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Charcoal ovens, without a doubt, are the perfect mix between a barbecue and an oven. This traditional way of cooking is back to stay and is now experiencing a boom.

There are many customers who go to a bar or restaurant wanting this type of cuisine and this has caused that in most establishments they have a charcoal oven to satisfy the needs of users who arrive eager to taste a flavor like no other.

The advancement of modern cooking and the implementation of chrome plates and convector ovens, caused embers and charcoal to be forgotten for a long time. This changed when technological improvements and innovations began to be implemented and the gastronomic term “grilling” was born, causing a rebound in popularity in traditional cooking and in the use of charcoal ovens.

The main characteristic of the charcoal oven is its ability to achieve high calorific powers, causing the food to be sealed and greater juiciness.

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Charcoal ovens

Charcoal ovens provide a delicious flavor to meals due to their closed grill technology that generates high temperatures that perfectly seal the food. In addition, these ovens do not need gas or electricity, which means that they save energy and money at the time of use.

The charcoal oven is an essential device in businesses whose main source is the preparation of meat, although other types of food can also be prepared in these ovens.

We find this Hospitality Bar Machinery in different sizes, and with different characteristics that adapt to the needs of the hospitality business that wants to implement one.

Depending on the size of the kitchen, the number of users who come frequently and the different services to offer, you may need one model and another. Most of these ovens come equipped with a drawer that collects the fat and ashes and with basic utensils that are needed when using them to prepare food.

These ovens are made to store as little fat as possible and clean them quickly and easily.

Commercial charcoal ovens

These ovens use coal as a source of energy and are the best option for barbecue cooking. The charcoal causes a combustion that immediately produces the sealing of the food, preventing it from being boiled or cooked and making it juicier.

All kilns use coal as a source of energy, but there are different types of coals, including the following:

- White Argentine quebracho charcoal

- Red Argentine quebracho charcoal

- Coconut charcoal

- Oak charcoal

Each of them contains different properties and uses, and they are even used differently according to the needs of who prepares the food in the charcoal oven.


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