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Industrial gas or electric fryers for hotels and restaurants. Professional fryers for industrial kitchens of restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and hospitals.

Perfect cooking involves purchasing an industrial deep fryer

At MBH we are known for having specialized machinery for your restaurant, bar, hospitality or business. And one of our strength is the industrial fryer, since we have a wide variety of industrial machines such as tilting pans that adapt to your need and budget.

Any business or infrastructure that has an industrial kitchen requires a professional machine capable of meeting the local demand. Below, we will talk about some of the reasons why it is essential to acquire an industrial fryer for your business, restaurant, bar or hospitality industry.

3 reasons to equip your kitchen with an industrial fryer

As traditional as it may seem to use a cauldron or frying pan to fry food, a professional fryer has plenty of reason to replace these utensils. And if you think that your business is too small for this type of machinery, we have good news for you, there are different types and capacities, adaptable to your needs and budget.

These are the main reasons why having an industrial fryer provides great benefits for your food store.

1. Perfect and fast cooking

Cooking food with industrial deep fryers has a great advantage over traditional utensils. A more complete processing is achieved and in some cases depending on the type of food, a crispier result.

When it comes to workflow, it is much faster when cooking with an industrial deep fryer. And the best thing is that in this case the speed of cooking the food does not mean a deterioration in the quality, on the contrary, it is maintained.

In this aspect, fryers are quite good value for money, in our kitchen section you can see that we really have the best options for your kitchen.

2. Variety

When it comes to fryers the variety is quite wide. Industrial fryers are typically classified by two aspects: capacity and supply. Regarding capacity, you can find fryers classified in liters, the most basic being from 4 liters to the most sophisticated 44 liters of oil. The capacity of the professional fryer you require will depend on the activity of your business, and the amount of food to process that your workflow deserves.

Regarding the supply, there are industrial fryers that work with gas and others electrically. So if your business has any of these two supplies, you can easily choose the industrial fryer that fits your business.

The only difference between the industrial electric fryer and the industrial gas fryer is the capacity, since those that work with gas have models that store up to 44 liters of oil and the electric ones go to a maximum of 20.

3. Professionalism

Professional work requires professional work tools. The industrial fryer is the best tool for frying and processing food in your kitchen. Any industrial kitchen with a large capacity and demand requires this machinery, from an enterprise to the largest fast food franchise.

If you still do not have an industrial fryer in your bar, restaurant or hospitality, we invite you to discover the machinery that we have for you in our kitchen section.


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