Slim stainless steel grater with handle

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Slim stainless steel grater with ergonomic handle and non-slip edges, in various models.

Their models are:

  • Fine grater (ideal for grating the skin of citrus fruits without reaching the albedo in the first pass, it is also the right grater for foods of different hardnesses when we want a very fine grating, almost powder, from garlic to nutmeg, including ginger , hard cheeses, chocolate, chillies)
  • Medium grater (this grater only cuts in one direction, its blades have large holes so that will be the result of the ingredients that we grate, ideal for soft cheeses, also for fruits and vegetables of different hardness, from courgettes to carrots)
  • Dual grater (this grater contains fine grating and medium grating zones, obtaining cuts of food in different sizes)
  • Double knife grater (the blades of this grater are bidirectional, that is, they cut in both directions, from bottom to top and from top to bottom. It allows you to grate vegetables, fruits, semi-hard or hard cheeses, chocolate... the result will be fine strips of the grated product. The cook's hand also helps these strips to be more or less long)
Width (mm) 39.5 cm
Depth (mm) 3.5 cm

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