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At MBH we offer you a wide line of convection ovens for the hotel and restaurant industry. Industrial electric and gas convection ovens, for the most modern industrial kitchens. Rational type gastronorm ovens for restaurants, hotels, bars, schools and hospitals. Gastronomic combi and combi ovens for the most demanding chefs.

Professional convection oven: Why should you have one?

If you've already thought of setting up a restaurant, you should consider a hospitality convection oven. Even if you have been in the industry for some time, if you work with traditional kitchen ovens, you may not know the benefits of having a convection oven for hotels. In this article we will clear up any doubts you may have in this regard.

What is a commercial convection oven?

Mainly the difference between a conventional oven and an industrial convection oven is the way in which the food is baked inside.

The first we normally use in our homes, and they achieve the point of meals by applying hot air. For this, they use flammable materials such as coal, wood or gas and their combustion raises the temperature inside the oven.

The hospitality convection oven works almost the same. The difference is that it is equipped inside with fans to circulate the hot air continuously and freely.

This detail makes it possible to have beneficial characteristics compared to traditional or conventional ovens.

The gas convection oven and its advantages

Today, there is a wide variety of designs and you can even choose whether to buy a gas convection oven or an electric convection oven.

Many will think that if what they will achieve with a hospitality convection oven is that the hot air collides with the food, instead of surrounding it naturally, then it is not much of a difference.

However, consider the following. For a reason, there are outstanding professionals in different areas such as electronic, control, and mechanical engineers, who focus on the design of industrial-type convection ovens.

The electric convection oven and its uniform cooking

The fans of an electric convection oven will prevent your food from being toasted on the outside and raw on the inside. The reason is that they maintain a constant temperature in all the internal spaces of the oven.

Certainly various foods will be more exposed to heat. This is because internal air circulation in a conventional oven occurs in a standard way. It will vary according to the positions of the trays.

Tabletop convection oven, an alternative option

A tabletop convection oven is probably the appliance that is going to become an indispensable ally for your kitchen. It is perfect to reproduce almost all the functions of a large oven, but you will not require as much space.

Reasons to choose a convection oven

If you have not yet decided on any of these hotel convection ovens, you should consider the following:

Different foods at the same time:

An extraordinary benefit of using any hospitality convection oven is that they have a larger space inside, so you can have different foods in the same baking session. In addition to selecting the direction in which the air is directed, you can also choose the fan speed.

They are environmentally friendly:

Both the gas convection oven and the electric convection oven are designed to make efficient use of energy. Reducing between 20% and 25% the baking time, that is, less electricity consumption.

Quick profitability:

The price of a hotel convection oven is higher than that of a conventional one. But this is compensated in the medium term, due to the savings in time and energy they use. In addition, this will allow you to increase the production volume of your meals and, therefore, maximize your profits.
You already know why you should buy a hospitality convection oven. Simply analyze the technical characteristics and different capacities of each one. If you are still not sure, then we recommend you contact the expert staff of Maquinarias Bar Hostelería.


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