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In you will find the professional meat slicer you are looking for. Choose between the different models of 220, 250, 300 and 350 industrial slicers for bar, restaurant and hospitality. We have a wide range of professional cold cuts counters for butchers and delicatessens and we have gear slicers and automatic meat slicers.

Know the benefits of acquiring a commercial meat slicer for your business

As experts in auxiliary machines we know the benefits of having a cold cuts machine. That is why we invite you to learn about the advantages that owning a professional meat slicer provides for your business. At MBH we have the latest generation machinery tailored to your needs and budget.

Advantages of industrial meat slicers

The auxiliary machines have been conceived with the general purpose of simplifying and speeding up the tasks carried out in restaurants, bars and kitchens. Next, we present some advantages of having an industrial meat slicer in your business.


When it comes to the kitchen, the common user tries to frequent premises whose professionalism can be seen at first glance. Whether in a fast food restaurant or in a sausage business, a professional deli slicer is indispensable.

This allows kitchen masters and instrumentalists to make clean cuts just right for every occasion. It applies in the same way for those who are dedicated to the sale of sausages, their customers always expect their product to be sliced ​​the way they want, and the best way to achieve this is with a cold cuts machine.

Fluency and dexterity

This is a characteristic of the auxiliary machines, and is that the industrial meat slicers provide the advantage of speeding up the culinary work.

Imagine a sausage sales business where they had to manually slice each piece, the workflow would be totally cumbersome. For this reason, at MBH we have different types of slicers (automatic, geared and manual), various options that can be adjusted to your business and work methodology.

Accuracy and savings

Industrial meat slicers allow high precision cuts, which means that the sausages can be used to a great extent.

Especially in kitchen work and fast food businesses, being able to make fine cuts with a cold cuts machine ensures that the sausage is much more rendered, unlike when cutting manually.

Security and trust

Another of the fundamental benefits of professional meat slicers is the safety they provide to those who handle this type of auxiliary machines. The risk of an employee sustaining some type of injury with a meat slicer is really low, something that does not happen with manual cuts usually made with very sharp knives.

If you are determined to buy an industrial meat slicer it is because you want to start your business with professionalism or you want to take the step to a more pleasant work methodology.

The best meat slicers are at MBH, since we have cutting-edge technology in the field of auxiliary machines.

When making the budget to start your restaurant, bar or hospitality business, industrial meat slicers cannot be absent, in this way you will be guaranteeing professional work in your kitchen and you can enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

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