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Commercial chicken rotisseries

This year, Maquinaria Bar Hostelería brings the best of the market with each hospitality chicken rotisserie. Whether you need a hospitality chicken rotisserie, a gas chicken rotisserie or a wood-fired chicken rotisserie, MBH has it in stock.

From traditional chicken rotisseries to industrial chicken rotisseries, be sure to check out MBH's offerings because there is a chicken rotisserie waiting for you.

Chicken rotisseries for restaurants

A gas chicken rotisserie is the perfect addition to taking a restaurant to the next level. Especially with the grills that Maquinaria Bar Hostelería has in stock for you. This is because every MBH roast chicken machine meets the highest quality standards.

There are many benefits that these chicken rotisseries will bring to your business. Higher production with lower gas consumption. Better organization and easier to clean. In addition, you will achieve a better presentation and exposure of products to name a few.

Small Chicken Roastisserie oven

A small chicken rotisserie is perfect for a startup business or one that is not entirely dedicated to selling chicken. Among the offers that Maquinaria Bar Hostelería brings for small gas chicken grills there are several models.

Mainly, 3-, 4-, and 5-sword gas chicken roasters are popular. These models do not take up much space and can be easily accommodated even in the smallest premises. Best of all, is that even being small models, they are able to maintain a reasonable and constant production.

Medium Gas Chicken Rotisserie Ovens

For growing restaurants, MBH always has a medium gas grill. The medium models have 6 and 7 long bars and models with 7 wide bars for venues with more space.

The advantages of a medium hospitality chicken rotisserie are that they are perfect for product display and convenient. In addition, thanks to the variety of wide and long models, you will have no problem finding a location in your premises for your grill.

Large roasting chicken machine

Finally, a large roast chicken machine is a gas model for those businesses that are exclusively dedicated to the sale of chickens and meats. These models have 8 and 13 swords, the latter coming in wide and long modalities.

With a large hospitality chicken rotisserie you can maintain a large production continuously. This makes it possible to effortlessly satisfy a sizeable clientele even on the busiest days.

Traditional wood-fired chicken rotisserie oven

As tradition cannot be absent, MBH also offers more than one wood-fired chicken rotisserie. These grills are perfect for foodies who enjoy getting together with friends and family for a good meal.

The models of grilled chicken roasters that MBH offers are the A1 / 5 and A2 / 10 and they will leave even the most demanding diner happy.

So now you know, if you have any questions about a hospitality chicken rotisserie, be sure to contact Machine Bar Hostelería. Their customer service will be in charge of answering all your questions and helping you choose the perfect chicken grill for you.


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