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    Electric Grill for small professional catering. Industrial for bar and restaurant sandwich. Electric Grill for small professional...

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    Electric Grill professional medium for the hotel. Industrial for bar and restaurant sandwich. Electric Grill professional medium...

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    Electric Grill double grooved for hospitality professional. Industrial for bar and restaurant sandwich. Electric Grill double grooved for...

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    Small professional industrial electric grill for the hospitality industry. Industrial sandwich maker for bar and restaurant. Small professional industrial...

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    Medium professional industrial electric grill for the hospitality industry. Industrial sandwich maker for bar and restaurant. Medium professional industrial...

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    Double professional industrial electric grill for the hospitality industry. Industrial sandwich maker for bar and restaurant. Double professional industrial...

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    Electric grill smooth plates in stainless steel with smooth cast iron plates. Electric grill smooth plates in...

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Commercial electric contact grills for bar and restaurant. Professional sandwich makers for the hotel and restaurant business.

Industrial Electric Contact Grill

For large establishment kitchens, having an industrial electric grill and a good commercial microwave oven is almost a must. Some customers love grilled food and almost always look for pieces of well-cooked meats and sausages. At MBH, you will find the best industrial electric grill for hospitality to give your clients the flavor they deserve.

Electric contact grill for hospitality

An industrial electric grill for hospitality is a vital tool for a bar or restaurant.

Its function is to roast or toast different foods. They are also known by the name of electric barbecue or electric grill. It is used very simply: you just have to connect it to the electric current, wait for it to heat up and put the food to roast or toast.

Machinery for hospitality, bar or restaurants, have an important weight in the operation of these. Therefore, we must avoid confusing the industrial electric grill grill with the domestic one. Despite the fact that both serve the same function, the second is not designed to withstand the amount of use that is put into industrial electric grills.

The best electric comtact grills for hospitality

First of all, we must be sure that it is a professional electric grill. Electric grills for hospitality are characterized by having different functionalities from a conventional household grill. For example, on an industrial electric grill you can adjust the temperature.

You will also see that most industrial electric grills come with a timer. Others also incorporate an anti-smoke device ideal for closed spaces.

However, when buying an electric grill for hospitality, it is important to take into account a number of factors. Among them, we can highlight the following:

Dimensions: Many electric grills differ in size. There is no standard. Therefore, the best electric grill for the hotel, bar or restaurant will be the one whose size adjusts to the needs of the buyer.
Material: Nonstick plates are perfect for toasting and roasting food. This material, in addition to offering strength and durability, also prevents food from sticking and making maintenance easier.
Features: If the electric grill allows you to adjust the temperature of your plates and also has a timer, it will be easier to cook on it.
Other characteristics such as its power, are quite linked to the cooking speed. If you want food to cook faster, you should buy an industrial electric grill with more power.
Also, that the plates are removable is another factor to consider. This will make servicing the industrial electric grill much easier.

Why buy a commercial contact grill

Buying an industrial electric grill provides many advantages that its gas and coal counterparts do not offer. In addition to being lighter and easier to transport, they offer other important benefits, such as the following:

An industrial electric barbecue is easier to clean than a gas or charcoal barbecue.
Hospitality electric grills are ideal for closed spaces as they do not produce as much smoke.
An electric grill is much safer than its gas or charcoal versions.
Having an industrial electric grill in your business is synonymous with savings and profit maximization.
With an industrial electric grill, you can give your customers the option of eating healthy with grilled foods.
For this reason, at Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we offer you the best industrial grills for the hotel, bar or restaurant you need. You can find the best quality / price industrial electric grill on the market here.


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