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It has a higher average power existing in the mer-ed, both iron and hard chrome. But this power does not translate into more spending power, on the contrary, the VITROGAZ plate has the distributed power throughout the superfi surface cooking and therefore 3 minutes, placed at maximum power, a temperature of 300 ° C is obtained. When we reach this temperature will go down the plate to a minimum and this will be maintained between 170 ° and 200 ° C, depending on the amount of product being cooked at that time.
power serves to recover the iron about 100 ° C in less than 30 seconds. THE FASTEST IN THE MARKET.

ENERGY SAVING Unlike iron plates and hard chromium, Grilled HOB does not need all day waiting for a service is turned on. For the speed to reach the optimum temperature roasting, the plate can ignite when they really need to cook the product, getting a GREAT ENERGY SAVING up to 70%.

COOKING HEALTHY KITCHEN. As a superfi smooth surface without pores, food to be cooked is not engaged, nor produces difícilies cleaning residues. We can cook with little oil and even some foods without oil. With special scraper vitrocerá-mica (blade-Cutter), the residue is removed easily and can cook various foods, meats, vegetables, fish, etc, without flavors blend. Unlike the plates of iron or steel, where every time we turn on the iron are burning residues from previous firings in the ceramic plate does not pollute or mix the food to be cooked.


CLEANING hob "Glass" is the least porous material on the market, even less porous than hard chromium. As a superifi ce completely smooth, nonporous cooking and cleaning is excellent. For optimal cleaning: Use only products suitable for cleaning glass ceramics. It is also desirable to use an appropriate scraper to vitroce-Ramica (type "cutter" wide blade of about 10 cms), thereby removing any debris get hooked superfi getting the surface of the glass ceramic is clean. Then pass a wet cloth to remove particles remaining waste.

hob is arranged on channels decantation, leaving its surface to be safe from any residue or any cleaning product can contaminate food.
the hob is removable, for a more thorough cleaning. Using, at the end of the day, 5 minutes to clean the plate, it will be perfect and without any residue

Dimensions: 440 x 500 x 290
mm plate: 400 x 400 mm
Power: 5.20 kW
Taps: 1
Burners: 2

Tipo Gas
Gama Sobre mostrador

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