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The pizza oven is the heart of any pizzeria. From large restaurants to small corners or food trucks, what is appropriate for one establishment may not work for another. Things like space, power source, and type of pizza dough are factors to consider when choosing a pizza oven.

At MBH we offer you a complete range of ovens of all kinds, for electric or gas pizza for professional pizzerias. Choose here the pizza oven that best suits your needs!

Industrial Pizza Oven - Everything You Need to Know

The industrial pizza oven is the heart of any pizzeria. In fact, in the best restaurants and hotels, having a kitchen equipped with the best machinery on the market is a must. And something that can not be missing are industrial pizza ovens. This food or dish enjoys a wide popularity worldwide and there will always be customers interested in buying one.

Types of industrial pizza ovens on the market

If you are starting your own pizzeria or want to take advantage of this market, there is something you should keep in mind. Good pizzas are the result of a combination of an excellent chef and a good pizza oven. Therefore, knowing how to identify which industrial pizza oven is best suited to your needs is vital. Next, we will introduce you to the two types of industrial pizza ovens on the market.

Gas pizza ovens

Gas pizza ovens are much easier to master than wood fired pizza ovens. However, they require a little knowledge about oven convection to be used.

The most striking feature of an industrial gas-powered pizza oven is that it heats up much faster than any other type of industrial pizza oven. But just as it is quick to heat and cook, it is quick to cool down.

Advantages of the industrial gas pizza oven

It consumes less energy.
Heats up much faster than other ovens.
It is efficient in large pizza productions.
Ideal for businesses with some experience in the field.

Electric pizza ovens

Unlike the previous ones, an electric pizza oven is much easier to use. However, it is recommended that the maximum temperature is at least 400 ° C, as the best pizzas are those that are baked at 300 ° C.

Electric pizza ovens are relatively small, relative to gas ones, and provide a much faster cooking time.

Advantages of the electric industrial pizza oven:

It is safer than a gas oven.
It is the best cost / benefit ratio for entrepreneurs.
Ideal for small premises, as they take up little space.

Characteristics of a good industrial pizza oven:

The best industrial pizza oven is the one that provides you with four important benefits:

Increased production: 
Industrial pizza ovens can produce more than one pizza at a time.

Saving time: having an industrial pizza oven will allow you to use your time in the kitchen more efficiently.

Higher Profits: A gas or electric pizza oven yields a quick return on investment. In addition, they require low maintenance and few resources, so you maximize your profits.

Satisfied customers: Industrial pizza ovens have the advantage of being fast and delivering good results. Therefore, a happy customer is the result of a good pizza.

In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería, you will find the best cheap industrial pizza ovens ideal for Food Trucks, small businesses or large pizzerias. We have the pizza ovens with the best price / quality ratio on the market. What are you waiting for to choose the pizza oven that you need so much to grow your business?


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