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Kebab grill machines

Kebab grill machines  There are 3 products.

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  • (Ref. GD4)

    Doner Kebab Grill Potis gas. Shawarma machine 4 burners. Doner Kebab Grill Potis gas. Shawarma...

    IVA 157,50€ - Total: 907,50€
    In stock
  • (Ref. KC01)

    Wireless Kebab knife with 2 batteries. Shawarma machine 2 batteries. Wireless Kebab knife with 2...

    IVA 54,60€ - Total: 314,60€
    In stock
  • (Ref. CF239)

    Stainless steel kebab knife with removable tempered metal disc glides through meat in seconds. Stainless steel kebab knife with...

    IVA 89,25€ - Total: 514,25€
    In stock

Roasters, industrial Kebab gas for hotels. Roasting machines döner kebab , gyros and shawarma with stainless steel burners.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items


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