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At MBH we offer you a wide line of convection ovens for bakeries and pastries. Electric and gas industrial convection ovens for baking bread, pastries and pastries. With our professional pastry chefs and bakers ovens, your bakery or kitchen will be perfectly equipped!

Commercial Baking Ovens

At we work with the distribution of material for restaurants, kitchens, bars and bakeries. We have an industrial bread oven for businesses that need to produce grain-based food in large quantities. At MBH we have the best prices on the market for the bakery oven.

In case you don't know exactly which is the pastry oven you need, we can help you with your choice. We are experts in the handling and as a distributor of industrial bakery oven.

We have a wide line of convection ovens ideal for use in bakeries and pastry shops that have a large influx of users.

Regardless of the type of energy you need to run your industrial bakery oven, we have electric, gas-based and for baking bread or pastries.

Industrial bread oven distributor

We have a large Stock of tools that you can use to produce the breads for your business. From a large 6-tray pastry oven, to smaller presentations ideal to be used in small spaces as complementary objects to the main ones that help you produce in large quantities.

The dimensions of the industrial bread oven can help you reach the production capacity you need in your bakery, it is ideal to be implemented in small spaces, but it has a large production capacity thanks to multiple trays. The interior light, rounded edges and stainless steel material make this pastry oven a good option to include it in your bakery.

The electric pastry oven is another of the great options that we have for you to implement within your commercial site, it does not need to be powered with more than electricity, you can do without the traditional gas service and it has 2 cold turbines with double glass that will allow you to use in the best way its 4 trays.

Sale of bakery ovens

At MBH we have all kinds of pastry ovens, it doesn't matter what type you need, we can help you with it. We have Lainox sapiens aroma ovens to best solve your baking needs. These products have the latest pastry technology and an integrated shower with an automatic reel.

With us you can get the best prices on the market. You don't know what price to choose? It does not matter we have a wide selection of pastry oven so you know what specifications and at what costs you need.

Bakery Oven Company

At MBH we can advise you to get the best offer for an industrial oven for making bread. It doesn't matter what your production capacity is, if you need to make bread from we can help you get what best suits the occasion.


Where to buy bakery and pastry ovens?

AT MBH we have all kinds of bakery ovens, useful in pastry and also bobbin-making devices, all online, you can find the best prices on the market without leaving your home.

What kind of bakery oven to buy?

You must base your decision on the characteristics of your business, characteristics such as the production capacity of the furnace or the manufacturing materials can be decisive when choosing one option or another, in any case, at MBH we can help you on the matter.


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