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Thanks to its small size, tunnel kilns Pizza Group ideal for cooking or heating pizzas, sandwiches, bruschettas, focaccia, toast, kebabs, Mexican tortilla and piadinas in premises with limited space. Its ease of use makes it can use even non-specialists. Our range has two versions of static electric tunnel kilns with different lengths of the conveyor: 45 cm (TN38 / 45) or 90 cm (TN38 / 90). Under the steel conveyor belt is a collection tray crumb which facilitates cleaning operations.
can overlap up to two units of the same model without splicing fireplace. Its use is very simple because, once the temperature and velocity of the conveyor belt with the potentiometer adjusted, not just place the product on the mesh entrainment and collect at the end of the cycle, the output of the cooking chamber . Cooking is done by armored resistors located within the cooking chamber, both the ceiling and the floor, adjustable by two thermostats.
Given the small size of the cooking chamber, the recommended operating temperature is 320 ° C, which is reached in a very short time. The average cooking time for a classical Italian pizza may vary between 3.5 and 4.5 minutes. Div>

TN 38/45 strong >
temperature: 350 ° C max
supply: 400 Volt 3 Ph 50 Hz
Power consumption: 5.65 kW
chamber dimensions: 45x38x7,5 cm
external dimensions. 120x66x38 cm
Dim 102x72x52 cm
packing volume: 0.38 m3
net weight: 41 kg
gross Weight: 52 kg

TN 38/90
strong> temperature: 350 ° C max
Height (mm)365 mm
Width (mm)515 mm
Depth (mm) 465 mm
Weight (kg)24 kg
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