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Professional toasters for bars and restaurants. Industrial electrical toasters for the hospitality industry ideal for gratin, baking and heating bread and sandwiches.

The commercial toaster, the ideal answer for a massive demand

An industrial toaster for the hospitality sector is a real treasure. And it is that those who operate in the food industry know how important it is to be able to respond to a massive demand for service.

For those who run business of attention to the public, in the food sector, it is necessary to be prepared in the peak hours of demand for services. That is why they often look for easy and quality preparation alternatives, which can be prepared quickly to satisfy customers, such as chicken rotisseries. If there is equipment that provides that option, it is an industrial toaster.

And the benefits of having the help of an electric commercial toaster, an industrial ribbon toaster or a rotating toaster, among others, are multiple. Actually, an industrial toaster is an essential hospitality item to provide quality care.

From conventional bread toaster to industrial bread toaster

The industrial bread toaster is useful at all times. Just imagine the large number of customers who eat slices of toast for breakfast, to understand how necessary an industrial bread toaster can be. And, if that were not enough, do not forget the pastries.

At snacks or dinners, toast or pastries are always present. And that's when an industrial bread toaster is most often appreciated.

Guidelines for purchasing a suitable industrial toaster

The efficiency and versatility of industrial toasters has made the industry diversify its models and increasingly incorporate more functions. However, there are keys to determining which model and what functions are really required by a business. Here are some tips that can be helpful in making this important decision.

Price is an important variable when making this type of purchase. So compare prices. These sometimes vary depending on where you purchase the equipment. It is best to go to your trusted provider.
Consider the space available to locate the equipment and also the corresponding electrical installations. Safety is important.
Seek advice from professionals in the hospitality machinery and equipment sector. Remember, at MBH you will receive the best guidance and you will have access to the best equipment with the most up-to-date technology. Your customers will thank you!
Study the various options and types of industrial toaster there are. A good choice: the electric ribbon toaster
The electric belt toaster, due to its characteristics, is the ideal industrial bread toaster for hotels, buffets or restaurants, among others. At MBH you can get just what you need. These are some of the features that the electric ribbon toaster has that they can offer you:

Made of stainless steel
It incorporates a selector of resistance operation
With adjustable belt speed
It has a tray to collect the toast
Allows rear or front discharge, just by changing the position exit ramp
With a capacity of approximately 150 toasts per hour
As you will see, this electric ribbon toaster is a very good option to consider.

The rotary toaster: impressive, if it is about exhibiting The rotary toaster is perfect for those who want to make their customers fall in love just by looking at their products. And it is that the rotary toaster is the best counter assistant to keep at the ideal temperature and in all its appetizing aspect, among other delicacies, tapas and also other quick dishes. Even with the rotating toaster it is possible to give that provocative gratin look.

Among the qualities of the rotary toaster stand out:

It has a toaster for bread of any format.
It integrates independent heating elements for the function of toasting both sides or just gratin.
Its practical and small dimensions.
It provides a high level of production, of 250 toasts / hour.

The versatility of an electric toaster

The electric toaster is an excellent diversification from the industrial toaster, which in turn becomes the large-scale version of the conventional toaster. And it is so useful in our home, it was logical that it grew and diversified.

The electric toaster is not only practical and functional, it also presents different models, which allow to satisfy the needs of any client. Among others you can get:

Electric tunnel toaster, single-deck, double-deck or 4-deck electric toaster, single, shielded, ribbon or rotating electric toaster.

And, all these models and more, at MBH you can get them, because there they have the most complete range of electric toasters you could want.

The best industrial toaster for your business

You already know that you require an industrial toaster. Maybe an industrial bread toaster, or an industrial band toaster or rotary toaster, suits you better. You might think that any industrial toaster works for you, but, for example, a simple electric toaster has different functions than an electric ribbon toaster.

Now, analyze the options and contrast them with your requirements. And remember that one thing is the workplace and another is the home. Of course, an industrial bread toaster at home would be oversized, since it has great processing capacity and is designed to meet higher demand. But in the hospitality and business sector, the industrial bread toaster has managed to earn its place.

They are larger and more powerful and require attention and expertise when used, because due to their power and efficiency, the times required to obtain the desired results are very short. Both the handling and maintenance of this equipment require greater care than that of a conventional toaster.

A good advice when you buy it and start using it, never hurts. In Maquinaria Bar Hostelería (MBH), you can get professionals who will guide you and give the best advice so that you can get the industrial toaster according to your requirements and financial availability.


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