Professional industrial gas griddle 40x2 with stove

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Plates available in laminated steel or in hard chrome with two 400x400 mm plates, with a stainless steel cabinet and rounded edges, to facilitate cleaning.


  • Large capacity and easy to remove stainless steel front grease fitting.
  • “SABAF” burners with high calorific power with safety thermocouple.
  • Zinc metal controls of 143 grams, with maximum/minimum marker. soft touch and always cold.
  • Removable front panel to facilitate maintenance work.
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • New system, which facilitates the change of injector.
  • Prepared for left take.
  • Prepared for Butane Gas, includes injectors for natural gas.
  • With electric part to facilitate ignition.
  • Stove with safety thermocouple of great calorific power 5.7 kw-gas.


  • Removable plate for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Monobloc steel plate 6 mm thick with 36 mm backsplash and front diffuser.
  • Polished rolled steel plate with anti-oxidation treatment for the duration of its exposure.
  • With a cast iron grill that exceeds the height of the plate breastplate to be able to place containers of more than 40 centimeters in diameter.
  • The stove can be transformed into a griddle.
  • Fully removable stove for cleaning.


  • 50 micron 10mm hard chrome plate, removable for better
  • cleaning and maintenance.
  • Welded at the top to the rear and side bumpers, and a diffuser at the front. This prevents the accumulation and filtering of fat between the plate and the bibs.
  • Backsplash and sides made of 3 mm thick stainless steel.
  • With a cast-iron grill and an embedded and removable stainless steel tray, to convert the stove into a griddle and to facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks.


  • PLATE MEASUREMENTS: 2 x 400x400 mm
  • VALVES: 3
  • BURNERS: 2 (6.4 kW-Gas)
  • STOVE: 1 (5.7 kW-Gas)
  • TOTAL POWER: 12.10 kW-Gas
  • TOTAL MEASUREMENTS: 1210 x 472 x 233 mm (Width/Depth/Height)
Height (mm) 233 mm
Width (mm) 1210 mm
Depth (mm) 472 mm
Tipo Gas
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