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The hospitality sector has had a significant evolution in recent years. The way of cooking and eating has changed so much that service providers have had to innovate to meet the new demands of customers and to offer them a service that they qualify as quality.

The Hospitality Bar Machinery has been an essential point in these innovations that have occurred in the hospitality sector and have been essential to optimize daily tasks and guarantee an optimal service that meets customer expectations.

The professional microwave is a very important machine that any service provider should consider including in their bar or restaurant to speed up the process of heating food and significantly reduce waiting times.

The industrial microwave is considered a great support in the hospitality industry and should in no way be replaced by a domestic microwave. It is preferable to make a large investment in buying a product that is useful to us and helps us speed up the times in our bar or restaurant, than to acquire a common-use microwave that does not meet our expectations, does not serve what we need and is damaged soon.

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Commerical microwave oven

The industrial microwave oven is the perfect helper in industrial kitchens to cover a large part of the work, in addition its power and size guarantee a good heating distributed in all its areas so that not a single place is left without receiving heat.

These appliances are comfortable to clean and their maintenance is not complicated at all, in addition to working they only need to be connected to an electrical outlet and they will be able to do their work continuously throughout the day.

The industrial microwave oven is specifically made to work for long hours and this is achieved thanks to the internal and external manufacturing materials that are very different from the manufacturing materials of a domestic microwave. These microwave ovens have an advanced technology fan that works to quickly cool the interior area of ​​the appliance so that the components are more durable.

A microwave oven can be found with a turntable or a fixed plate, and there are even industrial double-deck microwave ovens. It is important to note that they have a wide variety of uses, among which are: heating food, defrosting, reheating, cooking, boiling, among others.

Industrial microwave price

In the industrial microwave family we find a wide variety of devices with different uses, different powers, different brands and of course, different prices.

If we are looking for more power, we must be aware that this equates to higher cost and higher electricity consumption, but we must also take into account the excellent utility-price ratio that we find in these devices.

The prices of industrial microwaves range between € 175 and € 875, and you can even find some that exceed € 1,000.


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