Microondas industrial 1000W

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The new range of edenox microwave ovens can cook basically anything from bread to meat, defrost or quickly reheat any type of food you want. They heat and cook small portions of food quickly, being more powerful and resistant than domestic microwaves and designed under the regulations of professional use equipment.
The differences with respect to domestic microwaves are that the cooking system has a higher power located at the top and bottom of the microwave, with greater capacity, cooking memories and a keyboard for the usual menus. Self diagnosis and 3 power levels.
Due to its professional use, durability is ensured by its stainless steel finishes, easy to clean without any corner, and with components prepared to be used hundreds of times a day. Regardless of the cooking time or the power used.
The closure system is tested to ensure high daily use cycles, as well as the internal lighting system. Durability is guaranteed.
All components of the chamber in stainless steel.
Ergonomic handle, which enhances the design of the microwave.
"Touch" control panel with led display, three power levels.
External glass to be able to visualize the product.
Air filter. (model 1834)
Stainless steel chamber.
The 34-liter model allows microwaves to be traced.

Measurements: 515 x 431 x 311 mm
Power: 1000W
Magnetron: 1
Capacity: 25 lithos

Height (mm) 311 mm
Width (mm) 515 mm
Depth (mm) 431 mm
Weight (kg) 30

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