Metal Kebab Knife

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A metal kebab knife featuring a detachable hardened stainless steel disc blade which glides through meat in seconds. It has a robust metal handle and the transformer and leads are supplied.

Product features

• Dimensions 230(H)x 100(W)x 90(D)mm
• Material Stainless Steel
• Power Type 3A
• Speed 5000rpm
• Voltage 30V
vWeight 1kg
vColour Red
vAdjustable slice thickness 0.5mm to 8mm
• Thicker meat slice option will cut all kebabs
• Transformer used to power the machine
The transformer drops voltage down from 230V-240V to 30V - this is an important safety feature. Due to the nature of the product and the risk of the cable being damaged whilst in use, a low voltage electric shock is not life threatening or likely to cause an injury
• Dishwasher safe head unit - the head unit should always be detached from the handle unit for cleaning (never immerse the handle unit in water)
• Blade sharpening stone supplied
• Strong and robust
• Spare cable supplied
• Power Input: 90W
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