedicate ourselves to developing new products and attracting customers or suppliers.

Additionally, the use of vacuum packaging machines has numerous advantages for managing inventories or storage spaces, and taking advantage of opportunities, such as seasonal harvests. In addition, it offers possibilities for the export of products or the import of raw materials.

For all these reasons, Maquinaría Bar Hostelería (MBH), offers you a wide range of industrial vacuum packers, becoming your supplier and best strategic partner.

Professional vacuum sealer

In Hospitality, whoever has a professional vacuum sealer has a real competitive advantage. And you can get the ideal professional vacuum sealer at MBH, which offers you the 300 professional vacuum sealer, a bell vacuum sealer, which can be used to vacuum pack solid, powdered, soft food, seeds or even products. pharmacists, guaranteeing their quality.

Vacuum packing machines for food

Vacuum machines for food allow packaged products to remain protected against processes or factors that deteriorate or reduce their quality, such as oxidation or humidity, among others. In this way, they can be kept fresh for long periods of storage.

And at MBH they have a wide variety of vacuum machines for food, of different models and capacities, that practically cover any requirement.

Vacuum packaging

It consists of extracting, using vacuum machines for food, the air that surrounds the product to be packaged. For the procedure to be carried out correctly, the amount of residual oxygen must be less than 1%. In this way, an oxygen-free atmosphere is practically obtained, which allows to delay the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, giving the product a longer shelf life.

Vacuum packing bags

Vacuum machines for food should be used with vacuum bags, as another important factor to properly carry out this process is to use premium material, such as the correct vacuum bags and high-quality equipment. This is one of the main reasons why it is necessary to be very careful when selecting the supplier of vacuum packaging machines. Not everyone can guarantee the quality and proper performance of industrial vacuum packers.

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