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Commercial chargrills 

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Commercial volcanic lava stone gas barbecues for hospitality. Professional chargrills on butane gas or natural gas with volcanic lava for bar and restaurant.

The Commercial barbecue - Your best ally in the kitchen

In any great restaurant, the industrial barbecue is probably one of the most important factors to consider. When you are going to design a kitchen of this type consider that the requirements are different from those of an ordinary kitchen.

Initially, the spaces must be well differentiated, preferably a spacious and well-lit place, in addition to requiring multiple equipment for different tasks. These professional teams will make the work of the staff easier and more efficient. Just imagine having a lot of orders and having an industrial barbecue that allows you to fill them all quickly.

Why is an commercial gas chargrill necessary?

The industrial gas barbecue is without a doubt essential in a professional kitchen. Normally a gas barbecue is highly functional, clean and very efficient. This allows you to have different alternatives when cooking a good barbecue or an exquisite barbecue. This product can be confused with electric contact grills, although we must be aware that it is not the same.

Everything you need to know about this industrial kitchen equipment

Like any industrial kitchen equipment there are many things you should know. Almost all gas barbecues have height regulators, so they can control the temperature and the cooking points. They have adjustable levers to have greater precision with the required temperature that work when raising the grills.

If the grill is good, it must have a “v” shape to be able to channel most of the fats and oils to a drawer that stores them.

In order to make correct use of the gas industrial barbecue you must use the regulators, with them you can light and calibrate the burners. On the other hand, the diffusers are triangular pieces that cover the burners in their entirety and are in charge of distributing the heat to avoid two things, firstly that the flame has direct contact with the product and secondly distribute the heat evenly.

You should not forget cleaning your hospitality machinery

Compared to charcoal barbecues and other hospitality machinery, gas barbecues are easier to clean. In the charcoal barbecue one of the most tedious things is having to collect the soot, avoiding staining everything. So these traditional barbecues demand more effort and time in cleaning.

In gas barbecues, most of its parts can be removed, allowing the cabinet that contains it to be accessible for a complete cleaning.

On the other hand, the elements that make up an industrial barbecue are made of stainless steel, making it easy to wash them traditionally after use. Compacted ceramic briquettes can also be mechanically washed. In the case of stainless steel parts, do not use very strong degreasers

Why choose this industrial kitchen machinery?

In general, the industrial kitchen machinery is usually very large and heavy, in the case of industrial barbecues there is a variety. With smaller models the quality may vary.

With industrial barbecues this will not happen.

Commonly the size of gas grills or barbecue is quite large. There are models with a depth of 50 cm known as "small" are gas and modular tabletop. There are also larger models with 400 kg modular furniture and dimensions that fit perfectly. But, no matter what the size or capacity, with one of these industrial barbecues you can make the best roasts.


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